March 21, 2011

Portraits I've Shot

I love taking photos of people. Especially people who don't want their photo taken.

People who love being photographed tend to pose a lot (a.k.a me). But, those who are camera shy or just plain hate photos usually move around a lot more creating a more candid and natural photo.

Posing in photos can create a very flattering but boring photograph.

But, having someone engage and interact with you while you are taking their photo can create a photograph full of emotion and thought.

This photo was taken during a coffee break with my cousin Polina at a nearby cafe. She hates getting her photo taken and you can tell by how natural she looks as if we were in mid conversation (which I think we were actually). One of my favorite photos.

This photo was taken after I had done a full makeover on my cousin Jen before going out one night. Simple, sweet and beautiful are the words that come to mind when looking at this photo.

Yet another person that absolutely hates having her picture taken. I caught this adorable moment while she was making faces at my camera. Capturing spontaneity is what really makes an image pop.

Brian doesn't really mind having is picture taken but on this day he was avoiding my camera for some reason which in turn created an awesome photo. I love the lighting coming from the window on his left and his cheeky grin adds emotion to the photo.

When I first got my new camera I asked E.W. to grab London and stand in front of the window. *Snap* *snap *snap*. It only took me 3 shots to get the perfect photo. I love how they are both squinting from the sun and the relaxed and serene looks on their faces.

If any of my friends want their photo taken, let me know!!


Marcy said...

Those are great Photos! I HATE having my picture taken!

:) Marcy

Marnee Simon said...

Impressive photo of Brian, Julie! Keep up the good work. :)

Lulu B said...

Wow I love black and white photos! These are gorgeous. Keep up the good work xx :o)

Amy Fashion Blog said...

Great Pictures.

Irene Vlada said...

where the heck is my pic? lol

Jewelz said...

Irene, come over and I'll take some awesome pics of you! Then we can go for some Vietnamese :)

Ashley said...

Love it!! I love reading your blog!!