February 10, 2011

Wedding Ideas Photo Collage

I have been planning different aspects of my wedding for a long time now. In fact, the Wedding Channel is my favorite channel next to the Food Network. Scary I know...

So now that I am officially engaged, I have started creating my wedding idea photo collages. These will be shown to my future wedding planner whoever he or she may be.

E.W. and I have such similar taste in everything so we have been pretty much agreeing on everything except for the budget. I think his budget in mind..should be doubled..and then it will all be perfect :D

We have both agreed on a chic, white, modern wedding. Imagine walking into a completely white space that is flooded with alternating blue, purple and pink lights.

Crystals will be draping and oozing from every corner of the room. Crystals will be dripping off the wedding cake (ala Sex And The City Movie 2), crystals popping out of my bouquet, and sparkling white branch centerpieces with white flowers and crystals hanging off.

Yep...that'll be my wedding :D

And it'll be stunning baby!!

This has got to be the most stunning wedding dress I have ever seen! There is an interesting story behind finding it.

When E.W. and I were in Athens, Greece a couple of months ago, we were strolling down a popular shopping area when I looked up and my eyes locked onto IT....the dress...the dress I was destined to be married in.

Calia Monoyiou is the designer and she works exclusively out of Athens and Cyprus. I'm pretty sure her dresses are in the $15,000 and up price range but I will try my best to get my dream dress one way or another.

I will find it somewhere in the budget...

So my wedding guests might not get 50 different desserts to sample...Maybe I don't need that ice bar and I can always nix the aerial performer.

The day is 50% about me and I deserve to get the dress of my dreams.

As for the bridesmaid's dresses, I love a shimmery champagne color. It's very sexy, demure and blends well with the light cream color in a wedding dress.

For my cake I want an all white cake with white sugar flowers completely covering the cake. I don't even want to see the cake!!! Not one inch. I want the flowers everywhere!

I'm planning on making the white branch and crystal centerpieces myself. I think it would be a fun project for my bridesmaids and I to bond over. Plus it'll save us money for THE DRESS hehe.

If anyone has good suggestions on how to save money at a wedding please let me know!! As a wedding planning newbie, I could really use some help :D

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Ellen Ross said...

a dream wedding. how amazing!!!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

That dress is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Here are some suggestions (maybe you know already, but maybe this might bring up ideas):

-Buy swarovski crystals or Egyptian crystals (just as good as swarovski but cheaper) in large lots (a la ebay). They can be really cheap.

-Flowers can be quite expensive, but they might have deals for buying in bulk.

-Modern/Ultra Modern furniture is much much cheaper than the classics (i.e. venetian or Versailles)

-Use your connections for the lighting business :)

Hope this helps you get your dream dress - Congrats and best of luck to both of you :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree...most gorgeous dress I have ever laid my eyes on. Best of luck with the planning. But I digress...did ya happen to notice the toes on the dress model? I cannot help but comment! LMAO...

Liz said...

Wow your ideas are awesome. You have to go to WeddingBee.com you will Love it! You get many DIY ideas for your wedding from other brides documenting everything their doing to prepare for their upcoming weddings.

john said...

Wow my husband and I are renewing our vows and you must be my style wedding soul mate.lol I love the dress and Im getting one just like it. Its very beautiful. I love the white its very chic. The centerpieces wont be hard at all trust me you can do this. I wish you all the best.