December 22, 2010

Santa Baby - I've Been An Awful Good Girl

It's almost Xmas! It's almost Xmas! The most exciting time of year for many people.

Play the music below for some added Xmas spirit to my post :)

I find it ironic that my family is considered Jewish yet we celebrated Xmas every year. In fact I don't remember ever celebrating Hanukkah.

Many Russians had to repress their religion because Judiasm wasn't socially accepted in Russia so I grew up celebrating Xmas, Easter and even a few Jewsih holidays.

My family always made Xmas really special for me.. oh the good ol' days when I believed in Santa.

I remember one year, my cousin and I stayed up till midnight and hid in the stairwell waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa. We never saw him but we assured ourselves that he was probably so fast that we missed him in the blink of an eye.

Another year, my friend Stan and I hid all of our toys in a giant trash bag so that Santa would think that we were toyless thus giving us more toys.

And how can I forget the one Xmas night when I heard a loud thump on the roof and almost peed myself because I was already at the age when I stopped believing in Santa. It turned out to be a tree that fell on our roof but those few moments of "what if" will always be remembered.


This year we decided to get a smaller tree. The big ones just take up too much room in my opinion. Here's E.W. watering the tree.

And here it is all decorated 100% by me of course. I added icicles since I took this pic so it looks even better now...if possible.

You can't tell in the pic but the angel on top has wings that move back and forth and change color.

Decorated our fireplace too. Ye our fireplace might be dirty but that's coz we actually use it! I can't stand when people have fireplaces just for decoration.

Unlike the fireplace, those stockings are there just for decor. If I got a present that was small enough to fit in those things it better be diamonds!

My awesome cousin brought me yummy snowflake sugar cookies. I think E.W. had 2 and I had the other 10. I know, I'm a pig.

Even London butt is getting into the Holiday spirits. Someone said that he looks like the Grinch's dog with the antlers hah.


The other day, my girls got booked to represent LondonBury Apartments on WMMR's Preston & Steve.

It was my first time in a radio station during a recording so it was pretty exciting for me. I was surprised at how everything was so fast paced and how chill everyone was. I always pictured a super secure, small room that people record in. But there must have been 20 people in the room with us.

Preston & Steve are two hilarious guys and it was a joy listening to them live. The best part was their office decor. It looks like Xmas had the stomach flu and threw up all over their cubicles. Is that ET in a Xmas web on the ceiling??


My girls getting ready for the Preston & Steve hottie cam in their sexy Santa outfits.

A few minutes before they were on air. Ye, they don't look too excited...most likely coz they were freezing their butts off.

They had to be in the hottie cam for 2 hours straight with no break so props to them.

This is how the viewers saw the footage on their comps at home. Unfortunately I can't find the recorded version online so maybe I'll have to call in to the station to get it.

A pic with Preston, Steve and the rest of the staff at the end of the show!

Well that's all for now. I leave you with the following Xmas quote...

"Once again we find ourselves enmeshed in the Holiday Season, that very special time of year when we join with our loved ones in sharing centuries-old traditions such as trying to find a parking space at the mall. We traditionally do this in my family by driving around the parking lot until we see a shopper emerge from the mall, then we follow her, in very much the same spirit as the Three Wise Men, who 2,000 years ago followed a star, week after week, until it led them to a parking space."

"Santa Clause has the right idea...visit people once a year."

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