November 15, 2010

Screw The Mailbox

I no longer feeling like I'm writing to an infinite internet black hole anymore which is nice. I'm the kind of person who likes to have her opinion heard whether you agree with it or not.

If being a lawyer wasn't so goddamn boring and torturous, I would have loved to become one just so I could argue my opinion all the time.

Plus I look pretty sexy in business attire...

It was still fun writing my blog back when I had 50 measly readers a day. But it's so much better with 300 readers a day :)

I recently found a website that can turn your blog posts into a book which I think is sooo cool. I was planning to do that myself but now I can have someone professionally print a book for me!

Of course I would only print my travel posts and maybe a few others so that one day I can show my future kids Mommie's travel quests. Hopefully it will encourage them to travel the world as well and not sit on their butts like most people nowadays.

So the real reason I am writing a post right now is because I just did something so absolutely stupid that I need to occupy myself with something to take my mind off of how stupid I am right now.

Earlier this morning, I went down to my condo lobby to mail out 6 very important work letters. I put 4 into the mail slot. And as I was about to put in the other 2, I realized I didn't have any fucking stamps on them.

I stood there for a good minute trying to figure out how it was possible to be so damn stupid. Then I started irrationally contemplating drilling a hole into the mailbox to get my mail back.

Why can't they have an "Ooops" button on mailboxes? Like if you made an accident, you press the button and your mails shoots back out. I can't possibly be the only one that has done this!!

Fuck suburban people with suburban mailboxes. They don't have this problem!!

So I wrote the mailman a very nice letter and it taped onto the mail slot. It basically says how stupid I am and if he has a heart, he will fish out my letters and place them into my mailbox.

I am now sitting in my living room and running to the window every 10 seconds to see if the mailman's car is outside.

Maybe I can catch him mid-delivery?

Ok enough about the mailman, the whole point of writing this was to forget about it.


I had a great time with old friends last weekend. We had a girls night out in Rittenhouse hitting up Vango, G Lounge and Whisper.

We sat at Vango's rooftop in freezing weather in tiny little dresses. Thank god they had heat lamps everywhere or we would all be sick by now!!

G Lounge was fun too. I used to hate it back when it opened but it is quickly becoming my favorite places to hang out with friends. The atmosphere has become much more relaxed and enjoyable as opposed to 2 years ago.

Oh and 2 things that have been on my mind weird when people call me a Philly celebrity and it happens all the time now.....and E.W. says I have an actual gray hair that is hidden under all my black ones. He also says he wants to pluck it and show me that he's not lying!

Should I let him? Denial feels so much better though. Is it even possible to gray this early...WTF???

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Anonymous said...

Are you really gonna leave Philly..?