November 22, 2011

Old Photographs Are a Window To Our History

My love for photography extends way beyond taking photos of myself. I recently started a project in which I am making a Photobook with all of my favorite photographs of my grandparents and great grandparents. The photos are so incredible to look at. It's like a little window into a world that once was. One day my great grandchildren will look at my photos and wonder what our world was like.

It's kind of weird to see my grandparents in such a youthful light but they were once young too! And good looking may I add! Their photos are flawless and they didn't even have Photoshop back then.

The black and white and film grain in the photographs really make the photos so mysterious and interesting to me. I wish I could go back in time for just one day and talk to my grandparents when they were my age. That would be unbelievable but alas time travel probably won't be invented until I'm long gone. Maybe my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandchildren will visit me one day. Then I can steal their time machine and visit MY grandparents!

PS...there is a topless shot of me at the very bottom ;)

My gorgeous grandmother. Not many people have a good looking profile line. And no photoshop!

A photographer loved her versatile look so much that he photographed her for free. Classic Beauty! Doesn't she kind of look like an old starlet back in the day?

My handsome grandpa in the Russian army. Love the classic Russian hat. Eddie got me one just like that when he was in Moscow. Except it's white and girly.

I'm sure they were very popular with the ladies back then :)

My grandmother as a child with my great grandmother. Interesting fact: people didn't smile back then because it was considered foolish to smile in photographs. You looked like a goofball if you smiled.

That's me in the front seat and my cousin Polina in the back... taken in Kiev, Ukraine. I love how I look like a constipated boy and Polina looks like a concerned cabbage patch doll.

Me: I'm in charge of this playground Bioootch!!

Polina: That's what you thinkkkkk

Ok, ready for the money shot??

Tah Dahhhhhh!!

What the hell is up with my ears? They looked like humungous elf ears when I was little and now I have itty bitty ears.

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