November 08, 2010

Exxxotica NJ/NY 2010 (Part 1)

This was the third year in a row that I provided the Exxxotica Adult Entertainer Convention in New Jersey with dancers and models for their 3-day event.

Exxxotica, the largest adult entertainment show in the country, features hundreds of adult film stars, models and dancers every year and has some great shopping opportunities as well.

The past 2 years were great but this year was absolutely the best by far. They even added an extreme auto show to the mix.

I don't really watch porn so I can't name any of the celebrity porn stars that were there but I did run into Ron Jeremy and Michelle "Bombshell" McGee who was wearing a shirt that said "Filthy Whore". At least she isn't in denial right??

My dancers (Jewelz Entertainment) were stationed all over the convention center...on stripper poles, on seesaws, in cages, on monster trucks, riding mechanical cocks, lounging on beds, and dancing on stage.

It was truly a sight to see and if you missed it you MUST come next year.

I had about 15 of my dancers and models at the event and we were all dressed in matching black and hot pink outfits. Kind of makes us look like a girl group!

We changed into different outfits everyday to keep it interesting for the photogs. And trust me, there were a lot of them...thousands.

There was plenty of shopping to be done at the event and the stand the attracted me the most was the art one. The artist was amazing and inspiring but her paintings were thousands of dollars...not in my budget. But I did get an awesome print of one of her paintings for only $20.

Another booth that attracted a ton of people was a certain male Porn Star whose name I do not know. But let this picture speak for itself....

The VIP Room had three cages for my girls to dance in throughout the night. VIP ticket holders could go there to relax, grab a free beverage, and watch the sexy girls.

At one point, I was asked to perform during a rapper's performance to which I gladly obliged. I love being on stage as most of you know by now.

And I'm glad I did because I got some damn good action shots thanks to an awesome photographer, Keith Gunther of KAG FOTOGRAFIE.

Hair shots are my absolute fav!!

During the event, people kept commenting on how healthy my hair looked. Oh how far I have come from my bleached blonde, fried hair days.

Felt like a rap video girl for a minute until I remember I can't shake my ass coz I don't really have one to shake!!

But it's alright coz I personally think small butts are way cuter than big ones and I think many people will agree with me on this one.

Being flirty with the audience...and BTW that is not underwear I'm wearing. They are just very short shorts. Just sayin...

During downtime, we got to play around on a swing.

In my case, do some Cirque Du Soliel type stuff on a swing...

My girls had a ton of fun dancing on the poles. And even though they didn't know how to do any stripper moves, they still looked damn good!

Even got to pole dance on the back of a monster truck! How fucking awesome is that?

One thing I refused to do but looked fun nonetheless was the mechanical penis. It just looked a little unsanitary with a hundred half naked girls riding it every day.

Better hold on tight girlie!!

My personal favorite station was the beds. There were numerous beds throughout the convention center that we could relax on and have out picture taken. I think I even sneaked in some snooze time while laying on the beds. Working 10 hour days in heels is no easy task!!

And while I lazily snoozed on my bed, some girls did put on a nice show.

We were given these little Exxxotica tattoos to put all over our bodies. While I put them in obvious places, some girls strategically placed them for maximum attention if you know what I mean.

All of my dancers also got a whip to hold onto and by the end of the show I think I was the only one carrying around the whip.

Dancing around on stage with my whip. Hair doesn't swirl around as nicely when it's curled. Not to self for future reference. I think the guy behind me is laughing at my Medusa-esque hair.

I have a feeling that this is going to be just Part 1 of the Exxxotica blog because everyday I am getting many E-mails for different photogs with new pics. And hopefully I get some videos soon too!!

Thanks to Keith Gunther and for many of these images!!!

Part 2 coming soon!!!

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Mike Lasater said...

Want to repost it here

Bill Dalusio said...

Are u a pornstar now? Lol

Charles McCloskey said...

love the pasties pic, nice ny boobs

Elvie Salvador said...

OMG thats so freaking awesome!!

Carly Ann Rose Mignano said...

all the girls look great!

KAG Fotografie said...

U Da Best Jewelz!!! Lot of fun working with you and your girls!

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