March 13, 2011

Philadelphia Flower Show - Paris Theme

I went to the annual Philadelphia Flower Show yesterday. This year's theme was Paris!!

I was hoping to find some awesome wedding ideas now that I'm engaged. Unfortunately, I didn't get any wedding inspiration, but it was my favorite theme so far.

According to my cousin, it was a spring in Paris theme so all of the flowers were bright and colorful. Not the whites and creams that I was looking for.

Tons of gorgeous flower animals stood at the entrance of the faux Eiffel Tower.

There was a old, French winery setup which had nothing to do with flowers but it was still cute nonetheless. Made me want to stomp some grapes like Lucy did.

And a magnificent French themed wedding cake!! This thing was enormous and I LOVED IT. If my wedding was themed, this would totally be my cake.

Love the Mona Lisa on the second tier down.

I would die to have these flower lamp thingies at my wedding. Die die die.

I love how two glasses of wine in a beautiful setting is synonymous with Paris. Alcohol, beauty and love :) Aaahhh, Mon Cherie.

I told my cousin this might be her bridesmaid dress for my wedding. She told me she won't come.

Who goes to France without having a cheese, wine and baguette picnic?? Ok, me blah! But I was only there for 24 hours and could only do so much.

Now for my favorite part of the show...the miniatures! There was a long wall that had tiny shoebox sized windows that each had it's own Parisian themed scene. It was so amazing how detailed every scene was. They even included real mini plants and flowers!

Doesn't it look just like as if I was standing on an actual street and taking a pic? When in reality, those table are about the size of my pinky finger.

Anyone up for a romantic, candle lit dinner looking out onto the streets of Paris??

Or how about a visit to a famous French bakery with mouth watering cakes on display?

Orrr...a glass of Champagne with a flaky French biscuit on a cozy corner might do!!

I really loved these scenes. If I had these miniature food toys when I was little, I would have been elated. I would also probably have had a tummy full of plastic toy foods because they look good enough to eat.

Can't wait to go back to Paris one day....


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