January 31, 2011

BH Cosmetics Giveaway & G.I. Jewelz

This Giveaway is over and the winner, based on my favorite comment, is Katie @ Cheep Ideas. Congrats!!!!

I love love love messing around with makeup so when I found out I was getting the BH Cosmetics 120 2nd Edition Shadow Palette to test out, I squealed with delight.

At first, I thought that these eye shadows wouldn't be of great quality because of the amazing price they are sold for. But I came to find out that they are highly pigmented and apply brightly!

They are even better than the brand I currently use. Hmmm, I think I might make a switch here?!?

BH Cosmetics is also supplying one of my beauty savvy blog readers a shadow palette of their very own! Rules to enter the giveaway are below.

This makeup palette is perfect for a color addict who is looking to explore new shades. I'm not too brave when it comes to using colors on my face so this was a perfect excuse to use some daring colors I wouldn't normally use such as greens and blues.

Just look at the beautiful colored rainbowness of it all!

BH Cosmetics has it all. Everything from neutrals to bright yellows and pinks. My favorite has to be the shimmery gray though. Gotta love the smokey eye.

I decided to play around with the green and blue shades of the palette.

Here was my inspiration:

I used a bright green in my highlight area and a shimmery cream color over it. I then used a dark gold (looks brown in the photo) in my crease and a bright aqua under my lashes. To finish the look, I penciled in a black liner to form a cat eye and applied falsies.

Oh, one more thing. I concealed the outer half of my eye brow and extended a fake line about an inch higher.

And here's the look!

G.I Jewelz!! *insert gunshot sound effects here*

The colors are so beautiful and bright... believe it or not, this look was achieved with only one layer of color. Yes! One! No applying and reapplying to darken colors. They sweep on and stay on. In LOVE!!

Time for your chance to win a BH Cosmetics Shadow Palette!

How To Enter?
Mandatory Contest Entry (Choose one or both):
  • Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect (in right column of blog)
  • Follow and tweet @Jewelzdancers while linking back to this post.
Optional Contest Entry (Counts for an additional entry)
*If you follow me via Google Friend Connect, post a comment with the name you used to connect and your email address.

*If you follow me on Twitter, post a comment with your Twitter name and email address.

Simple as that!

The Rules
Contest ends Feb 15th, 2011 when I will pick a winner at random. If there are less than 20 entries the contest will be extended until there are 20 entries or more.

*Reminder* just commenting on this post will not enter you into the giveaway follow me on Google Friend Connect OR follow and tweet @Jewelzdancers while linking back to this post to enter! :)

All contestants must live within the continental United States and must be able to provide a valid mailing address upon winning. I am not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and redeem the item or a new winner will be chosen.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commissions 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Tomoson Product review & giveaway Disclosure.
Sponsored by Tomoson.com


Dear Teeth Whitening. My teeth look nice and white so you are great and all, but drinking coffee through a straw every morning is slowly killing me inside. As a coffee addict, I like to savor the taste. Having the coffee run through a straw and bypass my tongue sucks big time.

Dear Creepy Guy At Olive Garden.
Please don't walk by me while undressing me with your eyes in front of my boyfriend and his parents. It's really uncomfortable and having my boyfriend's mom acknowledge your creepy stares makes it even more awkward. Keep your eyes to yourself creepo!

Dear Camera.
I was told that shooting in RAW format would be the best thing I've ever done. No one told me the images would look like grainy pieces of crap because of the lack of a grain filter. I am going back to JPEG and not trying to again until someone explains why you suck so much.

Dear Healthy Diet.
I didn't think you would work but my jeans were a little loose last night. Thank you for proving me wrong and hopefully we can keep you in my life for years to come.

Dear Olive Garden.
You suck for adding the calorie intake to every meal on your menu. I never knew that the meaty lasagna that I loved so much was 1,800 calories (300 calories more than I eat a day). You are officially worse than McDonald's.

Dear XiaXue. Stop having your little "minions" comment my posts saying that I am copying your blog. Just because I like pink and I'm girly doesn't mean I am a carbon copy of you. At least I'm actually good at Photoshop and don't shop my eyes into huge saucers in every picture. 8-/

Dear Blog Readers. You're awesome and I love you! Even the ones that don't comment :)

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January 28, 2011

Fox 29 News Has Nothing Better To Do

I usually don't watch the morning news but E.W. had to go into work late the other day because of the heavy snow fall so he made me some delicious fruit pancakes and we watched the news together until the roads got plowed.

