August 23, 2010

Making Me Pretty

I've been wearing makeup since I was 3 years old. Whenever I had a ballet performance, my mom would do my makeup and hair so it's always been a part of my life.

At 13 I started doing my own makeup and like most people, I had no fucking clue what I was doing.

I would use liquid eye liner to draw on these heavy raccoon eyes with an Egyptian looking wing. I used foundation as concealer. I didn't use powder and my skin is VERY oily. I was just one big walking makeup DON'T.

After many years a tweaking and fine tuning my technique, I finally learned what works on my face and what doesn't.

This is MY makeup routine and might not work for YOUR face. I have tan skin and long eyes which allows me to wear more makeup than the average person. Whereas a pale person with little eyes and blonde hair might look like an awkward clown using this routine.

I always start with a well primed face so that I have an even skin tone. If you don't prime your face, your makeup will melt away midday.

I will not even post a picture of my pre-primed face because you might run away in horror.

I use:

Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer w/SPF 15 - to moisturize my face.

Neutrogena Ageless Restoratives Anti-Oxidant Eye Cream - prevents eye wrinkles.

Make Up Forever Face Matifying Primer - most important step out of all!! This will make your makeup go on silky smooth and is a MUST. It also prevents makeup from getting into your pores. Also eliminates oil.

Make Up Forever Full Cover Cream Concealer - blend this under your eyes and over dark spots on your face.

Make Up Forever Mat Velvet Foundation - use a sponge to cover entire face. I use mat to soak up the oil on my face.

Make Up Forever products can be found at Sephora and can be a little pricey at $40 a bottle. I always splurge on face priming products because they are the most important.

And there we go. A fresh clean look.

Next, I use Loreal Black Liquid Eyeliner and trace my entire eye line. It doesn't have to be neat because I go over it again later. A lot of experts say that tracing the entire eye line makes your eye smaller but I say they are smoking crack on the side. If done right, it extends your eye line giving the illusion of a wider, more open eye.

Eye lashes are addictive so be careful. Once you start wearing them, you will never go back. EVER. It happened to me and I regret it because they are damn annoying to put on. I like to use a full bushy eyelash so that it blends in with my natural eyelashes.

And Viola! They make your eyes look bigger, sexier, more glam, gives it the oomph that it was missing before. I also filled in my eye brows with a black brow shadow from MAC.

Once, the lashes are on, I retrace the eye line with liquid eye liner and add a little wing on the end to further increase eye size. Most people apply eye lashes after their makeup is all done but I do it at the very beginning. Just a preference I guess.

Next, I apply Cover Girl pearly white eye shadow onto my entire eye lid. Then, I swipe a Lancome eggplant eye shadow into the crease of my eye. This gives depth to your eye. I used to use black but it was way too harsh and slutty looking.

Finally, I smudge MAC black tied eye shadow onto my lower lid followed by Lash Stiletto or Lancome Hypnose mascara on both bottom and top lashes. This mascara blends the fake and real lashes together. And you get your sultry smokey eye!

Finish off the entire look with a loose powder, bronzer on the areas of your face that catch light, and NARS blush to accentuate the cheek bones. MAC Snob lipstick with some plumping lip gloss is a perfect neutral compliment to the dramatic eye.

The same look without a flash.

Font view.

And here is the comparison! Nice huh? See how my eye are like twice as big? What now stupid makeup experts! It might be a little too much for some people but I love the look and wear it whenever I go out. Let me know if you like it or if you think it's too much...

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Aubrey Ayala said...

better take a look at this.... ;)a xo

Zhenya Abramson said...

Really good to know Julie!

Jewelz said...

I's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of....seriously

Conchita Blaq said...

very cute! I love your mix of real advice with self-deprecating humor, it makes you approachable!

Sonya Verny said...

lol I am a fan of the SNOB lipstick as well ;)

Rich Pugz Berry said...

making you pretty is about as hard as making water wet or fire hot LOL

LynSire ♛ said...

Nice makeup!! I notice you never apply eyeliner on the waterline, is there any reason as to why you do this?? I notice that if I apply it in my waterline my eyes get irritated, I don't know if I should change brand.