January 03, 2011

My Xmas In A Nutshell

This is my first post in the new year!

It's a little bittersweet because I know this will be the most exciting yet challenging year of my life thus far. I am planning to relocate my entire life to a city I don't know much about and that scares the shit out of me. But I will never know success without sacrifice so this is the way it has to be!

Anywho.. I had one of the best Xmasessesssess ever! Instead of partying like I did every other year, I spent this year with my family and friends and that's the way I will have it from now on.

Xmas is about family peoples!!!

Fuck nightclubs, bars and drinking.....well maybe not drinking...but fuck all that other stuff!! It seems so insignificant when compared to a Xmas dinner with your family and your significant other's family.

In fact....last week, my mom met E.W.'s parents for the first time! One big step for us... one giant leap for....um... us too i guess.


Every year we wait till morning to open our Xmas presents but impatience hit E.W. this year and we opened them at the stroke of midnight.

Our Xmas tree was magnificently lit. A perfect tree to put presents under.

London guarded our presents from potential thieves. Actually, he's just a big ol' cam whore like his mommy so he jumps into every picture I take. I have officially given up trying to shoo him away from my shots.

And yes!! That is the Keurig coffeemaker I have been dying to get. I use that thing every day now and don't know how I ever lived without it. It's kinda like GPS and Mapquest...how the hell did we survive without those 2 things for so long? Our generation would never survive with the old school map books my grandpa used to (and still does) use.

I also got some beautiful earrings from one of my favorite designers Adriana Orsini. If you are a bling lover you must check our her line at Saks!

I also got a Swarovski crystal iPhone case which I should finally get today!! I love my bling!

The best present of all had to have been the snow globe with my 2 kids. The other side had a photo of my other furball. Hah you can see my cam reflection in the bottom of the snow globe.

This is what was left of the gifts when I got done with them. London is probably somewhere underneath that pile gasping for air.

Giving my baby a BIG BEAR hug for all of the wonderful gifts he gave me. Who is taking this picture you may ask???

No one! That's right, E.W. also got me two different types of tripods for my cam so I can cam whore easier. Now I can do photo shoots with my self and not have to balance the camera on a shakey pile of books and pillows!!

I apologize for my scary no-makeup look. That's what I look like in the early morning so deal with it. :-P

Every year, I make a ginger bread house and always forget to bring it to a Xmas party and end up eating it myself over the course of a month.

This year I managed to remember to take it to Xmas dinner and it was the hit of the party! Just look at how the roof icing drips down oh so perfectly :) I'm an arteeest!

Seriously though, I ate one gumball while I was making the house and ended up being short one gumball WTF.

When not with family, we hung out with close friends. E.W. even convinced me to go to Lucky Strikes Bowling. Let me get one thing straight... I hate hate hate bowling. I suck at it. And anything I am not the best at...I won't do. So after getting a spare....knocking down 9 pins (all luck)....then getting 5 gutter balls in a row, I gave up playing and made E.W. play the rest of the game for me.

Thankfully we got some frozen margaritas at El Vez afterwords to lighten up my mood a bit.

During the first day of our mini blizzard, we ran over to Plough & The Stars for a hot alcoholic apple cider in front of their fire place. Kinda tradition with us to do so.

Got to wear my funky pink hat from Amsterdam for the first time!

Also wore my microwave jacket. it's pretty much impossible to be cold in it. I can't believe I will have to retire it when we move to Miami :(

Bananerssss...pancakes....maple syrup!!! Best food combo EVER. (better than peanut butter and jelly)

My future husband must know how to make a good banana pancake and E.W. makes me an excellent one every time.

Pic of London Boy...if you think the lighting looks interesting in this photo it's because I used my knew ring light (another Xmas present from E.W.).

I will do a future post with all my ring light photos. The purpose is to create a flat, no shadow image that is illuminated from all directions. Ring lights also help show great detail in photos.

E.W. also got me 3 different cam lenses for Xmas. A macro lens, a fish eye lens and a wide angle lens. I can't wait to tests these babies out!!

I leave you with our family Xmas card that we gave out to everyone coz we are cool like that :)

Oh and BTW ... E.W. didn't walk away empty handed either! He got some sleek white Ferragamo loafers for Miami, a leather iphone case and some XXX stuff :)

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-Olivia said...

i like reading your blogs. im a fan:) happy new year, and best of luck to you in everything you do this year. xoxo

The Pilot's Wife said...

Love your dogs!!! Wonderful!

Stopping by from Marketing Monday!

Anna, The Pilot's Wife
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Anonymous said...

I am unfortunately not a fan at all. I find you to be repulsive of sorts. You can't spell, the way that you speak in your blogs shows the lack of class you have, and your pictures are tacky. Deep down inside is a woman I see who carries extremely low self esteem!

By the way, it's Christmas, not Xmas!

Margaret Kelly said...

I always love reading your blog Julie. You took some great pics. Happy New Year!

Jewelz said...

@Olivia - Thanks and I hope you have an awesome year as well :)

@The Pilot's Wife - Just took a look at your blog. You're little girl and boy are so adorable!

@Anonymous - I'm a pretty good speller actually. Not that it's a big deal or anything. And btw, the use of X in "Xmas" to stand for Christ goes back several centuries.
It comes from Greek spelling of Christ(Χριστός).

That being said, go pout in your own miserable life you dumb ho. :)

@ Margaret - Thanks Margaret :) Hope you had a great holiday!

Chantal said...

I love your dogs!!! They are sooooo cute I want one!! :(


Anonymous said...

must you always copy xiaxue?

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