March 07, 2011

Universal Studios Beats Disney Any Day

Besides going to Wizarding World in Orlando I had a chance to revisit Universal Studios on Sunday when my fiance finally got done working.

I've been to Disney twice now and I truly love Universal much more. I'm more of a thrill rider and less of a novelty rider. I love roller coasters, fast moving rides and scary rides. Disney is targeted more towards kids and their thrill rides are definitely lacking IMO.

I'm sure when I have a kid of my own one day I will enjoy Disney more. Especially for the educational aspect.

The day we went to Universal, the weather was a perfect 80 degrees. Not too hot and not too cold.

We stayed at the Dolphin Hotel which is actually a Disney Hotel. Last year we stayed at the Swan Hotel which is directly across the lake and pictured below.

We went to a show at Universal called Animal Actors which is a show featuring animals that have starred in Hollywood films. They were so damn smart! Like smarter than your average human being smart!

Can you guess who this celebrity dog is? Yes, it's the one and only MIB 2 dog sans the talking :)

This orangutan was hilarious! She mimicked every facial expression that her trainer did and had a full on interactive skit with him. Look at the little drama queen!

This parrot was trained to steal money! HAHA the genius of it all. An audience member was asked to stand up and place a ten dollar bill on the palm of his hand. The bird flew out, grabbed the bill, and flew back to the trainer.

I bet you many criminals would pay top dollar for this birdie.

One of my favorite areas at Universal is the part that looks like old school New York. You know, back when people called trash "refuse".

E.W. and I had an impromptu photo shoot on one of the hidden street corners of old school New York. I so wish that I lived back in that era. No Iphones, Facebook, Twitter....wait no blogging. Hmm, I'll have to rethink that statement.

I did an old school b&w shot of E.W. I would probably have been a marvelous photographer back in the day. Famous even!!

Jurassic Park used to be the most popular area of the park back in the 90's when the movie first came out. It's now long forgotten with the new Wizarding World commotion but it's still a great area to come and reminisce.

Remember how terrified you were when you first watched Jurassic Park? I think I might have peed myself. I remember bringing a blanket with me to cover my eyes during the scary parts.

Yes that photo on the bottom left is of me as a dinosaur. Why do I look like an Egyptian/Asian dinosaur? Don't ask me. And yes that is the actual dinosaur leg that we had for lunch. Kidding, it was a giant turkey leg that tasted strangely like ham.

Next we went to Toon Land which is kind of like stepping into the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit". All of your favorite cartoons and comics come to life in this section of the park.

Marmaduke was being a very naughty dog and pulled me halfway across town!

Some ship from some cartoon I do not know of.

Best part was spraying riders off the side of the ship. Once in a while, a few riders would get angry with us. Hellloooo, you are on a ride that makes you soaking wet. Why get mad when you get sprayed just a little more?? Once you get off the ride, you can go spray innocent riders and see how fun it is for yourself.

E.W. made fun of me for posing so pretty on an electric chair. He asked me to make an ugly face and I just couldn't do it.

This guy was super creepy. When he leaned down over me he started moaning and grunting making me extremely uncomfortable. I ran away as soon as I got the picture.

OK, I confess. This photo was taken on the one day we went to Disney World but I really like the picture so I wanted to stick it in. I thought I could get away with it but then noticed Lady & The Tramp behind us. DUH. I don't feel like putting the Disney pics up just because that would be awfully contradictory to my blog post title.

Another favorite part at Universal was the I Love Lucy tribute museum. Lucille Ball is my #1 idol. I can watch her shows over and over again. She is one of 3 people that can make me laugh out loud.

All of you I Love Lucy fans are going to love this. This was how her set was built for the show. You can see the Tropicana on the right, next her kitchen, the living room, her bedroom and the nursery. Behind the set are the bleachers where the live audience would sit. And you can't see from the photo but there are a bunch of Philip Morris ads all over the studio.

Didn't Desi Arnaz die from lung cancer??

One of the famous outfits that Lucy wore on the show.

At the end of the day, we watched the Mardi Gras parade that came through all of Universal. Tons of floats and stilt walkers throwing beads at you!! Nobody threw beads at me though so I had to steal some from E.W!! Booo.


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