January 11, 2011

Skinny And Clean In The New Year

I've been dieting for a little over a week now and I don't like it one bit. I've restricted myself to 1,500 calories a day and my body is basically telling me to go fuck myself.

My eating habits in the past few years have been so bad that I am surprised I don't weight over 300 lbs. I'm like a bottomless pit when it comes to food. Especially when drunk.

What sparked my interest to start a diet wasn't really a new years resolutions. The real reason behind the torture is an upcoming photoshoot that I'm super excited about and must look good for. I'm determined to lose weight!

So I decided to take before and after photos to document my progress. And if I don't see a damn result, I will never do another diet again!

On a normal day, I probably eat about 3,000+ calories which is way above what I should be eating. And to cut my calorie intake by half really really really sucks. My body thinks I'm trying to kill myself and makes all kinds of weird noises to attract attention to itself.

Another weird thing...I weigh about 10 lbs more than most people think I weigh. Everyone is always so shocked to hear that I weigh 115 lbs. Ugh me too :( Most people guess me at 105 lbs. Good thing I guess...

I used to weigh 100 lbs and swore I would never go over but that's a story I won't go into right now.

I know people are gonna be like "but you're so thin already..why do you wanna be scrawny and ugly?"
Well I like scrawny...and I wanna be scrawny...so ye. That's enough reason for me.

So here is my before picture. Mind you, this was taken after a few days of dieting so I was even fatter to begin with.

I've circled my problem areas in pink.

My thighs are my biggest problem area. The inside and outside of my thighs need to shrink so they are not all curvy like.

Another thing I hate is the muscle mass in my arms. I developed some bicep muscles from my aerial work that I'm not too fond of and want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, muscle mass is way harder to get rid of than fat. You basically have to starve yourself until your body starts eating away at the muscle. FML

Last but not least, my stomach. I must admit I do have a nice stomach but there is this teeny tiny layer of fat that has settled over my ab muscles that annoys the crap out of me. That tiny layer of fat is the difference between "oh she has a nice tummy" and "DAMNNN".

I'll post my before and after pics at the end of the month when I finish my diet.


Another thing I decided to better about myself is my super duper messiness. I am very messy and E.W. has learned to live with it so far. But honestly, no one should have to learn to live with messiness since it's such an easy thing to fix.

I began today by finally cleaning the master bathroom YAY!!

Ok, I know this may gross some OCD people out but here is what our bathroom has looked like for quite some time now.

Yep that's some weave in the back, Proactive, wallet, toothbrush, thong, you name it...it's there.

Tah-dah!!! It took me forever to clean but look how nice it looks :)

I also organized a few of my drawers that were starting to get out of control.

My skin care drawer before and after. This drawer holds all of my face washes, creams, moisturizers, contacts, perfume, teeth whitening, q-tips, and makeup removers.

My hair care drawer before and after. This drawer hold all of my curlers, blow dryers, straighteners, clips, head bands, bow ties, bump its, hair spray, mousse, brushes and combs.

My miscellaneous drawer holds my nail polish, tanning lotion, band-aids, eye lashes, more perfume and a bunch of other random stuff I use from time to time.

I also organized my jewelry drawer!! I was on a role...couldn't just stop at the bathroom!

And *POOF* It's clean.

I don't have a ton of jewelry so I was able to fit all of it in these 12 compartments. It's not about the quantity, it's about the quality ladies!


xNTA said...

We all have ideal versions of ourselves that we wanna achieve I think and as long as you aren't underweight, and losing the weight through purging or whatever, i think you're good. I plan on toning up. I started back in November and though I've only lost 4lbs it's made a HUGE diff in my body. I'm much happier. The boobs are shrinking, but hey man. That's what plastic surgery is for hahaha. I know a lot of people are anti surgery, but for me, self improvement (as long as you have healthy and realistic expectations) is self improvement whether you're getting your nails done or your boobs fixed. Everything in moderation, right? Have a great one! x http://xNTA.blogspot.com/

Rocco Aversa said...

Jewlez u scare me with this post! U have no problem areas there is nothing in those pink circles that needs fixing! Circle your head bc the way u see yourself is the only prob. Take it from me i have the same issue with myself! Ur exactly right dont screw it up!!

Agi MagyarPrincess Hegyesi said...

lol im 105 n im bigger than u, ur tiny dont u dare lose weight!

Made By Gen said...

Oh boy you look gorgeous. You do not need to loss more weight. A new follower form skip and jump Wednesday. See you.

What's in a name.. said...

Following you via Wandering Wednesday. Hope you will follow me too @ http://masalabowl.blogspot.com/

Lupe said...

Wow you are skinny, you do not need to lose weight. I wish my body was a lot like yours. You look toned and that's how I want to be.

I like your cleaned bathroom vanity. I'm a messy person too, my vanity is a mess right now ugh need to get it cleaned.


Anonymous said...

The only problem area you have is E.W. Please don't get rid of him so we can hook up.



Christina Wolfe said...

Jewel your nuts for wanting to lose so much weight but I support your choice and I'm trying to cut a couple lbs. Too, hopefully we both have success :)

Jewelz said...

xNTA:I agree..4 lbs on a small frame can be a huge difference! This is my first time losing weight the "right way" and it's sooo damn hard. Good luck toning up!

Rocco Aversa:I've always been super self critical of myself ;/

Agi MagyarPrincess Hegyesi:you are def smaller than me!

Lupe:Clean it! Trust me it'll feel good when you're done :)

Ben:I won't be getting rid of him anytime soon! Or ever :)

Christina Wolfe:Good luck! It's a tough journey.