November 10, 2011

Jasmine and Jafar - In Love?

Yes, for one night and one night only, Jasmine and Jafar were a loving couple. I've been wanting to do Princess Jasmine for Halloween for god knows how long now and I finally did it!

We went to our usual Halloween party at Vizcaya in Miami and even though this year's party was far from how good it was in the past years, we still had a great time because of the people we were with.

We took a limo there and back because of the monsoon that was happening outside. And no, I'm not exaggerating. Halloween in Miami just happens to be during hurricane season :(

I'm not trying to be seductive in the pic below. Those are my "I've had one too many" eyes.

This year's costume making was a total fiasco. After I had ordered and paid for my Jasmine costume, we come to find out that the Jafar costume had stopped production years ago and we couldn't find anything online. Mind you, this was all one week before we were supposed to fly out to Miami.

E.W seemed to not give two hoots about the situation but I went into severe panic mode. I was going to be Princess Jasmine damn it! No other option.

We ended up buying a Jafar hat, a Dracula cape, a black cloak, red fabric for a belt, and a snake staff that we spray painted gold. And TAH DAH.....Jafar!

And his sexy slave/fiance...

Blue Jasmine has got nothing on me. My absolute favorite part of the movie is when Jafar captures Jasmine and she comes out in that stunning red outfit. Disney has never made a sexier character. And with all of the new censor laws these days, I don't think they ever will.

Had to take a bathroom shot. It's a girl thing.

Half of our group posing for a pic. I don't know where the other half went. We didn't see them pretty much the whole time.

A few of my favorite costumes from the party!

Which was our best Halloween costume so far?

I think I might want to do Fifth Element next year!

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