May 17, 2010

I Pig Out and Drink Lemon Drops

I had a very eventful week which was nice coz I was able to spend a ton of fun time with friends and EW. And the weather was nice! And I totally got to pig out which I haven't done in way too long.

On Wednesday, I went to Positano Coast's Lemon Drop Party. If you haven't been there before, GO NOW! Their food is so delicious, but what else would you expect from Aldo Lamberti?

So back to the party, they had this cute stand with a bunch of lemons cut in half with the lemon part scooped out of the skins. And they used these little half lemon skins as shot glasses for the lemon drop shots. How cute!!

Notice the lemon shot stand in the background.

The whole place was beautifully decorated with larges vases filled with lemons and flowers. I just love when events are themed. It makes everything so much more unique and not BLAH like most events in Philly.

Definitely the coolest part of the event was the Absolut Berri Acai photo booth where they were filming short videos of people and turning them into flip books. After a few drinks, I summed up the courage to go under the bright lights to make a video with EW.

Of course we did the cliche kissing video but whatever...I wanted to make a damn kissing video so that when we don't kiss anymore (never going to happen) I can be like look babe...we used to be so cute together and in love!

The video is a little blurry, but you can still see how cute we are. We actually planned the whole 6 second video, arm movement and all. That just shows EW's Virgo personality where he needs to plan everything to a T. I, on the other hand, would've just done something random when the the guy said action.

Thursday, I went with 2 friends to Sumo for Jeremy Maclin's, an Eagles players, birthday party.

I was having a ton of fun with my girls until we decided to join the Eagles players at their table. And big surprise, football players are so annoying and egotistical and just UGH. I only know one NFL player that is actually a cool guy, Alex! But the majority do not know how to talk to a woman with respect.
Jasmine and I at Sumo

On Saturday, I was booked (Jewelz Entertainment) to dance at a Wharton Graduation Party at a penthouse in center city. All I have to say is "Damn, I didn't know business kids could party like that" :)

It was a great event and the place was so packed with tons of grads. Everyone loved us except for the few girls that made nasty comments behind our backs like "what, she couldn't find a better job?" or "whose idea was it to hire strippers?"

Stupid Bitch, I'm not a stripper and I made more an hour tonight than you will make an hour for the first 10 years of your post grad life. And not to mention all of the girls who made these rude comments were beyond ugly. Not just plain, but BEYOND.

The prettiest girl at the party, a beautiful blonde, actually came up to us and let us know how great were, and how we completely made the party.

And that is the reason I surround myself with people who have great self-esteem, are good looking, and have a ton of confidence. These people don't bring you down when they feel jealous or spiteful of you.

Poor Ew, I spent about an hour ranting to him about the stupid ugly bitches and he sat there the whole time and listened to me. Honestly, I think he tuned me out at one point because his eyes kind of glazed over. But I still love my baby.

Sunday had to be the funnest day of all. When I woke up around noon, EW told me we were going to the Italian Market Festival. Our convo went something like this:

EW: We're going to the Italian Market Festival. Get your butt off the sofa and get ready!

Me: Whatttt? It's a Sunday, and I'm lazy. No thanks.

EW: They will have food.

Me: ........

EW: And you can pig out...

Me: OK!!!

So we went, and it was freaking awesome! Can you say pig out central. I ate twice my weight that day and still wanted more! Here is what I had to eat in about 2 hours time (EW might have shared with me but still!)
-Roast pork Sandwich
-Italian Sausage Sandwich
-2 Coronas
-Long island iced tea

If you don't think that seems like a lot, well then just look at this photo (all of that was in my tummy)

Look how happy we look after eating all that food! Is that a Zoolander face? Hah!

After a whole day of eating, drinking and walking, EW totally passed out with the kids for a few hours. If he ever finds out I put this photo up he will kill me but I cannot resist. I have a beautiful family!

And I will end this post with a nasty pig head for your viewing pleasure! So gross. I hate how they humiliate the poor pigs with the freakin apple. Stupid stupid.

I'm headed to Poconos this Friday for a little romantic getaway so get ready for some photos of champagne glass shaped jacuzzis!


Margaret Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Irene Vlada said...

haha thats cute :)

Emily said...

haha thats cute :)

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

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