September 28, 2011

Floating 1,400 ft In The Air

I feel bad for my blog in times of neglect. It's been far too long since I've paid any attention to it.

I went to Chi-Town for a few days with fiance (I adore using the word fiance and will be really sad when I have to say husband)

Instead of staying at the Park Hyatt again, we stayed at the W City Center so that I could cross another W Hotel off of my life list.

The lobby was sooooo ME. Dark mood lighting with hot pink lobby desks. LOVE.

After unpacking and getting settled, we went to Millennium Park to see the big bubble thingy from my last Chicago blog.

I was somewhat dissapointed to learn the Chicagoans call it the big bean thingy. It definately looks more like a big bubble thingy. Are beans shiny and reflective? Don't think so!!

There was some kind of Mexican parade going on outside the park so E.W. dragged me over to watch it.

Only in a Mexican parade will you see a school bus spray painted blue with the rooftop cut off being used as a parade float.

Next we went to the Field Museum which reminded me a lot of the Smithsonian.

For those of you that think that big bone in between it's legs is a huge penis... You're wrong! I don't blame you because that's what I thought at first. Turns out, this T-Rex is the oldest known FEMALE T-Rex.

After checking out the dinosaurs, we were shrunk to the size of ants and placed underground to explore the bug's world. Oooh Creepy!

Check out this nasty thing. Now people can understand why I will not walk barefoot in dirt. Bleh.

Getting a piggy back from some yucky beetle. Or am I spontaneously combusting out of it's head?

One more pic from the Museum...the Egyptian exhibit. I thought it was pretty cool how life like they made the miniature sets. It looks like I was actually at the mummification and snapped a pic with my ancient Cannon.

The next day we went up to the Willis Tower which at one point was the tallest building in the world. They built these cool rooms at the top the building that have clear floors and walls so that you can see all the way down to the ground 1,400 ft below.

It was pretty neat and terrifying at the same time. Coincidentally it was September 11th so the exhibit was pretty empty. All I kept thinking was this is what the 9/11 jumpers saw before plummeting to their deaths.

I had to take a Facebook pic of course.

It was a beautiful day out so we took an architectural boat tour.

One of my favorite skyscrapers reflected everything around it like a big mirror. God knows I love a big mirror.

And here is Al Capone's old stomping grounds. There used to be a very private speakeasy in the dome part of this building where all of the infamous gangsters would meet up at for a drink.

Speaking of Al Capone, how sucky was Boardwalk Empire! Too much anticipation equals a big disappointment. Oh well, here's hoping for the next episode to redeem itself.