July 14, 2009

Fashion Sense

Every major city that I visit has a completely different fashion style. An outfit I would normally wear to a club in Miami would never work in Philadelphia. Likewise, an outfit I would wear in New York, most likely would be to plain for Las Vegas. I do not have four separate wardrobes but I do restrict myself from wearing certain things in certain cities. Luckily, I am fortunate enough to be able to travel a lot, so all of my outfits get to be worn a fair amount. Here is how I separate my different outfits:

The “Miami slutty-ho” look is totally in style in South Beach, and will guarantee you entrance into any club of your choosing. Hell, even girls walking their dogs are sporting the sexy, skimpy look. Another popular trend in Miami is very short, very tight, micro- shorts with stilettos. You cannot go wrong with this look, especially if you have the legs for it. The Miami heat gives all of the girls a reason to wear as little clothes as possible. Oh, how I love my Miami clothes!

New York
New York is all about black no matter how many people want to deny it. New York may be the fashion capital of the US, but the majority of the public is one huge blob of black. Now this isn’t a bad thing because it’s not so much about the color, it’s about how you wear the color. New York is one of the most creative and diverse cities I have ever been to, and some of the fashion styles I have witnessed are incredible. Every girl has the perfect little black dress and knows how to make it look glam, sexy and classy. Match it with a pair of “sex red” stilettos, and you will break necks on the streets.

Philadelphia is a much more casual and conservative version of New York. The dress codes at the nightclubs and bars are not as strict thus many people lack in the style department. A girl who has great fashion sense and is well put together can easily steal the show anywhere she goes because there are not many of these girls in the city. If you attempt to wear a “Miami” outfit in Philadelphia, people will stare at you and wonder which strip club you just got done working at. You can blame the lack of style on the cold weather, but I blame it on people’s general laziness.

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is the city of entertainment, and your outfits need to be as entertaining as the city. Las Vegas gives you the chance to go wild and not give a shit what people think of you. Trust me, your outfit cannot be any sillier than the 20 thousand bachelorettes wearing penis hats on their heads. So, bring out your crazy sparkly dress and that pink wig you never wore, and get crazy in Vegas!


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Any tips for AC?

Jewelz said...

@Mandy - Just mix NYC chic with Philly casual, and you will get AC fashion :)

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