December 22, 2012

My Creepo Facebook Messages

I recently learned that Facebook has been filtering my inbox messages for several years now. Anything Facebook deems unworthy of my reading, it throws the message into an "Other" folder that I never even knew existed. 

At first I was pretty pissed off to learn that I had been missing on business opportunities for over a year but as I opened message after message I realized what Facebook was really doing. It was filtering all of the perverted, psycho stalkers out there from ever reaching me. 

Sorting through all these perverted love letters and marriage proposals really creeped me out but it was a bit humorous as well. And that is why I've decided to share some of my favorite messages with you! And I won't even bother censoring the names so that in the future, if some creepo decides to send me a nasty message, they will think twice before doing so!!

December 10, 2012

Hair O'The Dog 2013 - Disco Baby!

Why are there no good gown stores in Philadelphia?? I swear I have looked everywhere from King of Prussia to Center City and nothing! I guess I will have to try my luck on the internet.

Why do I need a new gown so desperately you may ask? Well because Hair O'The Dog 2013 is coming up next month of course! Philadelphia's swankiest (and my personal favorite) party of the year!

October 29, 2012

Win A $500 Century 21 Wardrobe Makeover And 2-night Stay In NYC

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I have been wanting to take a trip to NYC for a while now not just to visit family but also to check out the Century 21 store in person. The latest trends in fashion are always at Century 21 and no matter what you’re shopping for, you’re guaranteed to snag amazing deals on designer products. There are two Manhattan store locations: Lincoln Square (1972 Broadway) and Downtown (22 Cortlandt Street).

September 10, 2012

Honeymoon Of A Lifetime: Part 2

Believe it or not, part 2 of my honeymoon was even better than part 1. After visiting Puerto Rico, Germany, and Athens, we took a large boat to a famous Greek island called Mykonos. Yes you might know it as the best party island in the world and that is exactly why we went. Honeymoons aren't all about relaxing. You need to celebrate your new marriage and get a little drunk as well!

Most of the hotels on the island are boutique bed and breakfasts so we were excited to experience something we are not used to. Our choice was Hotel Vencia which is #3 on Trip Advisor's hotel list. The tiny hotel is located on the edge of a cliff over looking the old town of Mykonos.

August 10, 2012

Stay Healthy The Easy Way With NECTRESSE

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July 18, 2012

Win A FREE Vacation To LegoLand And A Set Of Atlantic Luggage!

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Who doesn't love luggage? I love luggage. Do you know why? Because it gets me places. It gets me to where I need to go. And with the amount of travelling I have been doing lately, living without luggage is like living without a cellphone. IMPOSSIBLE!!
Atlantic Luggage is affordable, lightweight, and perfect for families on the go. They are also nice enough to present the Atlantic Luggage and Legoland Sweepstakes!!

June 18, 2012

Honeymoon Of A Lifetime: Part 1

This honeymoon post has taken me forever to write because I was dreading the amount of photos I would have to edit and my wrist has really been acting up from clicking the mouse too much. I think it's called repetitive motion syndrome or something like that...

I even went as far as purchasing a special mouse pad from Japan that supports the wrist to alleviate pain but it only works to a point. So after much painful mouse clicking I have finally finished this post. I don't even know how many photos are in this post but it's a damn lot. I took a total of 700 pics during my honeymoon to Puerto Rico, Dusseldorf, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini and Paris and I have narrowed it down to my favorite ones. Just for you :)

To start off our honeymoon, we took a large plane from Philadelphia to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Then, a smaller 8 person plane from Puerto Rico to a little island off the coast called Vieques. We were there once before about 2 years ago for the grand opening of the W Hotel Vieques and Eddie promised to take me back again. Well actually he promised to take me back once a year (which I totally have on videotape) but we won't go into technicalities.

Once we landed in Vieques we took a few pics around the resort while we waited for our room.

And had a super delicious breakfast. Thank god the hotel comped our breakfast because the bill was something ridiculous like $50 for two plates of eggs. Like really? Are your eggs made of gold?? Do I get diamond earrings inside my egg?? It was yummy though.

The resort's rooms are situated like bungalows and have either an ocean or pool view. We opted for an ocean view since the previous time we had a pool view.

