August 30, 2010

Sunset In Margate And Beer Sucks

As summer comes to an end, I've been trying to get down to the beach as often as possible. Luckily, we have a shore house in Margate, NJ in the most perfect location. Three blocks to the right of the house is the beach and 1/2 a block to the left is the bay.

Saturday afternoon, I was lounging around watching Family Guy when EW came up to me and told me to grab my cam and go outside. I hate when he drags me outside for no reason but he was on a mission to get me out to see the sunset.

I grabbed one of his shirts coz it was so damn chilly outside, grabbed the dogs, my cam, and headed out to the bay.

I'm so glad he dragged me out coz the sunset on the bay was beautiful!!! I took a panoramic pic of it. Had to photoshop half of it off though because my hand was unsteady and took a jagged photo.

My famous Playboy hat. It will be a sad day when I have to throw it out. I totally look like a flat chested boy in this pic.
Beautiful..beautiful..beautiful. I cannot wait to move to Miami so that we can have a boat dock and our very own boat....and jet ski. If it came down to deciding between boobs and a jet ski, I would go with the jet ski hands down.

A bunch of multi-million dollar homes lining the bay. That orange house on the very right is across the street from our house and it really annoys the hell out of me. Why would someone build a gorgeous home with stunning architecture and then paint it in a shade of a rusty Oompa Loompa. It's so gross. It looks kind of OK in the photo but in real life it's blinding and just plain embarrassing.

We took the kids out on the pier. I love how people always come up to them and go "awww look how cute they aaaare" and then they proceed to viciously lurch and bark at them. Everyone also always seems to think Gucci is a girl. They def get proved wrong when he walks past them and they get a glimpse of his huge balls.

EW drinking a Mango Smirnoff Ice. That's right boys, real men don't drink beer. You know why?

1. Beer makes you fat. A beer belly makes me gag.
2. Beer is smelly. It reminds me of rotten honey blah.
3. Beer is an unappealing color. It looks like carbonated pee.
4. Beer is cheap. Ok so is a Smirnoff Ice, but it's not as cheap looking.
5. Beer screams "I'm still in college". I would rather date a virgin than a college guy.
6. Did I mention beer makes you fat?
7. I'm not good with lists. Just don't drink beer if you want a hot girl.

Gucci cakes! The new cam has a screen that can swivel so that you can get some really great angles in your shots. I swear, Sony should be paying me with how much I talk about this cam.

My favorite little man to photograph :)

Gucci baby and I on our front porch. His eyes are all bugged out coz EW was whistling to get his attention.

I'm back in Philly now which sucks. I wish more of my friends didn't work during the day and lived in the city.

I'm going back to AC next week for Labor Day though! I want to try out the new restaurant at the Tropicana called Fin. I tried some of their lobster soup at the Food Network Tasting and it was so fucking good I snuck back two more times to get more.

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MaviDeniz said...

Hi, i know you love your dogs and im totally obsessed with mine as well, but i think you should get them neutered. It's really unhealthy for them to have balls unless of course they have sex often lol. They can actually develop cancer. I know it sounds crazy, but my vet told me that and so i got my dog neutered when he was 2 years old.

Anyway, i love your blog. it looks like you live and interesting and fun life =)