January 14, 2011

Photoshop Of The Day #1

I'm starting a new section on my blog called "Photoshop Of The Day". I do so much photoshop stuff for fun that never gets to see the light of day so I figured I can post some of it on the blog for people to comment/critique/etc.

Here's a recent one that I did. I took a pic of me that I never uploaded online coz I look hideous in it and photoshopped it into a creative, artsy, usable image :)

Love those Dior glasses to death but so so hard to find an outfit that they look good with therefore don't wear them often.

P.S. If anyone wants their images Photoshopped or retouched message me!

My life has been pretty boring lately and by boring I mean I haven't been traveling at all. That will all change within a matter of weeks (trip to Puerto Rico & Orlando coming soon YAY!) but for now I guess I will just post some photography I did of stuff in my house.

The condo that I currently live in is visually pretty awesome. It's totally not my style, I love minimalism and white, but is designed very well.

It has a definite bachelor pad feel coz E.W. bought and decorated this place when he was single. And if I were to bring in my lady touches it would just clash and look all wrong.

My favorite part about the condo is the beautifully exposed brick walls in the living room and bedroom. You can't fake that!!

Eww..dried up roses. God knows how long they have been there. They were there when I moved in...

Ok, that's it for now! I just received a new product in the mail that I will be reviewing on my blog next week and I have to get ready for the gym blah.

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msposhb said...

Hi there.
I'm stopping by from the weekend hop to say hello and to follow. Have a great rest of your weekend!


LynSire ♛ said...

I like this new section, I like your Photoshop skills they're good. I like how you made your eyes stand out more.


Alison said...

I love the condo pics... that exposed brick is gorgeous!!

xo, alison-elle.com

Guwini said...

yeey, another fashion/lifestyle blog!

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Amethyst Moon said...

Thanks for linking up at Tuesdays Gone. Love the photoshopped pic!