October 28, 2010

My Amsterdam Trip (Part 2)

I changed my blog layout today because got so sick of staring at the old one. I didn't even like it that much because it was a generic layout I downloaded from some site and modified a bit. And I HATE Generic...even the word makes me want to puke.

Sooooo...I created this awesome new layout from scratch and I love how refreshing it is. It's totally me...clean, pink and glittery. If anyone has any suggestions to make it look even better please Email me!

Anyway..this is part deux of my Amsterdam trip. And once again, I will just comment on the photos I took because I'm not a great writer but I am a great picture taker!! My pictures have brought great entertainment value to many people's lives believe it or not LOL.


One of the things I was most looking forward to seeing was Anne Frank's house. The line to get in was huge but worth waiting for obviously.

To get to the annex we had to climb some seriously steep stairs. It was almost like climbing a ladder. We then passed through a secret door hidden by a bookcase and entered the living area where Anne Frank spent 2 years of her life in hiding.

The living area was a little bigger than I had imagined but still way too small to be confined to for 2 years. We walked through the rooms in silence trying to imagine how they could have possibly lived like this.

What really broke my heart was looking into the attic which held the single window she was allowed to look through. The same cherry blossom tree stood in the window that she had looked through everyday wishing for her freedom.

I also learned something I hadn't known before. Anne Frank died only one month before the liberation. If only she had known that her father was still alive she might have had something to live for. But then again, would she have impacted so many lives and brought awareness with her story? Maybe some people are born to die and make the world a better place. If so, she is was one of them.

At the end of the tour we came into a room where her actual diary was in a display box. Her writing looked so childish and innocent :(

We weren't allowed to take photos inside but I did take a few of the outside. The line was around the corner.

Trying to force a smile for the photo. Still had many depressing thoughts racing through my head.

There was a cute cafe across the street from Anne Frank's house so we popped in for some warm tomato soup and cheese sandwiches.

While walking around I saw a stand with veggies and fruit that were so fresh they looked fake. The strawberries were so damn waxy looking I wanted to poke them to make sure they were real.

That night we went to our first coffeeshop! And they don't sell no damn coffee there..only weed! I thought maybe they sell coffee on the side or something but nope...just weed.

Someone messaged me and told me that Barney's is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam so that's where we went and I loved it. It was definitely the most chic and upscale coffeeshop out of all the ones I had seen.

I was nervous to smoke because I had tried pot years before and had a horrible reaction leaving me unable to stand, complete a full sentence, and paranoid thoughts raced through my head.

The menu at the coffeshop had about 20 different types of weed to chose from. They were listed from weakest to strongest. We decided to buy a single joint which came with a filter attached and its own case! How convenient LOL.

We got the 2nd to weakest weed you can get, I think it was called Morning Glory, and started puffing away.

After about 10 minutes everything seemed something like this...

I think I have a weird reaction to weed that I never see in my fellow pothead friends. My eyes start to dart around and everything seems to become super slow. It seemed to me like the bartender took about 15 minutes to make each drink. My sense of balance was messed up and I got super horny. It was basically like I was super super drunk but still aware of everything. And this was after like 6 small drags.

Anyway, I enjoy my alcohol much better and I think I will stick to that. I don't like feeling paranoid like everyone is staring at me. I already get that feeling when I'm not high.

As you can guess the rest of our night was pretty interesting and I will leave it at that.


In the morning we visited the famous Damrak Street where we checked out the Erotic Sex Museum.


Stairway in the Sex Museum.

Bunch of red light district hookers in clothes they wore in the olden days. I wear less than that to bed and WTF is growing on the one on the left??? She's obviously not natural blonde.

E.W. negotiating with a hooker!! LOL just kidding. If he was into girls that hideous we would have a problem.

Marilyn Monroe posing for her famous photo. She got paid $50 for it and the distributor ended up making $750,000 off of the photo over time.

This one is some what disturbing. I guess this is what the toilet sees every time someone sits on it. Poor toilet.

It's SNOOKI!!!!!! Snooki in year 2050.

Oh look, a random guy standing on the street...

BAM!!!!! That belly looks like it has a baby growing in it.

A penis that is taller than me is a good penis in my book.

Some gear that E.W. is planning to buy me for Christmas :) :)

And I save the best for last!! Please don't scroll down if you are offended by devils performing fellatio on themselves.

So that's it for now. My third and final post will include my trip to the Heineken Brewery, The House Of Bols, and my favoritee, the Red Light District.


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October 27, 2010

My Amsterdam Trip (Part 1)

It's crazy how fast my trip to Amsterdam came and went. And although the weather was cold and rainy, Amsterdam was truly a beautiful and exciting city to visit.

