March 19, 2013

Universal Studios Quickie Trip

I swear I didn't take a bunch of trips all at one time. I've just been neglecting my blog for too long and have so many trips and photos to post and write about.

Ever since my husband joined his new company, his new business offices are located in Providence, Orlando and some other city that I forget. So he has been traveling back in forth to these three cities several times a month. So whenever I get really sick of Philly's freezing cold, depressing weather, I join Eddie on his trips to Orlando. That's why you'll be seeing a lot of Disney World/Universal Studio posts in the future. I mean cmon, who goes to Orlando and doesn't go to the theme parks??

We luckily caught great whether during the trip. It was around 80 degrees the whole week and dropped back down to high 60s when we left. Perfecto!

We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel which is located inside Universal which meant we were able to get inside the park one hour earlier than the general public. One hour may not seem like a lot but you have no idea how awesome it is to be able to go to Harry Potter world and have it be completely empty!! If you gave me the choice of being rich and famous or becoming a real wizard in the wizarding world I would pick being a wizard any day!! *Sigh* If only.

March 18, 2013

Stay At Gaylord Resort In Nashville And Pink Concert

Yes, there is an actual hotel that is called the Gaylord. Yes, some man sat there one day and thought that name up. No, I have no clue why someone would name a hotel the Gaylord. Yes, the Gaylord is basically 5 mini cities combined into one huge hotel covered in a bubble of glass. Yes, it is crazy expensive. Yes, people talk in funny southern accents.

What a fun trip though! My husband recently brought me along to one of his business escapades to Nashville, TN. I like to say it Naaaaaashville.

When I say this hotel is huge I'm talking HUUUGEEE. There are 5 enormous, glass covered atriums with mini jungles and waterfalls inside of them, over 20 restaurants, indoor and outdoors pools, an indoor river that you can ride boats on, I can go on but I'll stop there. You get the point. With so much to do and see at this hotel I didn't even venture out of the glass bubble for my entire stay.

It took approxamitely 2.5 hours to walk to my room from the main lobby (exxagertaing a bit) but there was a nice little cafe right next to my room where I ate at pretty much every morning. I was being pretty healthy too as you can see!