March 10, 2011

My First Bridal Show With Nicole Miller

I surprised E.W. last week with tickets to our first bridal show!! It took place at the Bellevue in the Hyatt and neither of us really knew what to expect.

When we got there, we were greeted with a herd of women registering for the event. E.W. immediately stopped in his tracks and said, "Omg, if this event is all women then I'm leaving right now."

Thank god they told us that men had registered too because I would have had to make some serious puppy dog eyes to make him stay and that can be quite exhausting.

It was still 95% woman and 5% men which got me thinking... Why aren't there more men helping their fiances plan their weddings? Are they too fat and lazy to wake up on a Saturday morning? Do their opinions not matter?

Ladies, if your fiance is equally excited to plan your wedding as you have found a fine, fine man.

Sorry for the photo quality in this post. I didn't bring my camera so I had to steal some pics from an event website.

One of our must stop booths was Tiffany & Co. of course! I looked at some potential platinum wedding bands for E.W. but didn't see any that I liked. They were all too plain or too thin.

I did see a GORGEOUS diamond band for me that kind of looked like diamond leaves around my finger but I won't get my hopes up. *crosses fingers*

The gentleman that helped us out at the booth took one look at my engagement ring and said "Can I just say, your fiance did an extraordinary job with that ring!"

I know I know :D

I actually never wanted to get a wedding band at all because my engagement ring is enormous and brilliant enough. I don't want another ringing distracting from it but the Tiffany guy said I can always put it on my other ring finger.

Good point! Why did I not think of that! Eh, but then again he's just trying to sell me another ring.

There were a few flower displays at the event. I would never have this particular one at my wedding (not my style) but I absolutely love it. So pretty and whimsical... like a fairy garden.

Towards the end of the event, Nicole Miller had a fashion show with her line of wedding dresses and cocktail dresses. And to be completely honest, I didn't like any of her weddings dresses. Not one. Most of them were wrinkly, plain and boring, and just didn't look like high fashion to me.

For such a big designer, I expect way better quality. I'm not a huge fan of her work and I feel like her line is too old for me. I guess maybe in 5 or so years my opinion might change. I did love her line of sexy sequined cocktail dresses though. I'm actually thinking of getting the one below for my engagement party or rehearsal dinner. Reasonably priced at $398.

Nicole Miller was sitting across from me at the show next to Lisa Nutter. At the start of the show, she put black sunglasses on. I wonder why? Is it like a designer thing? Do they not like seeing their own designs like actors don't like seeing their own movies?

It was weird.

There was so much food too!!! Like enough to feed a small country and a lot of it went to waste. Booo! Give it to me in a doggy bag lol. My favorite was the barbecued salmon over a sweet potato puree served in a martini glass.

It was delish.

The cake displays were not too impressive. I was hoping to see a huge, jaw dropping cake but I guess the vendors save those for bigger bridal shows. All we saw were dinky 2 tiered cakes and a ton of cupcakes.

Although the sweet potato cupcakes were insanely good.

What's with me and sweet potatoes??

All in all, it was a great time and E.W. and I can't wait to go to a bunch more bridal shows over the next year that we will be engaged.

Oh!!! And I finally got in touch with my wedding dress designer from Greece! She said her cheapest dress is about $5,000 which is a huge downer. I was hoping for her dresses to be a little cheaper. Now I have to make a decision whether I want to spend that kind of money for a dress I will be wearing only 5 hours.

Decisions, decisions.


Tim said...

Jul, if it's any consolation, I shot a wedding where the bride was a complete diva and her dress was $26,000. I don't think it was worth that much, but that was her decision. Either way, whatever dress you choose will still look amazing on you.

Amy Fashion Blog said...

looks like you had a good time