December 22, 2012

My Creepo Facebook Messages

I recently learned that Facebook has been filtering my inbox messages for several years now. Anything Facebook deems unworthy of my reading, it throws the message into an "Other" folder that I never even knew existed. 

At first I was pretty pissed off to learn that I had been missing on business opportunities for over a year but as I opened message after message I realized what Facebook was really doing. It was filtering all of the perverted, psycho stalkers out there from ever reaching me. 

Sorting through all these perverted love letters and marriage proposals really creeped me out but it was a bit humorous as well. And that is why I've decided to share some of my favorite messages with you! And I won't even bother censoring the names so that in the future, if some creepo decides to send me a nasty message, they will think twice before doing so!!

December 10, 2012

Hair O'The Dog 2013 - Disco Baby!

Why are there no good gown stores in Philadelphia?? I swear I have looked everywhere from King of Prussia to Center City and nothing! I guess I will have to try my luck on the internet.

Why do I need a new gown so desperately you may ask? Well because Hair O'The Dog 2013 is coming up next month of course! Philadelphia's swankiest (and my personal favorite) party of the year!