March 11, 2011

Japan Tsunami & Freedom Writers

I watched Freedom Writers (a movie based on a true story) yesterday and came up to the part that never fails to make me cry. The part where a 14 year old boy shares his latest journal entry with his classroom.

He tells everyone how him and his family were evicted from their house over the summer and that he saw no point in going to school when he was homeless, wearing old clothes from last year and couldn't even get a haircut.

In the end, he found sanctuary and love in his English class and it made all of his problems seem less significant.

Here is the clip for reference.

Usually, this part of the movie saddens me and I tear up a little. But this time around, it really hit me hard. I cried...a lot.

Here I am, debating on whether or not I can afford a $5,000-$10,000 wedding dress and this poor kid can't even afford a hair cut and doesn't have a bed to sleep in.

WTF is wrong with this picture??

I feel so selfish now. I feel like all of my past thoughts of having nicer clothes, a nicer house etc., are so disgusting now. I have such a blessed life already and I can't believe how much of it I take for granted.

Only 4 years ago, I was living alone in a run down studio apartment, not being able to afford my rent but I appreciated everything I had so much more.

I need to go back to that state of mind and start to appreciate how my life has changed for the better and know that I could lose everything I have any day.


Then, I wake up this morning and see that someone's Facebook status, "Be happy that you woke up alive today. Many didn't."

A massive 23-foot tsunami, caused by an earthquake, hit the coast of Japan today and hundreds were killed. Homes, cars, and ships were ruined. 200-300 bodies have already washed ashore.

My heart goes out to all of the people that had no chance. They had no decision on whether they would live or not. It was inevitable. And the thousands of people that will be affected by the deaths and damages.

It's just so overwhelming how fast you can lose everything you've ever had or known in, possessions and well-being.

Below is a very informative (but sad) video on tsunamis and the devastation they have caused throughout history.

Sorry for such a sad post today but it's how I feel at the moment.


Lupe said...

I love that movie!
I also complain about stuff but then I remember my childhood and am grateful for what I have now.

Yes, very sad story of Japan. I also read it first thing in the morning.

Eva said...

I know the feeling. When I'm thinking whether I should buy a 2000€ purse or not and than see someone who can't even afford a 15€ purse. Makes me think...

I'm so sorry for what is happening in Japa and was so surprised to see that today is actually the first day ever since I started blogging (which,well, wasn't so long ago haha) that people from Japan visited me - and not just one, but like a hundred lol.

Love your blog! xoxo

Yani said...

yes it was a scary situation for us here in japan I can say i didnt have the effect of the tsunami but the earth quake was scary and after that big one all night there were small ones i felt 10 total after the big one and 2 of the were 6 so it was scary thank for u thoughts. love ur blog <3

Xmas Dolly said...

Talk about being slapped with reality. I wondered why you signed up with us, and did not mention it on your blog, but considering the subject matter here I'll over look not mentioning us. I understand. Thanks for sharing & I hope you come back next week too!

Stacy Uncorked said...

That video had me all teary eyed, too.

Hello World - MMMM

Susanmeep said...

I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you please follow me back?
thank you :)

dollycas aka Lori said...