I had my notions on what it was going to be like, but Amsterdam was everything I DIDN'T expect it to be. The city is full of history, hospitable people and endless canals running through the streets.

I am going to make this blog post into a 3 part blog since I took so many pictures and want to share so many of them. Seriously, every two steps I took there was another breathtaking view. It was hard to keep my camera in my purse.

I'm also not going to write too much because the pictures speak for themselves and I'm still so jet lagged right now.

It took me a day and a half to pack everything and I only ended up using a third of my clothes and 3 of my ten pairs of shoes I brought with me. I don't care though because if I don't have different choices in wardrobe, I get really cranky.

We took a train to Amsterdam from the airport because taxis are absurdly expensive. I paid $70 for a 15 minute ride back to the airport. I think that the taxi companies should stop using only BMW's and Mercedes as their taxis and get their rates down ASAP.

Outside of the train station there was a sea of bikes. Bikes are Amsterdam's main source of transportation and they even have huge multi-story bike parking lots. What I found interesting was that a lot of the people don't lock their bikes down. And, instead of auto shops, there are bike shops at every corner.

When we first got to our hotel, our room wasn't ready so we walked around for a couple hours and explored the city streets.

Loved this charming little hookah seating area in a window sill. And YOU KNOW they aren't smoking tobacco in that thing.

I quickly learned that the city is full of canals. It's like a web of water throughout the city with its own transportation system. Quite beautiful really. Look closely and see the row of swans swimming around.

My eyes look super Asiany because of lack of sleep. Love my new Tahari trench that fit in perfectly with the city's style.

E.W. admiring the canals. I think he looks like a sexy model in this photo but he doesn't like it for some reason.

We stopped into a local pub to sample some real Dutch beer. I usually don't drink beer but it was pretty good. After drinking some good Dutch beer, watching some Rugby and chatting with the local bartender about how American football players are wimps for wearing all that padding, we started to get a sense of the city's atmosphere.

After a few refreshing beers we decided to check out the little shops around us. I bought a hat that they sell all over the city and many people wear them when its cold. I got a pink one that says Amsterdam on it. So touristy I know!

A bunch of Oldies intently gazing into a window of a psychedelic drug shop which we found very funny. We went in and almost bought Baby Hawaiian Wood Rose Seeds which are supposed to be a "natural LSD" but thank god we didn't. I later googled it and found out that the seeds make you violently ill followed by 6 hours of tripping and hallucinations similar to mushrooms and LSD. Surprisingly enough these seeds are legal to bring back to the US because they are all natural. They make you hallucinate by poisoning your body..thus the violent vomiting.

We passed by a Cannabis/Weed shop which didn't allow photos but I did snap a photo of the outside window. A few things you can see in this photo are Canna Biscuits, Cannabis club soda, joint cases, cannabis caramel candy, cannabis energizer drink, hemp lollies, hemp bud cookies, hemp chocolate, cannabis instant coffee and hemp bud tea.


Even the aliens get high in Amsterdam. But what's with the purse and turban dude?

Although bikes are the main transport in Amsterdam, Smart Cars are another popular option for cost effective travel. Is it just me or are these Smart Cars like half the size of ours? Looks like a clown car next to E.W.

After walking around for a couple hours we were starving having only ate airplane food in the past 15 hours. We stopped into our first pancake house (not IHOP folks). We ordered an English breakfast wich came with the works.

And we got a cheese pancake which is very different from the pancakes that we are used to. It's more like a thick crepe.

We ate and went back to our hotel room. E.W. had to go to work while I caught up on my much needed sleep.

For the next two days, E.W. had to work day and night so I had the opportunity to tour the city on my own. I was a little nervous at first but quickly learned that Amsterdam is a small city and very easy to navigate in.

My look for day 1. I'm wearing Roberto Cavalli sunglasses and a grey beret and scarf from Joyce Leslie.

And my look for day 2. Love the way my hair looks curled but so goddamn damaging.

During day 2 and 3 I cruised around the city visiting little mom and pop shops. Some of my favorites were the cheese shops. When you step in, the cheese aroma hits you in the face like a brick wall. It's so pungent yet comforting in a way.



Every two steps you take in Amsterdam, you are greeted by delicious displays of food for sale. It's a wonder how everyone in the city looks so thin with these displays taunting them daily. You can see the famous Dutch waffles on the bottom right. I now know that Dutch waffles are WAY better than Belgium waffles and miles better then our flimsy soggy US waffles.

One of the hundreds of coffee shops we passed by. More on my visit to a coffee shop in Part 2 of my blog!

Grabbed some quick lunch at a cafe. A bread loaf topped with baked cheese, onion, tomato, and something very very spicy! And a coffee to warm myself in the freezing weather.

