My Life List

I have started to compile a list of things to do in my lifetime. This list is a work in progress.  It grows and changes as I realize what things are important to me and what I want to do. I would like to have accomplished at least 2/3 of this list by the age of 40.


Try acupuncture - March 2003
Visit the Grand Canyon - June 2004
Be in a movie - "Invincible" - July 2006
Drink absinthe - May 2007
Go para-sailing - May 2007
Save someone's life - May 2009
Ride a segway - Sept 2009
Fly in a helicopter - Sept 2009
Take an aerial silks class - Oct 2009
Host a family dinner - Dec 2009
Be in a calendar - Dec 2009
Be in a magazine - Nov 2009, April 2010
Take a photo with Hollywood sign - Feb 2010
Swim in the Bioluminescent Bay - May 2010
Fly first class internationally - June 2010
Ride a mechanical bull - June 2010
Have coffee at a Parisian cafe - Nov 2010
Visit the red light district in Amsterdam - Oct 2010
See the Panama Canal - June 2012
Eat goulash in Prague - June 2012
Make a friend in a different country - July 2012
Be a body double in a movie - Sept 2012
Be hypnotized - Sept 2012
Eat tapas in Spain - Nov 2012


Have a child
Complete a marathon
Go whale watching
Own a house
Attend college
Swim with dolphins
Go Skydiving
Go to a nude beach
Walk on a glacier
Eat sushi in Japan
Visit the Great Wall of China
Eat dinner at Per Se in NYC
Tour the White House
See the Aurora Borealis
Attend the Olympics
Stay at a hostel
Go on a safari in Africa
Be able to do a pull-up
Hike a volcano
Fly a kite
Live abroad
Go bungee jumping
Visit Niagra Falls
Go to Mardi Gras
Go hang gliding
Fly in an air balloon
Own a 350z
Go mountain climbing
Get a Brazilian bikini wax
See Haley's Comet
Vote for a president
Get a driver's license
Learn to surf
Eat pizza in Italy
Take my mom on vacation
Start a 401k
Get 1,000 blog followers
Visit the pyramids in Egypt
Meet the president
Visit every continent (N America, S America, Europe)
Stay at every W Hotel (NY, Scottsdale, DC, Hollywood, Miami, Vieques, New Orleans, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego)
Stay at every St. Regis Hotel (Princeville, Monarch Beach)

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