August 28, 2010

Ballet Show Gone Aerial

I just got home from performing in a ballet show and today, more than ever, do I realize how much I really miss ballet.

Ballet was my whole life for 15 years. People say that once you know how to dance ballet, you can master any other form of artistic body movement. And how true that is.

Ever since I fell in love with the aerial hammock, I've been performing it and all thanks to ballet. I would never be able to look as good as I do now if it weren't for me flexibility, agility, strength and grace that I learned from ballet.

I took my chances today and let my mom use my new cam. I made sure to explain to her how much my baby means to me and that nothing better happen to it. She's the only person I can trust it with right now. Still working on EW... Sorry babe.

After rehearsal, I snuck onto stage to configure my cam to the stage lighting. I asked my mom to pose for me and she even did a little ballet pose for me! How cute :)

Three of the best dancers in the show. These girls are super talented, and I hope they keep on dancing till they can't dance any more. Back when I danced ballet, they were tiny little girls, so it's nice to see them so grown up. BTW, if you want a body like that, take up ballet ASAP, best way to get in lie.

Yana performing her ballet solo. Gorgeous.

Annette performing a solo as well. It's funny because that costume used to be mine. It was purchased in Ukraine for my La Bayadere solo. One of my fav costumes.

And here are a few photos of ME! I don't know why they turned out kind of dark because the other ones turned out fine. Probably because I wasn't the one taking them :) Anyway here is me hanging upside down and in all kinds of weird positions.

When I first got onto the aerial hammock I almost had a heart attack because the hammock started to fall towards the ground. The guy backstage didn't tighten the cables tight enough apparently. But he grabbed them just in time. So thankfully I had enough room under me to do my routine. Here's a video for your viewing pleasure! Let me know what ya'll think.

Time to hit the sheets. Busy busy day tomorrow. Going to our shore house in Margate for some beach fun then dancing in Atlantic City. Life of a go-getter :) BYE.

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Zina Kresin said...

Julie! Wow! What a beautiful blog. You look great, and yes, ballet gave you a lot of that. But also, you gave a lot to ballet ;) Thank you for posting this. Gorgeous.

Ted Stettler said...

is this you??????????

Jewelz said...

Thanks Zina! It was so much fun :)