November 17, 2011

Turn Jealousy Into Determination

Some of today's girls and their hatred truly disappoint me. Why is there so much jealousy and hate floating around?? Since when has putting someone down become a means to feel better about yourself?

I would never say... Angelina Jolie is a stupid whore just because she is prettier and richer than me. I embrace the fact that a woman had the opportunity to become so powerful and successful.

Who knows, maybe that girl you are labeling a "bitch" or a "loser" is a sweet and caring person. But you will never know because you are blinded by jealousy and things you wish you had. Instead, why don't you embrace the wonderful things you do have and stop seeing GREEN!

People who have what you want should give you hope and determination girls! Not envy and hate!!

Envy has been the downfall of many great people and today's young girls use it as fuel for hatred.

Wow, I sound really old but it needs to be said.

My 365 photo for yesterday: A lovely koi pond at The Phoenician.

Nov 16, 2011

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