During our pancake breakfast we watched Fox 29 News and this story comes on about two local postal workers that have been repeatedly going to McMeniman's Tavern, a local Philly bar, and getting drunk during work hours. They would scan fake location bar codes so that their work would think that they were still on route instead of getting wasted.

Fox 29 News followed the two men several times into the bar with hidden cameras capturing every beer and shot that they downed.

In the end, a newscaster confronted both men on camera as they were leaving the bar and heading back to work.

And the fucked up part is they showed both of their faces!!!

No blurring out or anything!! WTF

Good job Fox News. you have successfully prevented these two men from ever getting a job in Philadelphia for the next year or so. Their families will probably end up poor and homeless just so that you can get higher ratings on your crappy news show.

Now don't get me wrong, I think what these two men did is disgusting and they deserved getting fired without pay. But did they deserve to have their faces blasted out to millions of viewers??? HELL NO.

Everyone makes mistakes and the wonderful thing about America is that everyone gets a second chance.

Fox News ruined that second chance for the two men as no one will want to hire them and they will probably be shunned by many people on the streets of Philadelphia for wasting their tax money.

What's wrong Fox News??? Slow news week?? Philadelphia isn't exciting enough for you so you have to resort to ruining lives for entertainment??

And it makes me wonder... How did they get the tip on this story anyway? It was probably an angry baby's momma or ex girlfriend that sold them out. The whole thing just makes me sick to my stomach.

The next morning they aired the same story and a follow up but this time they blurred both men's faces out. Oooohh ok...so some lawyers got involved in this whole thing so now you are going to pretend like you have morals Fox News??

Oh Look! I found my new bumper sticker :)

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January 23, 2011

Flawless Anytime Scarf Review & Giveaway

This Giveaway is over and the winner, based on my favorite comment, is Tina. Congrats!!!!

I am very excited to be bringing you a review from
Anytime Scarf and they were kind enough to offer one of my blog readers a free scarf!

Anytime Scarf is an exclusive online boutique and has many different options for scarves for all climates and styles. Whether it be a winter scarf or something lighter for spring.

Styles include pashminas, shawls, neck warmers, wraps, infinity scarves, and much much more.

Some of the scarves are made in the USA and others are selected from all over the world.

My personal favorite are the long fall scarves with neutral fall colors. I prefer the long style over the short because there are many more ways to wear it.

That is why I chose this beautiful ombre colored autumn scarf. It's super light and the colors fade from a dark brown to a light tan.

Only $29.99!! Great quality and amazing price.

I wear tons of neutral colors in the fall so matching this scarf to an outfit is easy peasy :)

Here is a random boring outfit that I picked out of my closet. But with the addition of the scarf, I look like I'm ready to go out for a nice evening. I don't even need jewelry :) The scarf is enough accessory.

My favorite way to wear this specific scarf is to double knot it in the front like in the photo above. Each knot becomes a different color because of the fading colors.

So pretty!

Did I mention the scarf is super soft?? Feels great against the skin. Comfy material is so important. No one wants a scratchy scarf around their neck.

Anytime Scarf has a lot of surprises you will all love by Spring. Stay tuned...

Now it's time for one of you to add this scarf to your wardrobe!!

How To Enter?
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  • "Like" the Anytime Scarf Fan Page on Facebook and leave a comment.

*After you follow me via Google Friend Connect, post a comment with the name you used to connect and your email address.

Simple as that!

The Rules
Contest ends Feb 20th, 2011 when I will pick a winner at random. If there are less than 20 entries the contest will be extended until there are 20 entries or more.

*Reminder* just commenting on this post will not enter you into the giveaway. You need to follow me on Google Friend Connect AND "Like" Anytime Scarf Fan Page to enter! :)

Only one entry allowed per person. All contestants must live within the continental United States and must be able to provide a valid mailing address upon winning. I am not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged during shipment. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and redeem the item or a new winner will be chosen.
Disclaimer: I have received free product or money for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

January 21, 2011

I Used To Be A Ballerina

I have an exciting photo shoot coming up this week which will require me to stand on my old pointe shoes that I haven't used in 5 years or so.

