January 17, 2011

Get Fit With Aylio

Since I've started my diet I've had a lot of people asking me what my workout routine is. Well, I usually head to the gym to burn the cals but recently I've been too lazy to leave the house. Plus it's just too damn cold outside!

Thankfully, I was sponsored by www.aylio.com to try out their at-home resistance bands fitness set.

Now I can do all of my gym workouts in the comfort of my own home!

Let me tell you something about resistance bands... They are the most effective and underrated form of exercise. Perfect for building lean muscle and shedding excess body fat.

Aylio's resistance bands set even includes a door anchor which allows users to perform over 100 unique exercises.

Aylio is the best place online to purchase resistance bands because the quality of the product is unbeatable.

So let's test the bands out!

You can wear whatever you want because you are at home and there will be nobody to see you unlike the gym!

The bands come in a cute, blue pouch that can be used to take the bands on the go. It's very small, compact and not heavy at all.

Here is what's inside!!

The bands come in many different sizes and colors. The thicker the band, the more resistance there is. I chose to test out the red band because it's the closest color to pink and it's also a thinner band.

The set also comes with a DVD and manual that contains instructions to TONS of different exercises you can do.

Many of the exercises featured in the manual require the use of a doorway but I decided to try out the more simple ones.

Here are 3 simple yet very effective exercises that you can do with the bands.

Split Squat

This exercise works out the legs. You simply step back with your foot and squat down until your knee almost taps the floor. I could feel the burn after 3 squats. Burn = Results :)

Resisted Punches

This exercise works out the chest. By pushing the arms forward in a punching motion you can quickly tone and strengthen the chest. It's very important to workout the chest ladies! It prevents breasts from sagging!

Wide Biceps Curl

This exercise works out the arms. As you can see the set comes with arm handles to perform various exercises. I think my biceps in the second photo is all you need to see to know that this exercise is very effective!

I was surprised that the band sets were so reasonably priced. You can get a set for as cheap as $39.99! That's like a month's gym membership.

To save time and money during your workouts, visit:

Best of all, Aylio bands are lightweight and perfect for travel. Just put them into the carry case and take them anywhere!

Disclaimer: I have received free product or money for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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LynSire ♛ said...

You have an amazing body! Is it from the exercise or from the dance classes??


Anonymous said...

I also have the Aylio bands at home. Love them!

Anonymous said...

You have me hypnotized, Jewelz. I'll buy whatever you tell me to. I'll even drink the cool aid.

Jewelz said...

LynSire:Thanks :) It's mostly from dancing but hopefully the bands help me tone up.

xNTA said...

I totally agree. I love resistance band training and any other sort of strength training since I'm not a huge fan of cardio. I'm so lazy! lol. But you look utterly fabulous in these pics! Love it! Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

Alex B-G said...

u know ur torturing many, many men out there, right? lol

Jarrett Friedman said...

Thx for sharing that grt info and super write up ..keep up the good work Julie !!

Max Krishtul said...


Anonymous said...

hey jewelz, how tall are you? I think I may be around your height, and I wanted to calculate my ideal weight based upon height. Thanks!

miha.ela said...

You have an amazing body!

good job :)