November 03, 2010

Vizcaya Sundowner Halloween Party 2010

It has been tradition for us to go to Miami every Halloween for the Vicaya Sundowner party. This was my third year and E.W.'s 6th or something year. It's arguably one of the best Halloween parties in Miami and some of the best costumes of all time can be seen there.

Most people do not come to this party in a store bought outfit. They come in extravagant and elaborate costumes or even body painted in some cases. It's truly an awesome sight to see and it's def NOT Philly.

Another thing I love about Vicaya is that it's not a nightclub but an enormous mansion turned into a museum. Every year thousands of people attend the Halloween party to help preserve the historic mansion.

Screw the Versace Mansion. This mansion puts it to shame with it's endless gardens and picturesque lake.

The path leading up to Vizcaya was decorated with LED lights, fog and creepy Halloween music. It was the best place to view everyone's costumes because the long rode was like a Halloween catwalk.

The front of the mansion also decorated nicely. The whole event was sponsered by Patron...which means all drinks had patron in them...which means everyone got RETARDED.

The back of the building was just as beautiful. Here is one wings of the building before the party really began.

We always dress up in matching outfits for Halloween so it took us over a month to come up with a good idea that would top the previous years. I was a little hesitant at first with our choice but it worked out sooooo frickin good. We did Ring Leader and his tiger and we were asked all night where we got our outfits. Sorry bitchesssss I made them..well mostly :)

I made everything in my outfit except for the bodysuit. It took me a week to sew the leg warmers, ears, tail and wrist cuffs.

We saw Brooke Hogan zoom by us at one point and got a pic with her. She was way taller, thinner and prettier than she looks on tv or this pic for that matter. But she did seem very detached from the world like she was on something.

The BEST costumes of the night were the Avatar men. I told E.W. that there is going to be at least one Avatar costume that is going to blow everyone away. The picture doesn't do it justice unfortunately.

The girls dressed as the LFL players were somewhat annoying. Everytime they saw me they would go "Heyyyyy Babbbbby". The first time it was cute, second time I was like heyyy.. we already talked...but I get it you're blonde. Third time we were standing in the line to the bathroom and I told them to get in the damn stall coz I was about to pee myself and was in line after them.

I forget what my friends' gf was dressed as but she looked super sexy and a little wild.

E.W., Michelle and I. We met her and her bf at the same party a year ago. Great people :)

E.W. trying to tame his wild cat. Sorry babe, you know you're never going to tame this one. But I kinda think you knew that going in.

Stumbling out of the party trying to find a taxi to Mynt. We were completely bombed by then as you can imagine. All I can say is Patron is not my drink. I get drunk after the first drink and the next day hangover is an all day hangover Ugh.

My tail was so cute tho. It wagged back and forth as I walked.

I don't remember much from Mynt so I can't really write about it. All I remember is my leash being attached to a girl all night, sexy body painted dancers and kissing a girl. And the only picture that I can really show is the one below. All others have nudity or way too drunk Julie in them.


The next day our room at the W Hotel South Beach got upgraded to a suite thanks to E.W.'s platinum status with Starwood Hotels.

Seriously most gorgeous room I have ever been in.

If you have ever stayed at the W South Beach, you know that the rooms are extremely expensive (cheapest rooms are $750/night) and very small. Well we were blown away when we walked into the room and realized it was almost as big as our condo back home. I just googled the suite and it's $1,250 a night. Thank you Starwood!! You treat your members so well and that's why we stick with you :)

Our living room area had an entrance to our balcony which also connected to the bedroom. I love the fact that we had a shower on our balcony.

That bathroom was the largest W Hotel bathroom I've been in thus far. No sense of privacy in bathroom which W's are so famous for.

A bunch of tempting alcohol in the living room. I wouldn't dare touch them in fear of getting a $500 bill added onto our already huge hotel bill.

We even had a full kitchen with all kitchen appliances ready to go in the cupboards.

We couldn't let the gorgeous kitchen go to waste so we cooked our first hotel meal. Herb chicken tortellini in a sausage pepper sauce with a salad and strawberry sorbet for dessert.


Just a few pics I took outside while finding a place to eat for breakfast...

I present to you the world's ugliest Rolce Royce. It doesn't look too bad in the pic but I can assure you it was the ugliest shade of blue you have ever seen. It looked cheap almost.

Standing in Espanola Way and My legs look skinny here! I cherish any pic that makes me look thin.

Cute little gecko...or lizard..or whatever the fuck it is.

So that's pretty much it!!! So I'm curious....

Which costume was our best Vizcaya Costume out of these 3????
Next year I want to do Jafar and red Jasmine. I haven't completely convinced E.W. but I'm sure the idea will grow on him. Because seriously, if everyone has a twin in this world, Princess Jasmine is mine!!!

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I was down there too for halloween, awesome time. nice pics -=)

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So funny, about the annoying blondes! You have GOT to talk him into going as Jasmine! Seriously, a GREAT idea. You would be perfect!!!!