November 11, 2011

I'm Engaged And Here's Proof

Engagement photo time!!!!!

Three posts in a row. Wow, I'm on a roll.

*Warning* This post is going to be super cheesy and lovey dovey so if you are a suicidal loner...please stop reading now.


But before my cheesy post, I wanted to share a horribly disgusting dream I had last night. It was almost like a horror movie but then I ended up being part of it towards the end.

It started out with a family of mobsters trying to rob a rundown house. The owner of the house saw what they were trying to do and decided to strike a deal with them. If they left his house alone, they could live in it for a month...FOR FREE. So the mobster family moved in that very same day. While showing them around, the owner murdered each family member in very gruesome ways! He skinned the father alive, shoved the mother's head into the oven and raped and suffocated both daughters. (Why the hell are these nasty images intruding my dreams?!).

I plopped into the dream just in time to watch the murderer telling the first daughter that there was only one way out of the house, through his desk cupboard, and then he suffocated her. As he started working on the other daughter, I quickly cleared out the cupboard and stepped through it and into a secret tunnel leading outside. The last thing I heard was the screaming of the murderer as he realized I had escaped and I wondered..Is he pissed because I escaped or because of what he has done?

Why can't I dream of cute, fuzzy puppies in clouds of cotton candy? Why must I be the sole survivor of a gruesome mass murder? I feel guilty even though it technically didn't happen.


ANYWAY, back to my original post. I had my engagement pictures done a few weeks ago and they seriously turned out amazing. I don't want to brag but E.W. and I make pretty damn good photo subjects. Not because of the way we look physically but because the love really shines through.

Here are a few of my favs (picture heavy)...

*Can't decide on which photo to use on my Save The Dates so any help would be appreciated!*

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