April 27, 2011

Updates On My Life - Just Because

1. We have finally secured our wedding venue for April 6th, 2012. We will be getting married at the brand new Tendenza in Philadelphia. The picture says it all.

2. We have also purchased my wedding gown from Stephen Yearick By Ysa Makino. It is the most beautiful dress in the world. And no, I'm not being biased. I am an avid "Say Yes To The Dress" fan and have seen about 3,000 different dresses in the past year or so. None of them can top my dress. NONE :) Unfortunately I have been banned from showing anyone the dress because according to E.W., he will not marry me if I post my dress on Facebook. Grrr. He already saw me in it!!! Isn't the groom not supposed to see it? He's got it all backwards if you ask me :(

3. Let's see what else? I spent my Easter hiding plastic Easter eggs filled with cash for little kids to find, eating tons of yummies, learning to catch a baseball with a baseball glove and coping with the abnormally hot and humid weather. I think God is testing me for the Florida heat. I am failing miserably!!

4. We rented out or Olde City condo to the very first person who viewed it! And she just happens to be the head pastry chef at Buddakkan so she treated us to a delicious dinner. I'm relieved we rented to someone who looks like they will take care of our place. I'm going to miss it so much!!!!

5. My mom brought over boxes so that we can start packing our stuff for the move. When E.W. came home and saw the boxes he got sick to his stomach. Literally. I guess the physical presence of them made everything more real.

6. E.W. will be in Florida this weekend searching for a suitable condo for the two of us. I'm crossing my fingers for a 3 bedroom place but a 2 bedroom will do I guess. My requirements are a pool, near or on the beach, 2+ bedroom, 2 bathroom, no carpet, gym, beautiful lobby, and a balcony. If my needs aren't met I refuse to move in!! Well ok, I might begrudgingly move in and make a big scene of it.

7. The kids are doing well. Still barking, peeing, pooping, puking, and shedding daily. Oh, and London has recently taken a liking to my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Look... he even gives me his paw for a bite!!

8. Our guest list has officially exceeded the limit so we will have to be doing some major cuts soon. Therefore, whoever is not nice to me this year is uninvited from the best wedding EVER!!! No, I'm joking. Actually I'm serious. Damn guest list limit :(

9. I have just finished creating a Coyote Ugly type show for West Tavern. We will be performing every Friday night from 7pm-11pm so come check us out!! (Shameless plug)

10. We have finally booked our wedding photographer, and have picked out gold bridesmaid dresses!

11. It breaks my heart that my dad isn't here to walk me down the aisle and I have already cried about it many times but my grandpa has been my "dad" my whole life and I can't wait for him to walk me down the aisle.

12. E.W. had surprise flowers delivered to me for being so busy with work and all. Sadly, they went limp the next day. The flower shop delivered a brand new batch and now the flower delivery guy is convinced that I have a stalker who is in love with me.

Ok, that's it for now. Check out my upcoming post if you want to win a free Freschetta Pizza and cutting board! Yum Yum.


April 20, 2011

Guide To Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

I bought some Bertie Botts Every Flavor Jelly Beans while at the Wizarding World in Universal Studios. And I finally got some time to try every flavor!!

There were tons of yummy ones but a few unbearable ones that I couldn't stomach. BLAH

Gross Flavors include: Boogers, Cinnamon, Dirt, Earwax, Grass, Soap and Vomit.

April 18, 2011

DayGlow Philadelphia - Largest Paint Party In The World

My dancers and models got booked last minute to work a pretty cool event this past weekend. I can honestly say I've never seen anything like it.

DayGlow is considered to be the largest paint party in the world and DayGlow Philadelphia did not disappoint. The event sold out rather quickly so a second sold out night was added into the mix.

Check out my view from the stage...

1. Yes, everyone and their mother is covered in neon paint.
2. Yes, the room is the size of a football field and completely filled.
3. Yes, my butt is cute.

Everyone got sprayed with paint by these giant paint guns. Everyone also wore white so that the paint was all the more visible.

It was a pretty crazy night, what can I say. I'm just happy I was on stage all night dancing to Roger Sanchez and Diplo's beats where no neon paint could reach me.