I practically lived in pointe shoes for 15 years of my life and now found myself totally terrified to put them back on.

What if I couldn't stand in them??

I would probably go jump off a bridge.

But the moment I put them on, it was like riding a bike. Everything felt so familiar and even though it was slightly more painful than I remember, it felt so good to be wearing them again.

My toes felt like someone was banging them with a dull hammer at first but the pain eased as my body heat softened the shoe making it more pliable.

Balancing is a lot harder than it used to be. It's a very weird sensation because my muscles know exactly what to do but they no longer have the strength to do it.

But my arch is still AWESOME!! I was always proud of my "good feet". I spent many nights stretching and bending them (almost to the point of snapping my feet in half) to achieve a nice arch.

I found one pair that had a hole in the big toe area that went through the entire shoe. I remember dancing in this pair and my toe would scrape along the floor. I remember the blood...the pain...the satisfaction.

I miss being on pointe. I miss ballet. But I will never regret quitting.

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January 20, 2011

Living In Odessa, Ukraine

During the 6 or 7 months that I spent in Odessa, Ukraine alone and without parents when I was 14 years old, I had the most exciting, lonely, wonderful, and scary time of my life.

I was sent to Ukraine to study at the Odessa State Ballet School when I was in 9th grade. I was young and vulnerable and had no clue that I was in for the ride of my life.

I still remember how nervous I was the first day in my new Russian school. I was put a grade behind because Russian schools teach much faster than schools in America. There were only 10 grades back then and the 8th graders knew far more than I did in 9th grade.

The teacher walked me into the class for the first time and every single eye in the room glared at me with curiosity. To them, I was a stranger from a bigger, better world. I was the celebrity student. But this quickly changed...

Once the curiosity wore off, hatred and jealousy set in. At first, all of the students tried to befriend me thinking that it would gain them popularity. But after a while, they began to detest the material possessions that I had.

School books were a luxury and most could not afford them. I, on the other hand, lugged around five of my enormous American school books so that I had something to read in English. I remember one day, a girl sitting next to me said out loud, "Look at the American and her fancy book, I didn't even know she could read."

I had brought my TI-83 graphing calculator to school one day. BIG MISTAKE. I was ridiculed for having something they could not afford. They said I was dumb because smart people didn't need to use calculators.

Even in English class, where you would think I would be the best student, I was considered an outcast. The students would constantly complain that they could not understand my "American" accent (they were taught proper English).

The bathrooms at the school were...not very private...to say the least.

There was no toilet, just a hole in the floor. To make things worse there were no stalls. Yep, just a hole in the floor next to another hole in the floor. Wait, it gets worse. There was no doors at the entrance of the bathroom. People walking by in the hallway could glance in and see several people doing there business out in the open.

I often held it in.

The crazy thing was that I went to the best school in Odessa where all of the rich kids went. It wasn't a rundown building or anything. It was a beautifully restored mansion with white marble grand staircases and the works.

Because of the torment, I would skip school many days and roam the city of Odessa. I would explore every bit of the city, sometimes walking for 5 to 6 hours at a time. I would walk along the famous Deribasovskaya Road....

I must have climbed the Potemkin Stairs at least 100 times during my stay.

Some nights, I would sneak into the Odessa Opera Theater and watch a real opera from high up above stage where the curtains are hung (kind of like Phantom Of The Opera).

I never wanted to go home. There was nothing to do there. The family I was staying with had no computers, not internet, and the only TV was in a bedroom that I was not allowed in. All I had was a solitaire card game on my phone to entertain me.

Even through all of the darkness, I began to make friends with the girls in my ballet class who all looked up to me because I was the best dancer at the school.

They were constantly asking me questions and inviting me to hang out with them. As I grew closer to these girls, I grew friendships that I will never forget my whole life.

Ballet and these girls were what made my life in Odessa exciting. Once a month we would all perform in the ballet Thumbelina, at the famous Odessa Opera Theater, in which I had a lead role.

It was truly amazing to perform a real ballet, with a live orchestra, and thousands of people watching you. I cannot think of a more exhilarating feeling than being on stage.

I was always aware that I had more money than my friends. The majority of people lived in poverty and the rich, well they were VERY rich. Well beyond the wealth that we know.