And the best part of our view? Those two little chairs!!! I don't know why but I thought these two little chairs sitting next to each other on the edge of a cliff looking out to the ocean was just so magical! Ok, I'm gay I know but seriously! Forget about the Corona commercial. This is the life!

Truly impeccable hospitality at the W Hotel Vieques. We entered our room and were greeted with chocolate dipped strawberries and champagne. We didn't even wait to make it all romantic. We just grabbed the strawberries and inhaled them haha.

The property itself was also incredible. The grounds are super secluded and kept so clean. Pool time with Eddie was awesome. Drinking countless, perfectly made strawberry mojitos wasn't so bad either. :)

The beach is secluded as well. Those black rocks are sharper than sharks teeth. Just brushing your hand on the rock will cause extreme bloodiness. Trust me, I know from experience. The resort's beach has these death rocks on each side of it so there's no chance for strangers or annoying guys who try to sell you stuff to enter.

I love Eddie......In case you didn't know already.....

One of my fav pics that Eddie took of me in Vieques! I had just finished snorkeling to that island behind me and back. I was wet, tired, and hungry and still managed to look pretty darn good! Ok, I confess. There were about 4 other photos taken before this one that were horrible failures (i.e. wind in my hair, me looking like I have duck feet). But this was the money shot!

Two weeks later we were off to Europe for the second part of our honeymoon. Our medium sized plane got switched for a much larger jet so our seats got switched from the first class where the seats go 3/4 of an inch further back to the first class where our seats lay down totally flat. Hell ye! Great start to our trip. And may I also add, we did not book first class tickets since we wanted to save money for more important things. But while at the ticket booth, Eddie had mentioned it was our honeymoon and they totally upgraded us for free. That is unheard of on international flights!! Someone at the airport must have been having a really good day!

We started in Dusselfdorf, Germany. Home of the altbier (a really nasty dark beer that Germans are obsessed with...God knows why).

Of course we had to stop and have an altbier at the famous Uerige Bar in Altstadt (Old City). You literally cannot order a drink at this bar. Once you enter, you are served their house brewed altbier whether you like it or not. There is not ordering liquor, juice or even water at this bar!! Everyone gets an altbier and that is that.You don't wanna question the Germans...they can be quite scary.

How can you have an altbier without a liverwurst sandwich? For those of you who have never tried liverwurst because of the idiotic, American phobia of liver....well, you are missing out big time buddy. More liverwurst for me.

Afterwards drinking yucky beer, we went onto a docked boat on the Rhine River where....

We had more beer!!! I really dislike beer, except for the sweet kind, and opted for a mojito and got looks of shame from many a person. Including my husband :( I stole his beer for the photo!

A random cool statue which was one of the best I have ever seen. I just can't even imagine the suffering that goes into that job.

During one of the days when I had some time to myself, I ventured out to the aquarium.... ALL BY MYSELF!! It might not seem like a big deal to some but it is an unbelievable feat for me. I get anxiety just thinking about taking public transportation in Philadelphia. And to take a taxi to a strange location in a foreign country where for some reason no one speaks English is an incredible accomplishment for me :)

Does this not look like it belongs in National Geographics?? If I hadn't taken this photo myself, I would have never believed it was taken by an amateur photographer. BTW this fish kinda looks like shrimp tempura.

Another gorgeous shot taken by moi of course. Ok, I'm starting to sound a little big headed.

And my fav shot out of the bunch! C'mon people!! This is a magazine worthy photo. I am seriously in the wrong profession.

Love my gorgeous husband!

Our next stop was to the Arion Luxury Resort off of the coast of Athens, Greece. It was so nice to finally get away from cold and rainy Germany!! And this resort was magnificent! Husband picked a good one. Politicians, prime ministers and even royalty have stayed at this hotel during their travels to Greece.

The view from our balcony made me want to cry. After being in Germany for way too long, this was pure heaven. Then, realizing that people actually live here and see this beauty everyday made me quite envious but I figured they are losing out on cheese steaks, IMAX, Broadway shows, and all the fun city stuff for the beauty. Well, actually they do have Gyros which are so much better,and healthier, than cheese steaks (Sorry Philadelphians but it's true. Try a gyro in Greece and tell me a cheese steak is still better. I dare you!). Sorry. I digress.

