May 19, 2010

I Have Horrible Baby/Dog Nightmares

I had a terrible nightmare a few weeks ago and it still makes me shudder just to think about it. Imagine the one thing that means the most to you in life being taken away right before your eyes in a painful and torturous way. Well that pretty much sums up my dream.

The day before my dream, a friend was telling me how his mom's dog had been run over and she had to witness her beloved dog with its eye popped out. Bleh. Well I guess that's where the origins of my dream came from.

In my dream, I was peacefully relaxing in my front yard (for some reason I was at my mom's house in the suburbs) while my little chihuahua, Gucci, was frolicking around in the daisies. The next thing I know, he runs out into the middle of the road an this huge truck runs right over his tiny little neck.

I'm getting a little freaked out just writing about it. Anyway, I run in front of the truck and throw myself onto the hood of the car and yell for the fucking asshole to stop. So what does he do? He backs up...right back over my poor babies neck!

At this point, I'm hyperventilating and in tears and as I look at Gucci I see the most disturbing sight in the world. Gucci is laying on his side and his poor little neck is literally attached by a tiny piece of skin and that's all!!!!! He's still alive and yelping as loud as he can and staring right into my eyes. My chest felt like it was on fire...WTF DO I DO??!??

And then I woke up.

I woke up and I had tears streaming down my face, my whole entire body hurt from tensing my muscles so hard, and my heart was pounding. I swear that dream caused some serious stress because the whole day I felt like crap and could not bring myself to do anything. The dream was so realistic, It was like it really happened.
How can you watch a sweet little face like this get run over and not have a heart attack?

I hugged Gucci for that whole day and did not let him out of my site. And from now on when I walk him, if he gets anywhere near the road you better believe he's getting yelled at. I just wish he knew it was for his own good.

You see, my puppies are my children. I do just about everything a real mom does except that my kids will never grow up.

I cook for my babies.

I play with my babies.

I dress my babies in the winter.

I feed my babies.

I teach my babies new tricks.

I tuck my babies in at night.

I pull the poop out my babies butts when it gets stuck.

I brush my babies' teeth.

I let my babies date out of their league.

I bathe my babies.

I discipline my babies.

I take my babies to the park.

I go shopping with my babies.

I hold my babies over the sink when they need to throw up.

I have play dates with my babies.

I cuddle with my babies.

I rock my babies to sleep.

I don't even cut my babies' balls off because would you do that to your own child?

See, it's obviously much harder to take care of these babies than real babies.

Why do dogs live shorter lives than humans?

Humans are put on earth to learn important life lessons - mainly how to love and spread love. This can takes decades.

A dog is born knowing how to spread love and joy and therefore its time on earth is not needed to be longer.

Soppy, I know.


Snuff Igor said...

Oww poor pupp! Gucci was the name that they gave him. :)

Snuff Igor said...

I'm a parttime dad to a 5 lb yorkie and the personality of this dog shines, he feels like a son to me..weird

Olivia Paolett said...

i have a little chihuahua too and i swear i love her more than anything on this entire planet. i had the same type of dream a few weeks ago and woke up literally drenched in sweat with tears streaming down my face. crazy right...

Julie Abramson said...

aww..I love when people love the dogs like children.

Snuff Igor said...

My love for Peedie is unconditional

Olivia Paolett said...

chichi loves chihuahua dates---let me know if you are going to the park one day and ill bring her out.

Julie Abramson said...

will do :)

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