I remember my mom had sent me money from America one week. I went with a friend to exchange a $100 bill at an outdoor currency exchange booth. A group of older boys had seen us exchange the money and proceeded to follow for about 15 blocks begging for money for their "sick mom" or "dying dog".

Following us soon turned into a fast paced walk. In no time they were chasing us at full speed. We were outnumbered and scared out of our minds. We ran for 5 minutes until we reached our ballet school. We ran inside and waited half an hour for them to smoke a cigarette, give up and leave.

Everyone smoked in Odessa. And I mean EVERYONE. The first time I saw a 7 year old boy puffing away at a cigarette I almost fell off my chair. After several months, it didn't phase me.

It got even scarier sometimes. One night, a man came to our house and forced the elderly lady that I was staying with and her granddaughter outside onto the street. He beat them onto the ground and yelled profanities at them. My 14 year old self decided to protect them somehow and quickly grabbed an empty plastic bottle and ran to the doorway to defend them. I was shaking so hard from fear my body started to convulse. Fortunately he walked away without seeing me before I made an irrational move.

It wasn't all bad though. I have so many wonderful memories of Odessa. The late night sleepovers with my friends, getting butter & sugar crepes from outdoor vendors, performing in the theater, visiting the open air markets, and the friendly people of the city.

Several months into my stay, I very much longed to read something in English. A newspaper, a book, anything! I searched many many book stores and libraries, but nothing. I had bought 2 books at the airport before leaving to Odessa (Bridget Jones Diary 1 & 2) and reread those 2 books many many times. I craved for something that connected me to my world back home and it was the only thing that could comfort me.

When it came time for me to leave Odessa, I took the train to the Kiev Airport. Four of my best friends came with me to the station to say their good byes. The last memory I have is of them staring at me with sad eyes as my train took off. I watched one girl, Oksana, run after the train sobbing uncontrollably. And that was the moment that I realized how much they had meant to me and how much I meant to them.

I often think about my time in Odessa and the good always out shines the bad. I long to go back and be able to experience the city as a tourist.

One day I will.

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January 18, 2011

Lady Gaga Makeup Look

I bought these crazy, spider eye lashes to use for my Halloween costume last year but never ended up using them for some reason. They have been just laying around in my bathroom drawer with no real purpose in life so I decided to put them to good use!

It took me only 20 minutes to recreate Lady Gaga on my own. I used a pink wig and rhinestone headband to complete the look.

I'm kinda in love with this makeup and would totally rock it on a daily basis if I had the balls to.

Here is what I used...

  • Make Up For Ever Primer
  • Make Up For Ever Concealer
  • Make Up For Ever Foundation
  • L'Oreal True Match Powder
  • NARS Blush (Amour)


  • MAC Eyeliner (White)
  • L'Oreal Liquid Eye Liner (Black)
  • Bare Minerals Eye Shadow (Smoky Diamond)
  • L'Oreal Pigments (Exciting)
  • L'Oreal Mineral Shadow (Bare Naturale)
  • Spider Top & Bottom Eye Lashes

  • Make Up For Ever Foundation
  • Liquid Glass Lip Gloss (Idyllic)

P.S. I am a firm believer that falsies should NEVER be cut unless going for a very specific look. If your eyes are smaller than the average eye just let the edges of the falsies taper off into the wing of your eye liner.

Too dramatic you say??

Then why are you wearing falsies in the first place?!

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January 17, 2011

Get Fit With Aylio

Since I've started my diet I've had a lot of people asking me what my workout routine is. Well, I usually head to the gym to burn the cals but recently I've been too lazy to leave the house. Plus it's just too damn cold outside!

Thankfully, I was sponsored by www.aylio.com to try out their at-home resistance bands fitness set.

Now I can do all of my gym workouts in the comfort of my own home!

Let me tell you something about resistance bands... They are the most effective and underrated form of exercise. Perfect for building lean muscle and shedding excess body fat.

Aylio's resistance bands set even includes a door anchor which allows users to perform over 100 unique exercises.

Aylio is the best place online to purchase resistance bands because the quality of the product is unbeatable.

So let's test the bands out!

You can wear whatever you want because you are at home and there will be nobody to see you unlike the gym!

The bands come in a cute, blue pouch that can be used to take the bands on the go. It's very small, compact and not heavy at all.

Here is what's inside!!

