August 04, 2010

Diamond G-strings and Pasties

Last year I was asked to be a judge at the Diamond G-string Competition at Delilah's where groups of exotic dancers perform intricate routines in hopes of winning $10,000. Well, this year was a little bit different. I actually got to perform my aerial hammock act in the competition this year!

At first I was a little hesitant because EW wasn't too ecstatic about me wearing a thong, pasties and pretty much nothing else in front of all of his friends. But he knows I'm not shy about my body so he got over it pretty quick. I'll cover up when I'm 60 years old and fat..I promise babe :)

Our routine was circus themed. We had a stilt walker, aerial artists (including me), marionette dolls, a sword swallower, pole dancers and a break dancer. It was pretty damn cool!!

My first costume was a pink kitty cat. I later changed into an outfit that consisted of nothing but a thong and star pasties on my boobs but I will not be posting that photo for obvious reasons. Also in the photo is the other aerial performer, the ring leader, the marionette dolls, and our guy dancer/choreographer who did some amazing acrobatic stuff.

We didn't win but I had so so so much fun. There is nothing like getting ready for a show with 100 exotic dancers running around you in a frenzy. I was a bit nervous to get on stage, but like a true performer, the nerves went away once I was on stage. And the best part was EW telling me how proud he was of me :)

Here is a short clip of my performance!

TAH-DAHHH!! See how awesome I am? haha

I will be performing my aerial act again for a dance show on August 30th. If anyone wants to book a performance for an event or show, please email me at

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