October 28, 2010

My Amsterdam Trip (Part 2)

I changed my blog layout today because got so sick of staring at the old one. I didn't even like it that much because it was a generic layout I downloaded from some site and modified a bit. And I HATE Generic...even the word makes me want to puke.

Sooooo...I created this awesome new layout from scratch and I love how refreshing it is. It's totally me...clean, pink and glittery. If anyone has any suggestions to make it look even better please Email me!

Anyway..this is part deux of my Amsterdam trip. And once again, I will just comment on the photos I took because I'm not a great writer but I am a great picture taker!! My pictures have brought great entertainment value to many people's lives believe it or not LOL.


One of the things I was most looking forward to seeing was Anne Frank's house. The line to get in was huge but worth waiting for obviously.

To get to the annex we had to climb some seriously steep stairs. It was almost like climbing a ladder. We then passed through a secret door hidden by a bookcase and entered the living area where Anne Frank spent 2 years of her life in hiding.

The living area was a little bigger than I had imagined but still way too small to be confined to for 2 years. We walked through the rooms in silence trying to imagine how they could have possibly lived like this.

What really broke my heart was looking into the attic which held the single window she was allowed to look through. The same cherry blossom tree stood in the window that she had looked through everyday wishing for her freedom.

I also learned something I hadn't known before. Anne Frank died only one month before the liberation. If only she had known that her father was still alive she might have had something to live for. But then again, would she have impacted so many lives and brought awareness with her story? Maybe some people are born to die and make the world a better place. If so, she is was one of them.

At the end of the tour we came into a room where her actual diary was in a display box. Her writing looked so childish and innocent :(

We weren't allowed to take photos inside but I did take a few of the outside. The line was around the corner.

Trying to force a smile for the photo. Still had many depressing thoughts racing through my head.

There was a cute cafe across the street from Anne Frank's house so we popped in for some warm tomato soup and cheese sandwiches.

While walking around I saw a stand with veggies and fruit that were so fresh they looked fake. The strawberries were so damn waxy looking I wanted to poke them to make sure they were real.

That night we went to our first coffeeshop! And they don't sell no damn coffee there..only weed! I thought maybe they sell coffee on the side or something but nope...just weed.

Someone messaged me and told me that Barney's is the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam so that's where we went and I loved it. It was definitely the most chic and upscale coffeeshop out of all the ones I had seen.

I was nervous to smoke because I had tried pot years before and had a horrible reaction leaving me unable to stand, complete a full sentence, and paranoid thoughts raced through my head.

The menu at the coffeshop had about 20 different types of weed to chose from. They were listed from weakest to strongest. We decided to buy a single joint which came with a filter attached and its own case! How convenient LOL.

We got the 2nd to weakest weed you can get, I think it was called Morning Glory, and started puffing away.

After about 10 minutes everything seemed something like this...

I think I have a weird reaction to weed that I never see in my fellow pothead friends. My eyes start to dart around and everything seems to become super slow. It seemed to me like the bartender took about 15 minutes to make each drink. My sense of balance was messed up and I got super horny. It was basically like I was super super drunk but still aware of everything. And this was after like 6 small drags.

Anyway, I enjoy my alcohol much better and I think I will stick to that. I don't like feeling paranoid like everyone is staring at me. I already get that feeling when I'm not high.

As you can guess the rest of our night was pretty interesting and I will leave it at that.


In the morning we visited the famous Damrak Street where we checked out the Erotic Sex Museum.


Stairway in the Sex Museum.

Bunch of red light district hookers in clothes they wore in the olden days. I wear less than that to bed and WTF is growing on the one on the left??? She's obviously not natural blonde.

E.W. negotiating with a hooker!! LOL just kidding. If he was into girls that hideous we would have a problem.

Marilyn Monroe posing for her famous photo. She got paid $50 for it and the distributor ended up making $750,000 off of the photo over time.

This one is some what disturbing. I guess this is what the toilet sees every time someone sits on it. Poor toilet.

It's SNOOKI!!!!!! Snooki in year 2050.

Oh look, a random guy standing on the street...

BAM!!!!! That belly looks like it has a baby growing in it.

A penis that is taller than me is a good penis in my book.

Some gear that E.W. is planning to buy me for Christmas :) :)

And I save the best for last!! Please don't scroll down if you are offended by devils performing fellatio on themselves.

So that's it for now. My third and final post will include my trip to the Heineken Brewery, The House Of Bols, and my favoritee, the Red Light District.


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Anonymous said...

AMAZING!! What you wrote about Anne Frank is touching. Tears started shedding. Julie , you are a good writer and a good picture taker!

I love you Cuzzo! <3

Jenny Poo

Jewelz said...

Aww..you're just saying I'm a good writer cause we're family LOL.

I love you too!

Anonymous said...

some people were born to die?
you're so simple it's ridiculous.
and being a gold digging step away from a stripper makes you exactly what you claim to hate; a dime a dozen and painfully generic.