March 29, 2011

Not Much To Write About

I haven't posted in a while mainly because my life is kinda, sorta boring right now. No traveling, no crazy parties, just every day normal stuff.

Transitional phases suck!!

Here is how my typical day goes:

11:30am - Wake up

11:45am - Wash my face and brush teeth

11:55am - Walk the dogs

12:20pm - Check Facebook, blog and email

1:00pm - Eat lunch

2:00pm - Work on fiance's new website

3:00pm - Re-check Facebook (addicted much?)

4:00pm - Attempt to clean house or retouch photos from work

6:00pm - Fiance comes home! (Highlight of the day)

6:30pm - Cook dinner for fiance and dogs

7:30pm - Watch TV with fiance and dogs

9:00pm - Research for my new company

10:00pm - Go to work.

3:00am - Come home and pass out unshowered and still clothed.


Did I bore you yet? Because I kinda bored myself.

Every once in a while I begin to miss my old life of going out 4 times a week but I know all of the things I am giving up right now will come back to reward me ten fold in a few years.

I just need to learn patience.

I guess my posts will be spread further apart until something interesting happens like the big move!!

And just because this post looks a little naked without any pictures, here is a pic of London (a face only a mother could love).


Amy Fashion Blog said...

That sound like my days off from work.

Kelly Lund and Kids said...

Awwwwwwh love that face!!! Totally made my day :)

Zhenya Abramson said...

I still love your blogs :) your schedule is def more amusing than mine