The bands come in many different sizes and colors. The thicker the band, the more resistance there is. I chose to test out the red band because it's the closest color to pink and it's also a thinner band.

The set also comes with a DVD and manual that contains instructions to TONS of different exercises you can do.

Many of the exercises featured in the manual require the use of a doorway but I decided to try out the more simple ones.

Here are 3 simple yet very effective exercises that you can do with the bands.

Split Squat

This exercise works out the legs. You simply step back with your foot and squat down until your knee almost taps the floor. I could feel the burn after 3 squats. Burn = Results :)

Resisted Punches

This exercise works out the chest. By pushing the arms forward in a punching motion you can quickly tone and strengthen the chest. It's very important to workout the chest ladies! It prevents breasts from sagging!

Wide Biceps Curl

This exercise works out the arms. As you can see the set comes with arm handles to perform various exercises. I think my biceps in the second photo is all you need to see to know that this exercise is very effective!

I was surprised that the band sets were so reasonably priced. You can get a set for as cheap as $39.99! That's like a month's gym membership.

To save time and money during your workouts, visit:

Best of all, Aylio bands are lightweight and perfect for travel. Just put them into the carry case and take them anywhere!

Disclaimer: I have received free product or money for this review. All opinions are 100% mine.

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January 14, 2011

Photoshop Of The Day #1

I'm starting a new section on my blog called "Photoshop Of The Day". I do so much photoshop stuff for fun that never gets to see the light of day so I figured I can post some of it on the blog for people to comment/critique/etc.

Here's a recent one that I did. I took a pic of me that I never uploaded online coz I look hideous in it and photoshopped it into a creative, artsy, usable image :)

Love those Dior glasses to death but so so hard to find an outfit that they look good with therefore don't wear them often.

P.S. If anyone wants their images Photoshopped or retouched message me!

My life has been pretty boring lately and by boring I mean I haven't been traveling at all. That will all change within a matter of weeks (trip to Puerto Rico & Orlando coming soon YAY!) but for now I guess I will just post some photography I did of stuff in my house.

The condo that I currently live in is visually pretty awesome. It's totally not my style, I love minimalism and white, but is designed very well.

It has a definite bachelor pad feel coz E.W. bought and decorated this place when he was single. And if I were to bring in my lady touches it would just clash and look all wrong.

My favorite part about the condo is the beautifully exposed brick walls in the living room and bedroom. You can't fake that!!

Eww..dried up roses. God knows how long they have been there. They were there when I moved in...

Ok, that's it for now! I just received a new product in the mail that I will be reviewing on my blog next week and I have to get ready for the gym blah.

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January 12, 2011


Dear Snow. Can you please stop showing up uninvited. My chihuahuas start crying and whimpering every time they step into you. Every morning I have to carry both of them under the Ben Franklin Bridge where it doesn't snow so that they can pee without freezing their toes off. It's very strenuous and I would appreciate it if you took a hiatus until I move to FL.

Dear Wii.
I love your interactive controllers very much and would never cheat on you with stupid Xbox or PS3 but can you please stop producing games with crappy pixelated graphics. For such an innovative product, your visual graphics are comparable to my 80's Atari games.

Dear Airlines.
What is the point of giving me salty peanuts or pretzels on a flight where 90% of the water in my body has been sucked out by the dry air? Your salty snacks make me drink 20x more water, take 20 more trips to the bathroom and bug the person sitting next to me to get up 20x more. Can you just please serve me some water ice?

Dear Haters. When you write a mean comment on my blog, please don't do so anonymously. If you are going to write a comment good or bad, state your name and have some pride in your comment. The fact that you put "Anonymous" shows me that A. You are scared of me finding out who you are or B. You do not believe in your own comment and are writing it out of spite.

Dear Keurig Coffee Maker.
You have made this night owl look forward to waking up every morning. I used to dread setting up the machine and brewing my coffee every morning but now with the press of a button, you make my cinnabon coffee perfecto every time.

Dear Diet. You suck, you suck, you suck. I miss my chocolates, chips and cookies. I also miss my fruit loops in the morning. I even stopped drinking alcohol for you and have been feeling way too sober lately. Can't you just make this easier for me? I would very much appreciate a calorie-free, sugar-free and fat-free chocolate brownie sundae on my doorstep tomorrow morning.

