March 16, 2011

Turn Yourself Into A Disney Princess

If you had the chance to be any Disney Princess, who would you be??

This one's easy... I would be Princess Jasmine!

She is way above all other Disney princesses. She's both sexy and fearless. While all the other princesses try to play innocent and are all like, "Save me, save me!", Jasmine is riding around on magic carpets and looking sexy in her harem outfit.

Pocahantas is a close second because of her gorgeous long hair and tan, lean body.

I decided to photoshop myself into Princess Jasmine to see what I would look like if I was born into royalty in Agraba.

Not too shabby! I think I look pretty damn good as an Arabian princess. Hmmm, possible Halloween costume next year??

Here are the image sources I used:

I was inspired to create this image from an image I made 3 years ago of me as Little Mermaid. I intended to do an image for each Disney Princess but never got around to it.

Ok so now that I've done Little Mermaid and Princess Jasmine, who should I do next??

Pocahontas maybe??

I need inspiration!!


Alexis Isabel Gonzalez said...

i disagree the little mermaid is sexy and fearless as well! shes my fav!

Matthew Tregear said...

You're still soooo hott!