Don't get me wrong, I would totally love to be soaked in paint while being shoved back and forth by an unruly mob... when I was 18 years old. But I think I grew out of that phase.

Great ab shot of me!!

I also had a Samba girl and body painted model w/balloon bra taking pics with the crowd.

Sheldon Blake's stilt costume sans face paint. One of his many cool acts.

Someone on my Facebook said we look like sisters. I don't really see it.

My absolute favorite costume of the night was Sean's costume. I didn't really know what it was so I named it "bubble boy". Very cool... And he stayed in character the whole time.

And of course my favorite shot of the night is saved for last. I don't know why I like it so much. Maybe because I look really skinny in it! Even my arms look really skinny for once!

Check out my entertainment company at www.JewelzDancers.com

We are moving to South Florida very very soon!!

April 12, 2011

Voda Swimwear Giveaway - Increase Your Breasts By 2 Cup Sizes

Sponsored by Tomoson.com

This Giveaway is over and the winner is True Pleasures
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I have been thinking about getting a breast augmentation for several years now and have always been told not to mess with something that's already perfect.

Even though I love my body, I always find little things that I would like to change about it. I have no problem with my breast size or shape. In fact, I think they are wonderful. But most bikinis have a way of flattening the shape of them creating a yucky pancake effect.

Not flattering at all!

Bras offer more support so they are no problem but bikini tops just never look flattering on me.

With the new Voda Push Up Bikini, I no longer have to worry about looking flat on the beach. In fact, all small-breasted girls need not worry anymore! This bikini is magical and will make any girl who wears it look their absolute best.

The best part is that the padded bikini tops don't sag and wrinkle when wet and create the perfect bikini breasts!

The secret is in the form of a soft and pliant enhancer that cups the breast, giving a full, rounded contour, with a natural bouncy movement. The Envy Push Up top visually increases the bust size by up to two cup sizes and provides great lift and support! The curves and contours are utterly natural, the lift and cleavage are flawless.

Voda Swim bathing suits can be purchased between $110-$132.

I chose the Lavender Envy Push Up Hoop String Bikini to review which retails at $127 and let me tell you, it is worth every penny! Just look at the difference for yourself! Pictures don't lie!


And from the side is an even nicer change!

There is no doubt that this bikini does everything it says it will and more. I can't wait to order 10 more of these bikinis for the summer! One in every color.

So here is my present to you. I am giving away a free bikini of your choice to one lucky reader who wants sexy, beautiful breasts on the beach.

Everyone who enters can use my 10% off Discount Code: Jewelz to be used at www.vodaswim.com

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April 09, 2011

Love Can Be Free

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of luvfree for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that I am engaged and happier than I have ever been in my entire life, I feel obligated to help others find their true soul mate as well.

But times have changed and people are finding their soul mates in different ways.

Did you know that in the last year 17% of couples who married met on a dating site? Long gone are the days when people had to leave their house to find a suitable person to date.

Unfortunately, companies have taken advantage of this new way of doing things and have started to charge crazy prices to use their dating services. Not cool!

I would like everyone to find someone without being cash poor. So I present to you...



LuvFree's mission is to provide you with an opportunity to meet new people, make friends, find loved ones at absolutely no cost. Simply creating a profile will give you access to their dating services: mailing system, blogs, video chat, rating profiles and photos.  

You will not be charged for anything - not now, nor ever.  

The site is designed well and pretty easy to use. I love that they have top rated photos and a most friendly users section. It gives you a chance to see who is really serious about finding love.

They even give you advice on how to make yourself more noticeable in the online dating world. How awesome is that? Free website use AND free advice!!

So go ahead, you have nothing to lose (not even money).


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April 04, 2011

What My Future Baby Will Look Like

E.W. and I are getting married next year, so naturally the next step is to have a baby. I don't want to think about it for another 5 years or so because frankly I dislike kids but it's inevitable.

Men always want to continue their family line and blah blah blah.

I guess I can always have a surrogate mother carry our baby so it wouldn't be completely horrible.

So, I've been reading up on designer babies. Designer babies are created by scientists changing the DNA of your unborn baby to make it have the features that you want it to have!!!

