January 31, 2011


Dear Teeth Whitening. My teeth look nice and white so you are great and all, but drinking coffee through a straw every morning is slowly killing me inside. As a coffee addict, I like to savor the taste. Having the coffee run through a straw and bypass my tongue sucks big time.

Dear Creepy Guy At Olive Garden.
Please don't walk by me while undressing me with your eyes in front of my boyfriend and his parents. It's really uncomfortable and having my boyfriend's mom acknowledge your creepy stares makes it even more awkward. Keep your eyes to yourself creepo!

Dear Camera.
I was told that shooting in RAW format would be the best thing I've ever done. No one told me the images would look like grainy pieces of crap because of the lack of a grain filter. I am going back to JPEG and not trying to again until someone explains why you suck so much.

Dear Healthy Diet.
I didn't think you would work but my jeans were a little loose last night. Thank you for proving me wrong and hopefully we can keep you in my life for years to come.

Dear Olive Garden.
You suck for adding the calorie intake to every meal on your menu. I never knew that the meaty lasagna that I loved so much was 1,800 calories (300 calories more than I eat a day). You are officially worse than McDonald's.

Dear XiaXue. Stop having your little "minions" comment my posts saying that I am copying your blog. Just because I like pink and I'm girly doesn't mean I am a carbon copy of you. At least I'm actually good at Photoshop and don't shop my eyes into huge saucers in every picture. 8-/

Dear Blog Readers. You're awesome and I love you! Even the ones that don't comment :)

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LynSire ♛ said...

I enjoy reading your Dear blog posts!! They're funny and honest at the same time! :) Keep doing them!


Eva FD said...

Hahaha :) I love the dear... posts :D Can't wait to see more. :)


xNTA said...

I was of course curious, and had to head over to xiaxue's blog.

I don't believe she would do that. But. *shrugs* (somebody has way too much love for the Liquify tool on Photoshop...)

Anyway, I WISH all restaurants showed calorie intake, so I could eat better out, just by deciding "well. I'll eat HALF of this lasagna" :P

Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

Dennis said...

Gotta love creepers! Disturbing the moment wherever they go!

Amy Fashion Blog said...

This is a great post.

Straight Up Glam said...

I love your 'Dear...' posts, they are always entertaining! I look forward to reading more of them! =)

Andrée xx

Creepy guy from O.G. said...

Sorry for staring, Jewelz. I couldnt help myself. You're a lil hottie!
I'm going to pleasure myself thinking about you for the next 2 months!


Creepy guy from Olive Garden

Anonymous said...

I didnt even know you existed until someone linked your blog as a comment on XIAXUE'S blog..which means -drum roll- Ya ain't popula hun so keep dreaming lah!

Anonymous said...

I needed to thanks for this nice learn!! I positively enjoying each little little bit of it I've you bookmarked to check out new stuff you put up