July 09, 2009

Kim Kardashian

A couple months ago, I got booked to dance at an event hosted by Kim Kardashian at 46 Lounge. I got super excited because I have always wanted to meet her in person. I personally do not like the way heavier woman look but she carries her weight very well and always looks flawless. Her fashion style is also very classy; she never shows too little or too much, and I like that a lot. Yes, she is famous for absolutely no reason, but she sure knows how to market herself and her brand. And on top of that, she seems to be a genuinely nice person.

So when I got to 46 Lounge, the place was pretty empty with about 50 people standing at the bar. And within an hour, the line to the club was wrapped around the corner of the building. They must have packed in double the amount of people they are allowed to have. The people were packed in so tight, I thanked god I was working that night and didn’t have to stand in the crowd. I had to have a bouncer escort/carry me to my podium because there was no way I was making it on my own.

While I was dancing, I noticed a group of Asian people in a bottle service booth snapping photos of me. I get that every night, so I didn’t think anything of it. But then I started to notice that they were pointing at me with excited looks on their faces. Weird? All of a sudden I heard “keeeeem, keeeem!” Did they seriously think I was Kim Kardashian??? I don’t look a thing like her, and what would she be doing dancing on a podium? So I yelled back at them that I wasn’t Kim but the music was so loud they couldn’t hear a thing I was saying. So after posing for a few photos, I awkwardly continued to dance with them staring in awe.

Kim Kardashian arrived later in the night, about 2 hours later than she was scheduled to. The insanity that ensued is too much to describe. People were pushing, shoving even slapping each other out of the way just to get a glimpse of her. I was standing well above the crowd so I had a perfect view of all that was happening. Everyone had a camera or cell phone out trying to snap a photo of her. It took her a while before she reached her VIP table. Luckily, I was dancing right behind her, so I could see what she was up to.

She ended up spending the entire night at her table taking photos with her fans. She was happy and bubbly and seemed to want to please everyone. I was pleasantly surprised by her attitude and how nice she seemed. Another thing I noticed was how tiny she was. It’s really true that the camera adds 10 lbs because she looked so much thinner than on her show. She was very short and seemed to be in good shape. I never did get to take a photo with her, but I’m sure I will during a future event. Below are a few photos from the event and a video of Kim and I. (I’m the dancer, duh).


Lauren Madden said...

You look way cuter than Kim, and why duz she look yellow? I love your blog btw...I've seen you out couple times

body detox diet said...

Kim Kardashian is so very sexy and hot. I like her because of her curvaceous body and top heavy built. Add those exotic looking eyes too.

melatoningirl said...

Kim Kardashian has great booty and she has this exotic but very beautiful face that i admire.

Arthritistreatmentlab said...

Kim Kardashian is super duper sexy. just check out her boobies and booty.

your funny said...

The asain guys had to have to much to drink and had their sunglasses on because you look NOTHING like KIM K omg

OMG you are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much.

Lidi said...

Heavier woman? Kim is hardly heavy. Wow, insecure much?