November 18, 2011

Scottsdale vs. Philadelphia

Everytime I come to Scottsdale, it really shocks me how polar opposite the city is to Philadelphia. If there was ever such a thing as Anti-Philly, it would be Scottsdale.

Here are a few of the major differences I've noticed during my trips here...

1. Philadelphians are FAT. How many times is our city going to be put on the fat list? Aren't we sick of it? And more importantly, why are we not doing anything about it? Scottsdale is full of bikers, joggers, people carrying around water bottles (not super duper mochafrappachinolattes). I think everyone here is more aware of the fact that being healthy will increase your lifespan!! There are health menus galore in Scottsdale and there is even a wheatgrass and tofu section at the supermarket. Where is our freshly made tofu? Is Philly too good for tofu? Why is it that I must go to a health food store to get healthy food?

2. People in Scottsdale are HOT. It really is freaky how good looking everyone is here. I've been to LA, Chicago, Miami and Vegas and I can definitely say that there are more good looking people in Scottsdale than all of those places combined. I don't know why they all gather in Scottsdale with no beach and super hot weather but they do.

3. People in Scottsdale are very active. Now, I'm not saying that Philadelphians are lazy...well actually I am. You all think you are so fit jogging along boathouse row don't you?? Well guess what? People in Scottsdale run up and down a treacherous mountain every day! Yes a mountain...not a hill...a mountain. As in, you need to be on all fours half the time to reach the summit. Camelback Mountain is so popular you have to wait in line just to park your car. I've never had a problem parking near boathouse row. Just saying. Scottsdale even has trampoline parks. Imagine a gymnasium with the floors and walls covered in trampolines. Sound awesome? It is.

4. The food... Ok ok this is where we win of course. But maye that's why we are so fat! Think about that for a moment.

5. Only rich people have grass in their yards. Arizona is a desert and grass is expensive man!

6. People in Scottsdale are so hospitable!! I should make another exclamation point because living in Philly really makes you forget that there are nice strangers out there. Granted, we aren't as bad as New York, but we are next in line.

7. I can't think of anything else at the moment.

If AZ didn't get so darn hot during the day and so darn cold at night, I think I would love to live here.

My 365 photos from today and yesterday:

Poolside at the Phoenician.

Nov 17, 2011

On top of Camelback Mountain.

Nov 18, 2011

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