May 03, 2010

Paradise in Puerto Rico, Scottsdale And Vegas

I just realized that I haven’t written in my blog for a long time. Too long if you ask me. So this will be a super long post with tons of photos for your viewing pleasure.

So what is my great reason for not writing? Well, I have been traveling a lot with EW lately. Yes, we have been quite the little jet setters. Unfortunately EW was all business business most of the time, but we did get to enjoy some quality time together.

Our first stop was in San Juan, Puerto Rico where we got to test out our new Olympus 12 megapixel camera which just happens to be waterproof. We spent close to an hour taking silly underwater photos and videos.
Most of them turned out goofy like these.


But we did get one good shot! It’s like underwater ballet :)

Then, we took a mini 6 person plane to Vieques because that’s the only way you can reach the island. Or you can take a ferry, but who wants to take a long boring ferry? Not me!

Look! I got to sit in the co-pilot’s seat!

And I got to wear cool pilot headphones with a mini microphone attached. The pilot and I had a secret conversation during the flight and noone else could hear. hah!

EW had to sit all the way in the back for even weight distribution but it was ok since it was only a 30 minute flight.

View from my special co-pilot seat.

When we got to the Vieques airport, there was a separate air conditioned section for guests staying at the W Hotel Retreat where we were given complimentary espressos, brownies, apples and various yummy pastries while we waited for our shuttle bus.

After being dropped off at the hotel, we entered the lobby and let me tell you, it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen in my life. The W Hotel in Miami is still number 1 in my book, but this was a close contender. The lobby was built in an open air format which I loved. It was just perfect for the location.

The hotel manager came out to personally greet us at arrival and gave us a wonderful present to take home. Being Starwood Platinum is awesome sometimes!
Me hanging out in the lobby while EW checked us in.

A fire pit right outside the lobby to keep warm at night (not that you need it)

The endless pool where we spent many hours tanning and drinking mojitos.

I can go on and on about how amazing this hotel is but honestly it’s easier to just post pictures. WHAT? I’m lazy!

EW bought this bikini for me a few days before the trip. He had originally purchased a white one with red polka dots and I told him I don’t want to look like a damn mushroom cap so he exchanged it for this lovely baby pink one. Notice the matching cute!

We had to rent a car during our stay here since the island doesn’t have any cabs which I thought was so strange. And the only car you can rent is a Jeep because of the rough terrain. At first I was hesitant because Jeeps look dangerous to me, but I quickly learned how fun it is to stick your head out of a Jeep while EW is speeding. Bumpy but fun!

With the help of the Jeep we were able to reach a super secluded beach called Blue Beach. It was completely empty and I was able to swim and tan topless finally! Sorry but you only get to see the non-topless version of this photo!

The best part of the trip had to be the bio-luminescent bay. I got to cross it off of my life list. It was more magical than a night at Disney World. Seriously I know that sounds stupid but it was just unbelievable. We kayaked into the middle of the bay in the pitch black. We all jumped in, and that’s when the magic happened. All 20 of us began to glow a bright bright neon blue. The harder we kicked our legs, the more little blue stars dispersed from our bodies.

Unfortunately it is near impossible to capture this phenomenon on camera, and forget about trying to videotape it. You literally have to be there to see it.

I did get one photo in the kayak, but you pretty much can’t see anything except for me and my tan, muscular arms. And no makeup! No deodorant even because chemicals from products kills the algae that produce the glow.

Me not wanting to leave on the day of departure. Damn you comfy lounging bed! You’re too comfy.

We headed to Scottsdale and Vegas soon after so I didn’t mind leaving too much. Scottsdale and Vegas can be summed up in just a few words:
Boobs…botox…girls…alcohol…and more boobs.

We stayed at the W Hotel in Scottsdale and at the Wynn in Vegas

Here is a video of EW and I goofing around in Vieques.


Cmon now said...

No pictures from Vegas???

Dan Salzman said...

luv the bathing suit!

Brian Walters said...

Once in a while my ass :-)

Noelle Ferrazzano said...

awww cute blog..haha Im bored at work and checked it out. Love Love the pics..I cant wait to get away in a few weeks. You just made me want to buy a new camera yours takes awesome pics girl! :)

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