May 10, 2010

I Swing From The Ceiling And See Bradley Cooper

I have been ditching the gym lately for something way funner. My new favorite hobby is aerial silks. For those of you who don't know what aerial silks are, it's basically long sheets of fabric hung from the ceiling that circus acrobats swing from.

I have been watching videos of aerial silks for weeks now, and it looked so easy, so I was like I can do it!!

I purchased my first set of aerial silks a week ago and when I got them, I could not even stand on the damn thing let alone lift my entire body weight.

Stupid aerial silks! The people in the YouTube videos made it look so easy! Well I wasn't going to give up..nooo way.

So after a few falls, many bruises, and an achey back I finally got the hang of it. And you know what? I think I look pretty damn good doing it too.

Here is my first attempt of doing an upside down split (Notice I'm holding my breathe hoping I won't do a face plant. Oh, and look at London looking at me as if I was a crazy upside down person. Silly dog).

I am lucky enough not to have a plain drywall ceiling which would make it impossible to hang the aerial silks. Instead, I have an exposed ceiling with wooden support beams running across. These support beams are sturdy enough to hold my entire body weight so I don't plummet to my death.

Two videos I took of my new moves that took me about a week to learn.

Another cool thing I got to do last week was meet Bradley Cooper! Ok, I didn't actually come up to him and say hi or anything, but thanks to EW's friend who owns the restaurant "Dolce" that they were filming in, we got to go onto the set of his new movie and stand about 10 feet away from him hah!

If you don't know who Bradley Cooper is, go watch "The Hangover" like right now! He is gorgeous.

Too bad Robert De Niro wasn't shooting that day. EW would have loved to meet him.

I did get a photo of the equipment outside the set (blurry because taken with my phone). All of their equipment took up about 2 blocks of parking space.

It was really nice out that day. I love how beautiful the weather has been recently. We still have our cool days but when the sun is shining it just feels so nice. This is the time of the year when I get to take my children our for long walks in the park. And best of all I don't have to dress them up in clothes anymore. In the winter they won't go outside without a sweater because their little under bellies are hairless.

I also get to wear my little tiny outfits at this time of year when I go out at night (not that I don't either way hah). But dragging a jacket along with me when it's cold just plain sucks. I always end up leaving my jackets somewhere. Last year I lost a Patrizia Pepe long trench coat and a beautiful Michael Kors coat that EW had bout me.
Tiny outfits that I wore out this weekend

In other news, EW and I have a new trip planned for the end of May which I am so so super excited about! I have been begging him to go to this place for like a year and we finally bought the tickets. I'm not allowed to say where yet but here are a few hints - crocodiles, crawfish, and beignets!!!

Can you guess where I'm going??!?


Daniel Carmine Foresta said...

I just watched those videos, dear lord. I may get myself a set and incorporate that in my workout.

Debbie Greenwald said...

Sooo cool!!! I wanna do it. I wish I had exposed ceilings. you should teach classes!

Angelo Penn said...


Justin said...

holyshit Julie!! Just got a chance to watch these...very fukin cool and impressive!! keep up the hard work....

Kristiann Foran said...

ahh! they shot at dolce? i heart bradley cooper, he might even be cuter in person. i didnt even tell u about shooting with him yet did i? wow its been a min since ive seen u. :( I MISS UUUU

Brian Walters said...

Yes u have been ditching the gym lately u BUM! I'm gonna b a fatty fat fat cause u like to play with silk! ;-)

Julie Abramson said...

Kristiann - When did you shoot with him? Jealous!

Brian - I can't have a fat friend, gym this week?

Brian Walters said...

LOL actually I lost weight... When u wanna go?