Our first night in Athens, we went to an awesome seafood restaurant located on the beach. We had barely sat down when the owner of the restaurant came up to us and asked us to follow him into the kitchen. Eddie and I looked at each other like...Uggghhh are we in trouble?? We followed him apprehensively....

.....he took us into the kitchen, opened a drawer and asked us to choose which fish we would like to eat! WTF why aren't they this hospitable in the US?? We get to see and pick our own fish straight from the kitchen?? It's genius! This way we know we aren't eating some scummy cheapo fish disguised as dover sole. Not that I would get the two mistaken *ahem*

We decided to go with these little tikes. I have no clue what they were but they looked too cute not to eat.

They came out looking like this with the heads still attached. Eddie got all freaked out about the heads and forced me to detach the heads off of all the fish. So he makes me eat snails with their nasty little antler things and snotty oysters (which I eventually became obsessed with) but he can't touch a measly little fish head? I'm Ukranian so my family has been eating fish heads for centuries. Well I don't actually eat them but they sure don't bother me. In fact, I do eat the fishtail. When fried, the tail contains all of the flavor in the fish. Like little fish chips. Yum

After dinner we witnessed an insanely beautiful sunset. This particular location in Athens is known for some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world... and we had front row seats :)

Another night, after I had begged Eddie to go, we went to Nobu for dinner. Who knew that Athens had a Nobu?? This was my first time eating at one and it lived up to its reputation. You can see our hotel right behind me! The restaurant was located on the hotel grounds so we even got a golf cart lift to the entrance.

And the sunset during dinner was even better than the one from the day before. Why are they so colorful in Greece??? Is it something in the air?

The next day, we went to a collapsed underground cave that had a mineral lake where we spent the day trying to "heal" ourselves in the waters.

There was a slight annoyance though. These tiny little fish would swim up to you and actually eat the dead flesh off your body. Freakin zombie fish! I have a terrible fish phobia which I developed after falling off of a jet ski (that's another story) and the slightest touch from these fish freaked me the hell out. Eddie spent a good portion of the day trying to get me to stay still in the water so these little nasty things would attack me. After feeling one of them poking me, it was enough to drive me out of the water for good.

Eddie seemed to enjoy it though. In fact, there are fish spas all over Greece where people pay money to have these tiny fish suck on your toes. BLAHHHHH *throw up*

Ye, this is a random shot but I really like it so I'm ending this post with it. I actually photoshopped the ball in since the real ball was out of the frame but it looks realistic right? I am sending this photo to Wilson so that they can use it in their national campaign next year :)

Honeymoon Part 2 post coming soon! As soon as my carpal tunnel eases down. Many more pics to come.

And my trip to Prague is coming soon. Also might be going to Panama and Israel soon. Has traveling become my hobby?? More like my passion :)

April 27, 2012

Honeymoon #1 - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Yes the post title says #1 because I am in fact having two honeymoons. And before you go saying "Oh my god, she is so spoiled" I would like to you to know that not only did Eddie have several business meetings during our first mini-honeymoon, he will also be working a whole week out of our upcoming three week honeymoon to Europe. Eh, I guess I don't mind suffering a little bit if the end result is pure luxury. Plus I get to roam the streets of Germany by myself for a week. That's not too bad, right? Then afterwards we will be heading to the Greek Islands and Paris where I get Eddie all to myself! the way......

I'M MARRIED!!!!!!!

I totally forgot to mention that. :) I am an official wife now but with none of that wife business nonsense. You will not see me putting an apron on and asking for babies anytime soon. But it's wonderful to know that we have both committed our lives and souls to each other.

I had so much fun at my dream wedding and I'll post photos up as soon as I get back from Europe. But for now, you can check out my AWESOME honeymoon video that I forced Eddie to do during our trip. He was a little apprehensive during filming but ended up loving the end product and showed it to everyone and their mothers.

March 14, 2012

Sorry Blog....Wedding Comes First

My poor blog had been so deprived lately. I keep going on it expecting a new post to have magically appeared only to remember that I'm the one that writes them. Damn.

