August 25, 2010

New Toy To Play - The Sony Nex-3

I am super excited and giddy today because I bought a new toy! No, not that kind of toy :)

I bought a new camera!! And not just any ordinary camera (I already have one of those). I bought a $600 camera that takes AMAZING photos. The kind of photos that are so detailed, you can see inside of you pores.

I present to you my new baby...the Sony Nex-3

Isn't it gorgeous?

As with all of my new toys, I spent 5 hours playing around with it. I ran around the whole house taking photos of my puppies, of random objects, and of course, of myself.

I just can't get over how good the quality is. It makes my old photos look like poop. In fact, I feel like deleting all of my old photos because they all look fuzzy to me now.

Ok, enough talk. Here are some photos I took with my magical camera. They are very VERY scaled down to size so that they would fit on my blog and so that you wouldn't sit and stare at the screen for an hour while they loaded.

Thus, you will not be able to see the amazing detail in the photos but you will still see how amazing they are. Trust me!

This is London, my little pumpernickel. He has a little snaggletooth which makes him all the more cuter.

Me! I love the way the cam makes my eyes look. So piercing and glassy. Also, virtually no Photoshop done to any of the photos because the cam makes everything look so nice. Big relief for me!

Same pic but sad face. I have no reason to be sad though because my cam is so fucking awesome!

Candles on my dining room table. I melt each one so that all 3 are different heights. Looks more interesting that way. And I hate the look of unmelted candles. Too pristine.

BLING! The two little jars contain spare change that I find around the house. A crystal pen, my crystalized iPhone and a pink butterfly hair clip.

My tummy!! I've got my gym groove bag so in a few weeks, it'll look even better.

Just to show you the amazing detail that my cam captures, here is my belly button right in yo face haha. You can see how hairy my belly is and I just noticed my belly ring is broken. Damn.

Awww. Gucci, my little chicken nugget! He is staring out the window because he dislikes camera very much.

Classic head cock. I had to make all kinds of high pitched noises for him to pop his ears up and look cute.

So, one REALLY cool feature is the panoramic photo option. All you do is hold the shutter button and swipe your camera 180 degrees in any direction and you get a panoramic photo!! Oh, I can't wait to have fun with this.

Can you imaging..panoramic sex photos???? The possibilities are endless.

So here is one example of my living room window. How cute that I got both dogs in it :)

Here is one of my living room area. The panoramic images don't turn out in great quality, but they still look cool as shit.

Ok that's it for now! I'm tired and hungry. All I ate was a slice of pizza and a smoothie today and it's already 9:13pm.

Don't worry though. There will be plenty of photos to come. Very soon!

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Bless said...

Love the shots...



Tom Howell said...

That great quality from that small camera? DAMN! I'll have to investigate.

Daniel Simon said...

Love your first shot of London. Good work!

Brad Ezrad Petroff said...

SWEET camera just lke YOU! ;P

Denis Sinelnikov said...

pix looks very nice for a little dslr

Shannon Niland said...

Girl, any camera will make you look good! I miss you girls...