November 02, 2010

My Amsterdam Trip (Part 3)

I just got back from Halloween in Miami (which will be my next blog post) so I can finally finish my trilogy of Amsterdam blog posts.

Our next adventurous day in Amsterdam began at the old Heineken Brewery. They don't actually brew beer there anymore but use it as a Heineken history museum instead.

I thought this was going to be more of a guy thing to do but I had soooo much fun. I love interactive museums and this was as interactive as you can get.

They even had a 4D ride where you were virtually brewed just like a beer. FUN!!

We learned that Heineken is made from 4 main ingredients; water, barley, hops and yeast.

The beer is brewed in these huge copper vats. Can you imagine falling into one of these things? In the pic, you can see people tasting samples of beer without the hops. The samples were just water and barley and tasted like stale stripper underwear. E.W. seemed to like it and downed the whole thing..*BARF*

I had a fun time sticking my head into the giant beer vats and yodeling. You can hear your voice echo at least 20 times.

We even got to stir some beer!! Ok we pretended to stir beer but it was still cool. It smelled gross because it wasn't completely finished beer. Was more like the nasty barley water we had tried earlier.

Me posing...I was a little tipsy at this point because was given free samples of ice cold Heineken!

Then we entered into this huge room with where all of the walls were TVs that were playing different Heineken commercials and the entire ceiling was made out of green Heineken bottles!!!

At the very end of the tour we were guided into a huge room that was setup like a nightclub with a ton of people all drinking Heineken. We ordered a few more beers at the bar and enjoyed everyone's company. Nothing better then free endless beer in a faux nightclub in the morning.

The next day E.W. and I looked all Amsterdam-y in our little hats, scarves and trenches.

We headed to the House of Bols which is a liquor made in Amsterdam that sells all over the world. The reason we don't know about it is because the only state they ship to in America is like frickin Arkansas or something.

But it's a very popular mixing liquor in Europe because of it's many flavors and bright colors.

The Bols bottles are the most popular bottle for performing flair because of the specially designed shape of the bottle.

Hanging out at a House of Bols movie room.

At the end of the tour they had a bar area similar to the Heineken one but much smaller where we were able to choose a drink and 4 shots to taste.

I chose a blackberry drink and E.W. chose an apple caramel martini.

The couple next to us got a bunch of drinks and I was surprised they didn't get wasted. Notice how the curvy shot glasses' water barrier hasn't been broken and the liquid is sitting on top of the glass. Pretty cool trick.

The bartender was soo talented and nice. He balanced these shots on one another so that we could get another interesting photo.

The shots we ended up tasting were banana (tasted like runts YUM), yogurt (was E.W.'s choice and utterly disgusting), Caramel (very good), and passion fruit (tasted like a cosmo).

Just look at all of those flavors!!

There was a lovely park near by so we took a stroll and and enjoyed the cold crisp air.

It was very much a normal park in a very expensive part of town. To get there we walked by Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, you name it. The park was a little bare though. A little more foliage would have been nice.

I got to chase some pigeons around while people stared at me like I was a weirdo.

Fly birdies Fly!!!

E.W. posing all sexy like under a tree.

Me posing all not sexy like on a dirt path.

I like this pic a little better.

Huge tree with the thickest tree trunk I have ever seen. I wish I knew how old it was. If only trees could talk.

After frolicking around in the park it was dinner time! My favorite time of the day. We found a gorgeous restaurant on Damrak Square to eat at. I think it was called Majestic but I could be wrong.

Beautiful rainbow outside at Damrak Square! I swear to god there is a rainbow everyday in Amsterdam because it rains everyday.

Unfortunately, E.W. had to make a business call during most of dinner so I played around with my camera out of boredom.

Camwhoring while bored :)

Cute couple outside the window in front of us making out. I personally love PDA. I hate when people look down on people being intimate in public. Don't fucking stare you moron!!! If you don't like it turn your fucking head around and look the other way.

We have the right to express our love in any way we want. If I want to make out with my boyfriend in public I will..and you telling me to get a room tells me that you are a cranky miserable person that hasn't gotten any in years.

Cool panoramic shot of the window in front of us. I totally forgot I had this function in my cam, otherwise I would have done a lot more panoramic shots during my trip.

That night we went to Jimmy Woo which is Amsterdam's most exclusive nightclub. You can't get in unless you are on their private guestlist. Fortunately our hotel was able to get us on that list. The club had an upstairs lounge/bar where we stayed the whole time and a downstairs rave-like dance floor where you could tell everyone was on drugs. It was a little too wild for me so we stayed at the lounge for a few hours.

Then we headed to the Red Light District and experienced it for the first time at night. What was a bright and cheery place during the day was now a dark, red-lit and seductive place at night.

The thing I was looking forward to seeing the most was the sex show at Cassa Rosso.

The theater was real tiny inside and had a single rotating red velvet platform on stage where people performed various choreographed sex shows. We sat like 10 feet from them so it was kind of weird.

The show was altogether more interesting and different than sexual. You could tell that the people did this 10 times a day and were no longer turned on by having sex on stage.

I obviously couldn't take any pics but I rendered some pretty damn accurate drawing of what a few of the shows looked like.

Don't scroll down if you are offended by poorly drawn cartoons performing sexual acts!!

And yes all three of those shows did happen BLAH!

Another lesser sex show at Moulin Rouge was supposed to be good as well but we had had enough after Cassa Rosso.

The Sex Palace sex shop is where all of the swans gathered for some odd reason.

We obviously couldn't take any pics of hookers sitting in their windows but we snuck one anyway!! E.W. told me to pretend to pose on a street corner while he snapped a pic past me into a hooker's window.

You can kind of see my head in the corner of the pic.

Also, the three girls walking toward us in the pic turned out to be hookers too. They walked past us and into their own red hooker windows.

And that's all the pics I have for you!!! We did a ton more in Amsterdam but it would've taken me 6 blog posts to post everything.

I hope my pics taught people some things they didn't know and gave people who are interested in visiting Amsterdam some inspiration!

I will write about my Halloween in Miami soon!!

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Those drawing you did are hilarious good job

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I like reading your blog alot! Update more!!! :)

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I want to go :)

John Smith said...

‎"My God,,, Your ahooker ?..... & I just thought I was ding great with yoou....HaHaHaHa..."- Dudler Moore in ""Aurther

Fred Lavner said...

how would a 32 degrees do in amsterdam? isn't it always 32 degrees over there?

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Looks like fun, I love Amsterdam!

I'm just popping in from the Wednesday hop. Cool blog. I'm now following. Stop by when you get a chance!

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