July 20, 2009

Philly Hot List

I worked at the Philadelphia Style Magazine “Hot List” party last week and it was, as usual, one of my favorite events to dance at. Many different restaurants in the city set up stands that offer free food samples and drinks for all of the event attendees. And although I was not able to try any of the food (I can’t eat before I dance because I get bloated and begin to look pregnant), I did sample two milkshake cocktails which were delicious. Unfortunately I forgot which vendor the drinks came from so I cannot give any credit to them.

Kristiann and I were dancing for Zee Bar so we were stationed at the entrance of their private smoking lounge. Every time we went up to dance, the lounge would quickly fill up with people so we definitely did our job well. It seemed like every 5-10 minutes someone I know would come up to me and say hi while I was dancing. That is one thing I love about Philadelphia, it’s a large city but everyone seems to know each other.

I also had at least 10 different people come up to me to notify me that they were friends with me on Facebook. Which got me thinking, if I have over 1,500 friends on Facebook from my area, what are the chances of one of them being a murderer/pervert/rapist? Probably a really good chance! And my posting where I work every night on Facebook is probably not a very good idea! Oh well, it is what it is.

After working at the event, I headed to Zee Bar’s official after party with Kristiann and my friends. We all had an amazing time there and I got to see a lot of people I haven’t seen in a long time. We definitely drank WAY too much, but it was all in good fun. I tried to teach Kristiann some salsa moves (I learned some in Mexico a couple months ago) but she was way too drunk and looked kind of funny doing it. And later I got into an interesting conversation with a police sergeant guy who carried 9/11 photographs with him. Weird man.

When we were all ready to go home, sitting in the car, my friend mentioned to me how the police sergeant guy I was talking to had a passport that looked just like mine. So I looked into my purse and saw that my passport was missing! Next, came the drunken scavenger hunt for my passport. I stayed in the car hoping it would be found since I do not have a state ID (I left it at a gas station when I was 19 and never felt like getting a new one). Thankfully it was found pretty quickly and the sergeant apologized for mixing the ID up with his 9/11 photos. Ye Right! All in all, it was a great night in the city of Philadelphia.

In other news, I will be a judge at this years Diamond G-string event at Delilah's! The winner will also be crowned Miss Exotica Pennsylvania, so come out to Delilah's Wednesday night!


Lauren M said...

Gorgeous outfits girls! Wish I could dance with you guys. When are you hiring???

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