January 28, 2012

What Happened to Classically Handsome Men In Suits?

I sometimes dream about what it would be like to live in the time of classically handsome men who wore suits to dinner, drank brandy, and conversed about worldly topics.

Why must I be cursed to live in the time of Jersey Shore rejects that drink Jager bombs, wear wife beaters to dinner and whose topic of choice is going to the gym, tanning and doing laundry.

Oh how times have changed.

Maybe it was the black & white screen that made some of the old Hollywood actors amazingly handsome or maybe it was because they were poised, well put together, and articulate.

I don't know how "worldly" the actors below were but I do know one thing...they are so classically handsome that it brings a tear to my eye to know that they are now gone.

Gregory Peck

Gregory Peck's facial features are absolutely stunning. Perfect chin, nose, lips, hair, eyes, eyebrows. And he even dresses exquisitely. Perfect man in my opinion.

Marlon Brando

If you can even get past his amazing lips, you can really appreciate how perfect his face is. All of his facial features separately might not be the best but when put together, they make a face to die for.

Cary Grant

Hands down, one of the best looking men to EVER have lived. Period.

Now, I'm not saying there are NO classically handsome men in our day but they are very few and far between. Here are a few current day men that really stand out to me...

Pierce Brosnan

He actually reminds me of an old Hollywood actor. His facial features are so strong and make you want to know more about him.

Richard Gere

Who didn't have a crush on Richard Gere in Pretty Woman? The only reason I watch that movie is to see him in it.

Bradley Cooper

I have actually seen Bradley Cooper in person and he looks even more stunning than in his photos. He is tall, muscular, and has insanely blue eyes!

Billy Zane

Ok, I will admit, I had a huge crush on Billy Zane in Titanic. And when I learned that his hair was a wig, I almost cried. Here is what he looked like before he went bald. They don't come more ruggedly sexy and manly than that.

George Clooney

This one doesn't even need a caption. Just like Cary Grant, he rules the world of classically good looks.

Edward W.

He has smoldering eyes, perfect lips and strong jawline. Oh wait, that's my fiance! :) I had to put him on this list because he is what inspired this list in the first place! One of the things that attracts me to him the most are his timeless good looks. People always ask him if he is a movie star or compare him to old Hollywood actors. He is also the definition of a true gentleman!

Sadly, a large part of our world is filled with these douchebags....

And most girls will never have the chance to experience a life with a true gentleman.

Sad Sad Sad :'(

I am somewhat terrified to see what is going to be considered "hot" when I am old and wrinkly. I guess only time will tell. Who knows, maybe we will even relapse into classic beauty all over again!

January 27, 2012

I Made Sushi For The First Time Ever

A couple days ago, I was able to cross another thing off of my lengthy Life List. After many years of wanting to learn how to make sushi, I finally did it!

Originally, I had planned to take a professional sushi class but apparently there are a shortage of sushi classes in Philadelphia. Someone should get on that!

Sooooo, being the Google expert that I am, I started researching all the things I would need to make a spicy tuna roll (Eddie's favorite) and a cucumber roll (for my friend because she's a vegetarian).

I went to the local Asian Market (which by the way is like a world of its own) and bought a bamboo sushi mat, a wooden rice spoon, nori (roasted seaweed), sushi rice, wasabi powder (they didn't have wasabi paste so had to make my own damn wasabi), soy sauce, sushi-grade tuna steak, scallions, cucumbers, rice vinegar, Srirachi chilli sauce and mayo.

It ended up costing quite a bit but if you can imagine how many sushi rolls I can make (like 50?) with all those ingredients, I'm technically saving a fortune. It's like paying less than $1 per roll. Craziness!!

And you might wonder... why am I trying to make my own sushi when I can just buy it? Because it's cool ok? How many people do you know that can make you sushi for you when you come over? NONE. When my friends come over, I'll be like...spicy tuna or shrimp tempura?? :)

Here is my very first attempt at making sushi. Spicy tuna roll with cucumber! They look normal sized in the photo but they were seriously the size of my fist. I'm not quite sure yet on how to make them bit sized. I tried squeezing them a bit tighter but all of the ingredients started to ooze out. Then I tried putting a thinner layer of rice on the nori but it still came out gigantic. Oh well, hopefully it'll come with practice. 

 Here is my second attempt. Cucumber roll! These definitely came out a lot nicer. I put more filling inside so they were shaped nicer but still HUGE. I should be careful. Someone might choke and die while eating my sushi and then I will forever be known as the Sushi Slayer :-/

 Yay, I think she likes her cucumber rolls. Makes me so happy when people enjoy my food :) BTW, how gorgeous is my friend? And she's not even wearing any makeup! Grrrr.

These are some of the retard sushi that never made it to the plate. They just fell completely apart. I still ate them though! Can't throw away yumminess. I need to get one of those really sharp sushi knives cuz my knives suck.

Okkk, I just googled "sushi knife" and they go for $140-$240. Might hold off on the sushi knife until after the wedding.

Some leftover sushi rice. This stuff was really the only hard part about sushi making. There are like 7,000 different steps you need to take while preparing it and it takes forever. And it's so sticky that it will stick to every part of your body...hair, skin, clothes, etc. You also have to be really careful with handling it so that the texture of the rice won't break down. AND you can't even put the rice onto anything metal or the flavor will change. Sheeesh. After making the rice, my friend said...