I did some shopping in this mall that looks like a palace. Found a gorgeous sweater for E.W. but then looked at the price of 330 euros, which is equivalent to $462, and almost died. Found a much nicer sweater later for 70 euros ($98).

Adorable street near the hotel. I would love to live on a street like this. So quaint. And of course bikes everywhere and no cars.

A cannon pointing out into a canal. I wonder if it has ever been used?

There was a huge festival near the red light district that seemed to attract the most tourists. Even in 30/40 degree weather, people lined up to go onto the Ferris Wheel and other thrill rides.

A huge monument..not sure what it stands for exactly. But I got a Kodak moment when all of the pigeons flew above me as I snapped a photo.

They landed behind me and got uncomfortably close so I quickly snapped a photo and ran away.

Another beautiful street at night. Everything was just so picturesque!!

I have a 100 more photos to post which I will do in the next day or 2! In part 2 of my blog I will post my visit to Anne Frank's house, a coffeshop, and a sex museum.

Hope you are enjoying my little tour!

Bye :)

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October 13, 2010

Fashion Week & Six Flags

I have been so busy with work, getting ready for Amsterdam and Miami that I haven't had a chance to blog recently.

I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed because I have 10 events that my dancers will be working at while I am gone and have to make sure everything runs smoothly and that all of the costumes are ready to go for my girls.

I usually try to stay in town during holidays because bookings go up and it can be hectic but I cannot miss our Halloween party in Miami. Not an option.


A couple weeks ago it was Fashion Week in Philly and out of all of the events I attended, The Armory was by far my favorite. The models were gorgeous, the space was great, and the fashion actually interested me for once. It was the complete opposite of the Rittenhouse Fall Gathering which was a HUGE disappointment.

The space was an old armory that was converted into a fashion show/vendor space. It truly felt like you were in NY. This photo was taken from the VIP section which was slightly elevated from the rest of the floor.

But the real action took place on the runway. Most of the seats were taken so we had to sit a few rows behind until I made E.W. find us a proper seat where I could see everything.

I decided to wear something that I wouldn't normally wear for the event since it was "fashion" week. I usually go for super tight mini dresses so I bought this poofy silk skirt. I wasn't too sure about it at the store but it came together quite nicely.

Cam whoring while waiting for the show to start. I'm obsessed with these new contacts I bought. Why couldn't I be born with such a beautiful eye color??? Instead I have to stick pieces of plastic into my eyes everyday to achieve this look. Blah.

The models were so sexy and professional at this event. Not like the Rittenhouse Fall Gathering where the models were shorter than me and one of them was actually chewing gum on the runway!!!!!

I could totally rock that pink dress in Miami.

The after show entertainment was stunning. The guys had amazing bodies and talent but I couldn't help thinking that I would've looked soooo much hotter with my aerial silks. Who was the entertainment director for this thing??? Haven't they seen me do my aerials damn it lol. I'm thinking about purchasing one of these aerial cubes for Jewelz Entertainment Miami but they are like $800 so need to save up a bit.


A few days later we hit up Six Flags for some Fright Fest action. This is absolutely the best time of year to go to Six Flags coz they decorate the whole park in spooky decor with tons of spooky attractions.

The bloody fountain has been a favorite ever since I was a kid!

That was my first time wearing jeans all year since the whole leggings fad kicked in and I must say...jeans are very fucking uncomfortable. I got a wedgie like every 5 seconds. Thank god leggings are in right now because I love them to death. I just have to figure out what to do with my 20+ pairs of jeans.

The whole parked was like a spooky wonderland!

With spooky and creepy characters performing at every corner.

Nothing sexier than a flexible man. They make me drool.

There was even a big concert in front of the ferris wheel with creepy dead characters dancing and singing with fire shooting out all over the place.

My favorite ride was the Houdini Mansion.

You walk into this spooky mansion and sit in this big room with a bunch of people. It doesn't look like a ride just a regular room that your sitting in. But then you start moving back and forth. And the next thing you know your on the fucking roof upside down!!! and the people that were sitting across from you are on the floor. You start getting terribly disoriented and the next thing you know the people across from you are on the roof and you are on the wall sitting sideways. It's fucking crazy and the best illusion I have ever experienced.

I even got to climb a wall. I got all the way to the top and got a pink balloon! You would think they would give me a better prize since I just climbed a damn wall and got all sweaty and stuff. I mean you get like a 6 ft tall toy if you throw a ball into a box....

We ended up leaving around 8:30 when the park closed. It was bitter sweet knowing that we won't be going back anytime soon after the move.

So anyway, have to get back to sewing and gluing our Halloween costumes. They are going to be the best ones at Vizcaya in Miami!

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