Dear Boyfriend. I am aware that every girl in Philadelphia is jealous of me because I have found the gold mine of boyfriends but it's very hard to compete with you sometimes. I'm used to outshining my partner so let's be more equal. By this I mean don't change a damn thing!! You and I = Power Couple.

Dear Comcast. Screw you for doing some digital crap so that all TVs that are not connected directly to the cable box don't work anymore. I can't watch TV in bed before I go to sleep anymore so I end up watching TV and falling asleep on the living room couch. I never have problems with my internet service.....maybe because I use CLEAR!!

Dear Boobs. What is the point of losing weight if you start shrinking away with my body? Do I really have to choose between a rock hard body or big bouncy boobs? Is this God's way of balancing out the world?

Dear Facebook Club Promoters.
The occasional party invite is totally cool with me but when I start receiving daily invites from you, you become like a dull needle endlessly poking me in the eye. I know this is how you make a living and there is no avoiding it but OMG my Facebook inbox is so filled up with your crap I can't even find messages from friends or potential business opportunities.

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January 11, 2011

Skinny And Clean In The New Year

I've been dieting for a little over a week now and I don't like it one bit. I've restricted myself to 1,500 calories a day and my body is basically telling me to go fuck myself.

My eating habits in the past few years have been so bad that I am surprised I don't weight over 300 lbs. I'm like a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Especially when drunk.

What sparked my interest to start a diet wasn't really a new years resolutions. The real reason behind the torture is an upcoming photoshoot that I'm super excited about and must look good for. I'm determined to lose weight!

So I decided to take before and after photos to document my progress. And if I don't see a damn result, I will never do another diet again!

On a normal day, I probably eat about 3,000+ calories which is way above what I should be eating. And to cut my calorie intake by half really really really sucks. My body thinks I'm trying to kill myself and makes all kinds of weird noises to attract attention to itself.

Another weird thing...I weigh about 10 lbs more than most people think I weigh. Everyone is always so shocked to hear that I weigh 115 lbs. Ugh me too :( Most people guess me at 105 lbs. Good thing I guess...

I used to weigh 100 lbs and swore I would never go over but that's a story I won't go into right now.

I know people are gonna be like "but you're so thin already..why do you wanna be scrawny and ugly?"
Well I like scrawny...and I wanna be scrawny...so ye. That's enough reason for me.

So here is my before picture. Mind you, this was taken after a few days of dieting so I was even fatter to begin with.

I've circled my problem areas in pink.

My thighs are my biggest problem area. The inside and outside of my thighs need to shrink so they are not all curvy like.

Another thing I hate is the muscle mass in my arms. I developed some bicep muscles from my aerial work that I'm not too fond of and want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, muscle mass is way harder to get rid of than fat. You basically have to starve yourself until your body starts eating away at the muscle. FML

Last but not least, my stomach. I must admit I do have a nice stomach but there is this teeny tiny layer of fat that has settled over my ab muscles that annoys the crap out of me. That tiny layer of fat is the difference between "oh she has a nice tummy" and "DAMNNN".

I'll post my before and after pics at the end of the month when I finish my diet.


Another thing I decided to better about myself is my super duper messiness. I am very messy and E.W. has learned to live with it so far. But honestly, no one should have to learn to live with messiness since it's such an easy thing to fix.

I began today by finally cleaning the master bathroom YAY!!

Ok, I know this may gross some OCD people out but here is what our bathroom has looked like for quite some time now.

Yep that's some weave in the back, Proactive, wallet, toothbrush, thong, you name it...it's there.

Tah-dah!!! It took me forever to clean but look how nice it looks :)

I also organized a few of my drawers that were starting to get out of control.

My skin care drawer before and after. This drawer holds all of my face washes, creams, moisturizers, contacts, perfume, teeth whitening, q-tips, and makeup removers.

My hair care drawer before and after. This drawer hold all of my curlers, blow dryers, straighteners, clips, head bands, bow ties, bump its, hair spray, mousse, brushes and combs.

My miscellaneous drawer holds my nail polish, tanning lotion, band-aids, eye lashes, more perfume and a bunch of other random stuff I use from time to time.

I also organized my jewelry drawer!! I was on a role...couldn't just stop at the bathroom!

And *POOF* It's clean.

I don't have a ton of jewelry so I was able to fit all of it in these 12 compartments. It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality ladies!