November 13, 2010

The Breakfast Of Spontaneity

I woke up today expecting to have a perfectly normal Saturday morning. I went to Green Eggs, my current fav breakfast place in the city, with E.W.

I ordered one of the best grilled cheeses I've ever had. It had 2 types of cheese, thick slabs of bacon and hot peppers mmmm.

So while chomping on my grilled cheese E.W. says "Let's go next week...let's go to Athens". I honestly think he said it as a joke but the minute I got home I turned my laptop on and started to search for good ticket prices.

The whole time we were saying to each other "Are we really doing this? Are we crazy? Who just decides to go to Greece in 6 days?"

I felt like I was on a mission though, and I needed to book this trip. Then thoughts of work started to race through my head. I started to get worried that I would miss an important event. So I had to say to myself, when I look back at my life...will I regret missing an event or will I regret not going to Greece?

Obvious frickin answer!!!!

So I'm sitting there with my credit card info filled out for our plane tickets and ready to click the "book" button when E.W. starts freaking out.

Then we started bickering...

"Waiiitttt...are we really doing this??? Hold on a second and just think for a moment"

"What am I waiting for...I'm clicking the button! Here I go..."

"Noooo..wait..just wait. Are you sure? Ok, just give me 5 minutes. Don't do it yet, maybe I can find a better price"

"You have 2 minutes"

**10 minutes later**

"Want to go to Paris?"


" you want to go? We can connect in Paris on the way back and stay for a night"

"Ummmm HELL YE!!!"

And that ladies and gentleman is why I am going to Athens, Greece and Paris, France next week. In six days to be precise.

Now, when someone asks me what is the most spontaneous thing you have ever done, I will have a story to tell!

And the best part is, we are celebrating our 3 year anniversary this month so this trip came at a perfect time. My future husband and I in two of the most romantic cities in the world for a week...


I booked 5 nights at the Royal Olympic 5 star hotel. The hotel has a rooftop restaurant which has stunning, almost unreal views of the acropolis.

At night, the view becomes increasingly more stunning when everything becomes illuminated with lights. I don't think I will be able to put my camera down when I'm there. All you will here is *snap* *snap* *snap* in my direction.

Some of the rooms even have a view of the illuminated Acropolis. I can just imagine falling asleep to Ancient Greece in my window. How the fuck can you watch TV with that view behind it???

"Hey're in the view of my Acropolis!!"

The bathrooms in the rooms look like mini Greek marble palaces. So luxurious. The toilets look like they are in a jungle or something.

And the pool is very nice as well. I would have preferred a rooftop pool for the views but you can't get everything you want...right?

I can't wait to spend the week like a Greek Goddess with my Greek God by my out Zeus and Athena...EW and Jewelz are coming into town!!!

PS. If anyone has been to Athens and can recommend some must see/do things for me, I would very much appreciate it!

PPS. I never take any trip that E.W. and I go to for granted. I appreciate how lucky we are to be able to go to another part of the world on a whim. I realize as we get older and start a family we will not be able to be so spontaneous and careless so I am trying to make the best of this era of my life.


On A side note, I had an impromptu photo shoot with Gucci and would like to share the photos with you.

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You travel alot!