January 28, 2011

Fox 29 News Has Nothing Better To Do

I usually don't watch the morning news but E.W. had to go into work late the other day because of the heavy snow fall so he made me some delicious fruit pancakes and we watched the news together until the roads got plowed.

During our pancake breakfast we watched Fox 29 News and this story comes on about two local postal workers that have been repeatedly going to McMeniman's Tavern, a local Philly bar, and getting drunk during work hours. They would scan fake location bar codes so that their work would think that they were still on route instead of getting wasted.

Fox 29 News followed the two men several times into the bar with hidden cameras capturing every beer and shot that they downed.

In the end, a newscaster confronted both men on camera as they were leaving the bar and heading back to work.

And the fucked up part is they showed both of their faces!!!

No blurring out or anything!! WTF

Good job Fox News. you have successfully prevented these two men from ever getting a job in Philadelphia for the next year or so. Their families will probably end up poor and homeless just so that you can get higher ratings on your crappy news show.

Now don't get me wrong, I think what these two men did is disgusting and they deserved getting fired without pay. But did they deserve to have their faces blasted out to millions of viewers??? HELL NO.

Everyone makes mistakes and the wonderful thing about America is that everyone gets a second chance.

Fox News ruined that second chance for the two men as no one will want to hire them and they will probably be shunned by many people on the streets of Philadelphia for wasting their tax money.

What's wrong Fox News??? Slow news week?? Philadelphia isn't exciting enough for you so you have to resort to ruining lives for entertainment??

And it makes me wonder... How did they get the tip on this story anyway? It was probably an angry baby's momma or ex girlfriend that sold them out. The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.

The next morning they aired the same story and a follow up but this time they blurred both men's faces out. Oooohh ok...so some lawyers got involved in this whole thing so now you are going to pretend like you have morals Fox News??

Oh Look! I found my new bumper sticker :)

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Nicola Stultz-Miller said...

i like the title

Michael Giaquinto said...

julie you should do the news god knows you have the looks!!! i would wach it

Heavensent1 said...

Love the post...I don't watch television...it's all lies and subterfuge, IMHO~!!

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xNTA said...

WOW fox news. How incredibly classy *rolls eyes*.

Honestly, I feel that it's really irresponsible what those men did, but as long as they can handle their alcohol and perform their job well (and they're not doing a job that requires them to do things that deals with people's safety) then, it's their business really, even if it's not really the smart thing to do. *sigh*

Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot.com

Misty said...

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