"I will never complain about sushi being expensive ever again."

Scallions for spicy tuna roll.

We ate all of it. It seriously tasted like restaurant sushi. No joke.

Ye so I'm a messy cook. One of Eddie's pet peeves but what can you do? My friend graciously helped me with the cleaning because according to her, it's in her Puerto Rican blood to like cleaning :)

Best picture ever!!

I'll be making Eddie some sushi for the first time today. I think I will try to make a spicy tuna roll, cucumber roll, and I'll add in a California roll this time. I personally don't like California rolls but it sounds easy to make and I'm still a novice.

My dream is to make Philly roll and an eel roll (my fav!) but who the hell wants to touch this??

BARF...not me.
Maybe I can get cooked eel somewhere. We will seeeeeee.

January 26, 2012

Don't Be Scammed By Couture Laser & Skin

First of all, congrats to Jaime Leigh for winning my Benii Boutique handbag giveaway! More fun giveaways to come soon so keep a look out!

Ok, now on to my rant. I'm probably one of the last people you want to piss off because I have a very spiteful personality and like to see justice.. Granted, it takes A LOT to piss me off. Like, you gotta really try to upset me because, in general, I am a very forgiving person.

So I've been using Groupon and similar sites to find some great deals for my upcoming wedding. For example, I saved $600 on a $1,700 suit, I saved $350 on a $500 teeth whitening procedure, AND I had recently bought a Microdermabrasion deal for $55 from a spa called Couture Laser and Skin. I did my research and googled the spa to make sure it wasn't some gross, run-down place. It seemed really nice from the pictures. Although, I was too lazy to read the reviews like I usually do.

So here comes the day of my microderm procedure. I asked Eddie to take a half day from work to drive me since it was an hour away. He wasn't happy about it but he drove me anyway. We got there at exactly 2:30pm which was the time of my appointment. Once inside, I was told that my appointment was actually at 2:15pm and that I should have checked the email reminder that they had sent me. Confused, because I never get my appointment times wrong, I looked through the emails on my phone and found their appointment reminder which had 2:30pm on it! NOT 2:15pm.

I showed my phone to the lady at the front desk (Barbara I think, but not sure). All she said was...

"Oh...oops..that's weird..well, we already scheduled someone for your time slot."


As my fiance calmly explained to her that we had driven a long distance and that he had to take off work, all she did was stand and look at us with a stupid grin on her face like this was all a big joke.

After getting no response from her, we asked if there was anything they could do to help out the situation...she said, without hesitation... "Sorry no" and turned her head back to her computer.

I have never felt so mistreated by a spa or salon in my life. Not only was this lady so indifferent about messing up my appointment AND my day, she never acknowledged that it was her mistake and didn't offer anything to make it better.

When we asked to speak to the owner of the establishment...she says in an very snobby tone...

"Oh.. you won't get to him without going through me first"

WOW :-/

We left very upset and all I could do the whole 1 hour ride home was apologize profusely to my fiance for how the spa had treated us and for making him drive all this way for nothing.

We hesitantly rescheduled the appointment and told the front desk to please send us an accurate appointment reminder for whatever date they schedule us because we can't make another 1 hour trip and have the same thing happen again.

A week later, I get a voice mail message saying that I had missed my appointment and this time they WILL consider it a no show and that I cannot redeem my coupon. WTF. I looked through my email and spam inbox and found NO email from them telling me about an appointment date or time..

I no longer wish to fight this because I don't feel it's worth it. I will not be going back and I guess I will have to take the money loss. I just can't believe how unprofessional and disorganized this spa is. The front desk lady was complaining the whole time I was there about how they have so many of these Groupon, Living Social, etc deals that it's hard to keep track of them or even find space to schedule people in.

I have learned my lesson and will be paying full price in center city Phila for a spa that treats me like a queen for the day.

Anshul Gambhir, you should be ashamed of your staff. I hope you read this because it should be pretty high on Google search when you google your spa.

And a tip in case you would like to remain in business. Judging by your overall horrible online spa reviews, the rule of quality over quantity should be implemented into your practice.

January 09, 2012

Attempt To Mount A Mechanical Bull - FAIL

I had a total FAIL this weekend while trying to pose for a photo on a mechanical bull with my friend. Note, this mechanical bull was completely stationary and not moving at all. All I wanted was one innocent little picture and it turned out to be a WAY harder than it looked. In my defense, the bull was abnormally high  because the bag was deflated and no normal human being's legs can swing up that high unless you are a freakishly tall super model or something.

So here it is people...this is what it takes to get a picture perfect photo...

"Ok who is going first? How about I go on first and pull you up OK? This should be fun! Weee!"

"Jul, I need you to pull my leg up. This isn't working. I'm too short! You pull and I'll jump!"


 "What happened? Are we still alive?? Ow, I really wish this thing was inflated"

 "Ok we have to try again!! We are troopers! This time hold on really tight while I climb up."

"Whewww, we made it!"


"Now pose! Hah...everyone on Facebook will think we flawlessly posed for this magnificent picture!"