November 16, 2010

My Alter Ego - Nikita - Russian Spy

I have this wig that I wear out sometimes when either A. I don't feel like doing my hair or B. I feel like having a completely different persona for the night.

That persona is...

Nikita - Russian Spy

I am not crazy BTW. I don't actually have 2 personalities. I just named my 2nd persona for fun.

It's great fun going out and people not knowing who I am. They look at E.W. and think that he's cheating on me with another girl. Then I start speaking and they are like "OMG it's you!"

I came up with a look that goes even further than just the wig. I made a look that I might use for next year's Halloween. I know I know, this Halloween just ended but I like to think ahead.

So this is my super sexy Nikita the Russian spy look.

First start off with a clean face and apply foundation for an even skin tone. I am naturally dark skinned so I had to apply a lighter foundation to achieve the porcelain Russian skin look.

Next line your eye brows with a dark color and extend the line of the natural eyebrow.

Apply bright red lipstick with a burgundy color over it for the classic Russian lip. Even though my lips are already big, I extended the natural lip line to make the lips less subtle.

Put in bright contact lenses to make your eyes pop. I was going to use crystal clear blue contacts but they ripped so opted for violet color. I'm glad I did so, they look great with this look.

Next, line your eyes with black liquid eyeliner and extend line to simulate a cat eye.

Brush a white shimmery eye shadow over entire lid. Then use a black or dark gray eye shadow in the crease and on bottom lashes.

Brush a peach or pink color on your cheeks and make sure to make it dark. Russian always have beautifully accentuated high cheekbones.

Add a mole on upper lip for the final touch.

Time for the Nikita wig! You can but it at any wig store. I got mine for $40 at a local wig shop.

Tah-Dahhh... Nikita is here!

"I vant to slice you and vatch you scream!"

I did another shot with a Russian fur hate that E.W. got me in Moscow last month but my face looks kinda poofy in it. I dunno, maybe I'll post it someday but that's it for now.

I see this look paired with a sexy body hugging black leather outfit with maybe a black eye patch and you will be the sexiest Russian Spy at the party!

Oh and BTW, I really do wear the look (minus the crazy makeup) out once in a while!

Update: I decided to add the white fur hat photo. Here it is!

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Jessi said...

That kind of makes me want to get a wig...

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those contacts? They look scary but cool at the same time.

Matthew Tregear said...

U sexy spy chic!

Polina Abramson said...

Nikita is a boy's name :-P

Polina Abramson said...

It's ok though. You can blame it on elton john's music video director.

Jewelz said...

lol...not it's not! Haven't you ever seen Nikita the TV show??

Van said...

Cute wig and spy makeover :) I just found your blog from "Welcome Wednesday" and I love it. As an entrepreneur I hope you have some tips on that! And as a pretty gal, I hope you have some DIY beauty tips in your blog archive arsenal as well! Off to reading with me!

Rachel R. said...

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April said...

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Polina Abramson said...

Look at any name etymology sites. Was the show made in the U.S.? That would explain it since everyone here thinks anything ending in -a is feminine (which it is in most languages I'm familiar with). The use of it might have changed after the tv show, but it is a boy's name. Just like Ashley was always a boy's name before.

Matthew Tregear said...

Your still one sexy spy chic! LOL

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Anestazia said...

I just wanted to thank you for linking up to It's Freakin' Friday! Hopefully I'll see you next week!

p.s. Cute look! ;)

Skye said...

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Anestazia said...

Hey there, "Nikita"! I just wanted to let you know that your blog was selected to be featured in my "It's Freakin' Friday" blog hop this week! Congratulations and I hope to see you again this week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Vagabond Carnival said...

Who doesn't want an alter ego sometimes? Found you through Anestazia's blog hop, as posted above by the lovely Anestazia. :)

Le Chateau des fleurs by Frenchy said...

This is so much fun !
I wear wigs too ...hehe So fun for pictures too !
I am doing the blog hop !
Come see my blog and follow back !

Earl Flournoy said...

That's so cool, Julia! You really look like a Russian spy there! They might get you for a 007 movie someday. My wife also creates different personalities with her human hair wigs. Sometimes she's Cleopatra, and sometimes she's the Queen (minus the, ahem, implications of age). The look that I like best is her Marilyn Monroe look. She even adds a mole!

Anonymous said...

Really good post!