August 11, 2010

Food, Wine, Sex

Every 2 weeks or so, EW and I spend the night cooking together and creating delicious meals of yumminess (made up word).

We both share a love for cooking and thankfully we are both good at it. I'm more of a "read a recipe and make it my own" person and EW is more of a "wing it as he goes" type of person.He swears that his cooking is better than mine, but I think he secretly knows that I am better...shhhh. Even if I do copy what?? There are many people who follows recipes and still cook shit.

Something I like to do to make cooking more fun is make a themed menu. For example make it a Mexican night and make tacos, burritos, and enchiladas. Or, make it an Italian night and make pizza, pasta, and garlic bread.

Example: Surf & Turf
We made lobster tail with a butter sauce, filet mignon, mushrooms sauteed in balsamic vinegar and sauteed garlic asparagus.


I have some rules that I go by when cooking for the BF. You don't have to abide by them, but following them makes for a sexier cooking experience.

1. Cook in lingerieEW is always buying me cute little outfits to wear while I'm cooking and I've only done it for him once and he LOVED it. Nothing better than watching a sexy girl slave over the stove in a bra and stilettos.

2. Candlelight
Lighting candles is a definite must for a romantic dinner. I always have 3 lit candles of varying height on the dinner table.

3. Don't use garlic
If you are planning to get lucky after dinner, do not cook with garlic or onion. The smell WILL NOT come out with toothpaste or gum. And no matter what you do, NEVER EVER eat raw garlic. The smell will be seeping out of your mouth and pores for 1-2 weeks. No lie.

4. Drink Wine
Wine makes you feel sexy. Wine makes you feel slightly light-headed. Wine makes everything funny. Wine is great. Just be careful, don't drink too much and fall asleep. You don't have to get expensive wine but keep it white. You don't want to be walking around with nasty stained teeth do you?

5. Make a sexy dessert
Making something like an ice cream sundae is messy and childish. Be sure to keep your desserts sexy and hands on. Strawberries are perfect because you can dip them in chocolate and feed them to your lover or put them in your champagne.

6. Don't wash the dishes
Skip the labor and go straight into playtime. Washing the dishes will wear off your wine buzz and make you sleepy. Head straight to the bedroom and don't pass GO.


I cooked both of these meals (not in lingerie) a while back. EW helped :)

Wedges of baked red potatoes with whole cloves of roasted garlic (we didn't kiss that night), garlic sauteed string beans ( we definitely didn't kiss that night), and chicken parmigiana (which I didn't get a photo of because it looked like a big cheesy mess).

Fettuccine with a sun-dried tomato and cream sauce, homemade guacamole & chips, heart of palm (my favorite!), and pesto chicken stuffed with baked mozzarella and basil.

This one EW made all on his own. No, it's not a chicken. It's a Cornish hen. They are like tiny mini versions of a chicken and very juicy and yummy. It was sooooo weird eating it though because it looks just like Gucci's ass!

Seeeee...Am I right or am I right??! The resemblance is sickening. I had to close my eyes so it didn't look like I was eating a cooked Gucci. Bleh.


Ok, time to go! I think I just inspired myself to go cook something for EW. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter by clicking the birdie below!

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Sonya Verny said...

lol the part about gucci's ass was hilarious

Ron Givens said...

Excellent post. You write very well, and the content is engaging. Thank you.

Monica Devlin said...

Haha! great post. Cooking is such a sensual activity to begin with and lingerie just ups the ante. However, I must caution doing breakfast like that because bacon sizzles...on your bare skin! ouch. Personal experience. lol

Jewelz said...

lol..Yee I only cook breakfast in my PJs which are basically long flannel pants and a wife beater. Sexy! hah

Jess said...

Suggestion: Garlic and onion history is completely erased with mouthwash :)

I just had roast lamb, but that was quite enticing!

Jewelz said...

It might destroy the smell...but the taste stays in my mouth!