This procedure is very expensive and highly controversial, but I think it's genius!

Want your baby to have blue eyes?? You got it...

Want your baby to have long, lushes blonde hair? No problem mam...

How about an awesome natural tan? Only $5,000 dollars for that!!


I really hope they work out all the kinks in this procedure so that by the time I decide to have a baby I can decide on what it looks like.

My perfect baby:

-My long, silky dark hair
-E.W's gorgeous green eyes
-My athletic body
-E.W's tall height
-My almond eye shape
-E.W's perfectly straight nose
-My tan skin tone
-E.W's smooth skin

I can make the next Adriana Lima!! LOL

I did a few test trials to see what our baby might look like without genetic alterations and it's not pretty. Not pretty at all.

Apparently only 1 out of 3 babies that we make will be good looking. And I would only ever want one. So that means my baby will have a 33% chance of being pretty!!

Nope, not good enough for me.

Here is what I got on my first try...

First of all, why does my baby have red hair? I hate red hair! And why does she look like a boy? The face is ok I guesst except for that unsightly double chin.

On my second try I got this...

WTF? If my baby is going to look like this I am NEVER having kids...EVER. I know I have a high forehead but GEEZ. And I think I see some stubble on the top lip.

On my third try I got this gorgeous little girl...

So adorable and pretty!! She's even tan!! This is a prime example of having all of our best features showcased on our baby's face.

I will keep this photo for future reference.

As for the other ones...into the recycle bin they go. Even though they are still burned into my memory.

April 01, 2011

I Spoke Too Soon And Split My Chin Open

My last post was all about my life being boring and I guess I spoke too soon. Just five days later, while at work, I slipped on a floor mat causing me to crack my poor little chin open.

And no, it wasn't because of alcohol!! I did drink that night but it had nothing to do with me falling.

As I was leaving the locker room, the floor mat slid as I stepped on it and I went flying forward. Normally I am agile enough to break my falls but I had all of my bags in my hands and couldn't use them at that moment.

So onto my chin I fell and here is the aftermath...

As you can see, I knocked over a bench on my way down and sent that girls stuff flying all over the place.

Geez, I'd rather have a boring life then have this happen to me again. It hurt like HELL!! I think I saw stars in my eyes for a split second. I didn't realize how bad it was until blood started gushing out of the wound.

The cut doesn't look too bad in this pic because I had already cleaned it all up but it's pretty damn deep.

I remember telling E.W. over the phone how much it hurt and he said "Oh, just wait till tomorrow."

And boy was he right!

The next morning felt like someone beat my face with an iron for a few hours. My jaw felt like it was wired shut.

As more and more people told me that I should get stitched up, I became super nervous. The last thing I need is a scar on my face!! I already have one on my chin. Don't need two OK?

That's when my trip to the ER began...

I have never been to any kind of doctor or hospital alone so just the thought of checking in by myself was terrifying.

*Note that E.W was away on business so couldn't take me.

I walked 10 blocks in the rain to Jefferson Hospital and surprisingly had a wonderful first time experience.

The check-in guy was so cool with me and joked around and made me laugh. I really needed that coz I was so stressed out.

The 2 nurses that glued me together were super young and pretty!! I told them that they look way too young to be nurses and they joked about all the free botox they get at the hospital.

The cut looks gross with the glue on it but the skin is all neatly lined up now for minimal scarring!!

BTW my lip looks weird coz I bite the skin off of it all the time. Whatever, it bothers me.

So after the gluing the doctor said she needed to give me a tetanus shot and I said..


She looked at me like...You're getting it whether you like it or not.

She said "It won't hurt much honey. The only thing is, tomorrow you might have the shakes, have similar symptoms to a fever, muscle pain and oh ye...you might have diarrhea and vomiting. No biggie!"


Then suddenly this image popped in my head.

I'd rather have the shakes than be in that guy's shoes. So I took the tetanus shot with closed eyes.

I guess now I def won't be going out anywhere anytime soon now that I have a huge welt on my chin and my antibiotics prevent me from consuming alcohol.

More time to blog!