April 27, 2012

Honeymoon #1 - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Yes the post title says #1 because I am in fact having two honeymoons. And before you go saying "Oh my god, she is so spoiled" I would like to you to know that not only did Eddie have several business meetings during our first mini-honeymoon, he will also be working a whole week out of our upcoming three week honeymoon to Europe. Eh, I guess I don't mind suffering a little bit if the end result is pure luxury. Plus I get to roam the streets of Germany by myself for a week. That's not too bad, right? Then afterwards we will be heading to the Greek Islands and Paris where I get Eddie all to myself!

Oh......by the way......

I'M MARRIED!!!!!!!

I totally forgot to mention that. :) I am an official wife now but with none of that wife business nonsense. You will not see me putting an apron on and asking for babies anytime soon. But it's wonderful to know that we have both committed our lives and souls to each other.

I had so much fun at my dream wedding and I'll post photos up as soon as I get back from Europe. But for now, you can check out my AWESOME honeymoon video that I forced Eddie to do during our trip. He was a little apprehensive during filming but ended up loving the end product and showed it to everyone and their mothers.