The real reason for my lack of posts is because I am getting married in three weeks! Thus, making this the last post I will ever write as an unmarried woman. This wedding is really sucking up all my time and energy and at the end of the day, I'm just too tired to create fully formed sentences to put up on my blog.

Not only that, but my two business have been doing surprisingly well this year so a lot of my energy has been targeted towards that as well. And to top it all fiance has a new job that is located over 200 miles from our home so I have to watch him leave me every few days which is just so stressful and exhausting. Thank god he is doing his part in the wedding cuz god knows I couldn't do it alone.

One thing that's for sure is that I will never stop writing in my blog. I get so much enjoyment rereading my old posts and revisiting memories. I've been reading a lot of my past posts recently and DAMN I traveled a lot in the past 4 years!!! I have been on a traveling hiatus for the past 6 months except for the occasional trip to another US city. After the wedding, things should go back to normal though.

For our honeymoon we have a mini trip planned to Puerto Rico and the island of Vieques and a month later, for the REAL honeymoon, we will be headed to Dusseldorf, Germany for a week, to the Greek Islands (Mykonos, Santorini, Crete) for a little over a week, and then to Paris for a few days. Can you say dream honeymoon????? I always knew I wasn't the Hawaii honeymoon type of girl. I need adventure, culture and extravagance for my honeymoon. Not just a beach with an umbrella drink. Nope, that doesn't cut it for me. And Eddie is giving me the most perfect honeymoon I could ever begin to wish for.

Here are some pics that I was planning to turn into blogs this past month but never got to a chance to because of reasons stated above....

I went to the Hair O'the Dog event that I had previously written about here. It had to be the most well dressed crowd I have EVER seen in Philadelphia. By far! It was so much fun mainly because the creators of the event made sure every little detail was perfect. And any event that lets me wear a gown is AWESOMEEE.

I think Eddie and I were definitely the best dressed couple...but eh...that's my own biased opinion :D And it's all because of Eddie's weirdly homosexual-esque taste. Believe it or not, he bought my dress on his own and even bought my matching Adriana Orsini bangel and earrings as well. He's my personal stylist!

Eddie and I in Providence, Rhode Island for the first time together where his new job is located. The train ride is a 5 hour hell ride but it's worth it to be with my baby.

Messing around in the bathroom before we go out to dinner with Eddie's new boss in Providence. Believe it or not, RI has some excellent food. It can almost compete with Philly!!

Eddie made me my fav bagel and lox for my 25th birthday breakfast. Yep that's right, I'm freakin old man! This is the first year people starting calling me old and people kept referring to my age as a quarter of a century instead of 25. I refuse to celebrate my bday from now on. It's just getting too depressing. I miss the innocence of my early 20s :( The bagels were good though!

Later had some dinner at a Moroccan place with some really good friends. They bring out these huge platters that everyone has to share and they don't bring utensils so you just grab it with your fingers. I think just about everyone ended up giving up and asking for a plastic fork. You try eating couscous with your fingers!! It's like trying to pick up sand with chopsticks!!

Later went to a birthday dinner for a friend of mine. I love how all her friends are beautiful! Sadly, I couldn't stay long because I had a nightclub grand opening to get to.

The grand opening of Lit UltraBar with Jonathan Peters went fantastic and I got to try out my new LED corsets for the first time which I must say, looked fantastic.*pat on back*. The Jewelz Dancers always bring it up one level!!! Check out the video below....


I did my very first wedding show for Strolling Tables which was a huge success. The brides were all over our tables and we can't wait to do another show.

We did a Casino Themed Strolling Table at a country club event in Phoenixeville. The desserts that they served were freakin insane!!! I must have eaten 15 of them. I'm such a fatty.

My cousin attempted to teach me how to make cake pops for my wedding favors. They came out so delicious but I'm afraid of what they will taste like when I attempt to make them myself.

Wow... See how much I have missed putting up on my blog??? That's only like 10% of what happened this month because the last few weeks have been so hectic. It's crunch time baby and I am soooo ready for this wedding.

I'll post again after the wedding!!